Updating the Windows 10 and 7 system: step-by-step instructions, recommendations

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Updating the Windows 10 and 7 system: step-by-step instructions, recommendations
Updating the Windows 10 and 7 system: step-by-step instructions, recommendations

Absolutely for all operating systems, regardless of their versions and assemblies, Microsoft Corporation releases update packages and service packs with enviable constancy. The seventh and tenth versions are no exception in this regard. But most often, in the standard version, mainly Windows security updates and some specific platforms are installed that are necessary for their correct operation.

system update
system update

System upgrade options

Based on the fact that it is the "seven" and "ten" that will be considered now, let's try to suggest the main versions of updates that are encountered in practice. There are only three of them:

  • Install updates for Windows 7.
  • Installing the same items for Windows 10.
  • Updating "seven" to "ten".

Let's consider each option separately. And at the same time, we will analyze some of the problems that may arise in one or anothersituations, especially since many of them are absolutely identical to each other (even errors have the same codes).

Upgrading Windows 7 to Windows 10

A lot has been written about how the seventh version of the system is upgraded to the tenth. Initially, it was assumed that a user who expressed a desire to install Windows 10 over the “seven”, after registering on the Microsoft website, gets in line and waits in the wings when the upgrade becomes available to him. The installation took place completely automatically and did not require any special participation of the user.

windows 10 system update
windows 10 system update

At the same time, a special Media Creation Tool was developed. It allowed you not to wait for the activation of the installation of Windows 10, but to install it immediately. It is noteworthy that even now this utility works quite tolerably. Only the period during which you can return to the old system has been reduced. Now it is 30 days.

If the user has problems with the new system or simply doesn't like it, it's quite easy to make the reverse transition by canceling the "tens" setting using the system itself. Provided that the files of the old Windows 7 were not deleted. In the case when the new Windows did not start, it was possible to return by restoring the system from the console on the boot disk. But now let's talk about updates to working systems. After all, they are the ones who cause the most trouble. If the upgrade does not occur at all, you first need to update the "seven" itself, and only then install the tenth version.

Updating Windows 7 or 10

By default, after installation, automatic update installation mode is enabled in any Windows OS. For this, the main condition is the presence of a constantly or at least temporarily active Internet connection.

system update error
system update error

At some point, Windows 7 tells the user that a system update has been found and is ready to be installed. It remains only to activate the process of installing updates by clicking on the corresponding message in the form of a pop-up window in the system tray.

Updating the Windows 10 system is done in a slightly different way. Here the readiness notification is disabled. Installation confirmation is not required. Only after installation does the system report that such and such packages have been installed. In particular, this applies to situations when the PC or laptop is in sleep mode. Sometimes, when the user is about to turn off the computer, you may be prompted to shutdown with the installation of updates. Here you just need to agree. Then everything will be done automatically.

Typical upgrade errors

Unfortunately, none of the currently existing versions of Windows is immune from failures when installing update packages. At best, a message appears stating that a system update error has occurred. It also contains the error number. At worst, the system does not work at all. The most common are failures with error numbers 643 and 800b0100 (we will talk about them a little later).

windows security updates
windows security updates

The easiest solution to troubleshoot problems is to enter the update center section and check for updates manually. If the search is successful, just click the install button and wait for the process to finish. Along the way, it is worth checking the Internet connection, otherwise this can also cause a failure.

If the system update fails and the error code is 643, the cause is an outdated version of the Microsoft. NET Framework. It must be updated by first downloading the latest version from the company's website, and then completely removing the old one from the Programs and Features section or using a third-party uninstaller for this.

system won't start after windows update
system won't start after windows update

The appearance of a failure with the code 800b0100 indicates that the system has a problem with the update center itself. You can, of course, use a rollback to a previous state, but there is no guarantee that it will be restored. Therefore, the easiest way is to turn to automated utilities like Microsoft Fix It! or the Microsoft System Update Readiness Tool, which will fix problems without user intervention.

After the update, the system does not work: what to do first?

But there are completely unpleasant situations when the system does not start after a Windows update (moreover, it “hangs” at the boot stage). This too can be de alt with.

windows 7 system update
windows 7 system update

The easiest way is to use recovery. If the system does not automatically issue an offer, you can chooseboot option used to enter safe mode. For Windows 7, this is the F8 key, for Windows 10, the process is more complicated (not about that now). The action selection window uses the Last Known Good Configuration restore string.

If this method does not help, you can first boot into safe mode. And then restore the system from the corresponding section already in the "Control Panel". If this does not work, experts advise using any installation disk. From it, at boot, access to the console is selected (R key), and then the command line is called. It contains rstrui.exe. After entering this command, you enter the rollback section to the previous state.

Removing updates

Quite often the cause of failures can be the system update itself, or rather, some installed packages. They need to be removed and reinstalled.

windows 10 system update
windows 10 system update

This is all done in the same section of the update center, where you select to view installed updates. One by one, you need to remove each of them, rebooting the system to check its operation. As soon as the update that caused the disruption is found, it must be isolated by re-setting a manual search, and then putting a "bird" in front of the package you are looking for. After that, you should install all other updates.

Installing fresh drivers

Finally, system updates in the form of new packages may conflict with device drivers. It turns out that their version simply does not meet the technicalrequirements of updated system components. Engaging in manual search and installation of new versions of drivers, and even without knowing which one is conflicting, is a thankless task. For these purposes, it is best to use utilities like Driver Booster. Such programs find updated drivers and integrate them into the system without user intervention. Moreover, the download is made from the official resources of equipment manufacturers on the Internet. In addition, absolutely all outdated drivers can be updated in this way, as they say, in one fell swoop.


That's all there is to it in a nutshell about Windows updates and solving some of the problems associated with them. The above methods are universal for all versions. True, issues related to viruses, damage to the Windows bootloader and some other aspects were not considered here, and only the most common situations are given as examples.

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