No audio devices, what should I do?

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No audio devices, what should I do?
No audio devices, what should I do?

Every user should know how to deal with certain computer problems. Especially if the problems relate to the main components: I / O devices, the Internet and sound. What if there are no audio devices on the computer? What can cause this phenomenon? How should the user behave in order to deal with the problem? There are a lot of options for the development of events. Therefore, you should either immediately turn to professionals in service centers, or independently, by sorting out possible situations, understand what's the matter.

no audio devices
no audio devices


This scenario is the most common. Are there no audio devices on the computer? Windows XP or any other operating system - it doesn't matter which one a person uses. After all, the problem does not depend on this.

Why? It's all about the drivers. This software is installed on all existing operating systems so that the computer sees the connected sound playback device. If they are not present (or they are outdated), then the audio devices will either malfunction or refuse to perform their functions at all.

Therefore, if you have problems with sound, the first thing to do is to reinstall or update the drivers. Maybe they are the problem.

No connection

But it also happens that even after reinstalling the software, there are no audio devices. So, that's not the problem at all. What other reasons might the issue under investigation occur?

For example, if there is no sound playback device at all. Most often, this item is related to stationary computers. In other words, when the speakers are not connected to the PC. In this situation, the operating system, even after installing or updating drivers, will show that the sound component was not found.

audio devices missing windows xp
audio devices missing windows xp

How to be? Everything is very simple: the intended sound playback device must be connected to the computer. And if the drivers were not installed before, install them. If there is a connection, but the problem persists, you will have to look for another reason for this phenomenon.

No Windows Audio

Missing audio devices on your computer? Windows XP, like other operating systems, sometimes suffers from this problem. It's time not to panic and check if the service responsible for the sound in the operating system is initially connected. If it is off, even if the speakers or headphones are properly connected, no sound will be produced.

Not the most frequentphenomenon, but it makes users think seriously. After all, usually few people pay attention to the disabled Windows Audio function. They simply forget about her.

How to check if "Windows Audio" option is enabled? To do this, go to "Control Panel" - "Administration" - "Services". In this window, you will need to find the function under study. Now you need to click on "Actions" - "Properties". In the window that opens, in the "Local Computer" tab, in the "Startup type" parameter, you need to set the pointer to "Auto" and save the changes. This algorithm of actions is suitable for Windows XP. It is in this operating system that Windows Audio is turned off most often for one reason or another. Everything is ready, but the OS says "No audio devices"?

audio devices missing xp
audio devices missing xp


It may be that this problem appears due to a malfunction of the sound card or speakers (headphones). This case is not easy to find. Especially when it comes to computer hardware.

If equipment is found to be defective, it will have to be replaced. After that, the drivers for the connected audio playback devices are installed. And if the cause of the error being studied is precisely in the malfunction of any components, the problem will disappear.


There are no audio devices on the computer (XP, "Seven" or any other operating system can deliver suchnuisance), but all the equipment is in good condition? The next scenario, which is far from the most rare, is the infection of the operating system.

Viruses are the main enemies of computer performance. And they can lead to unexpected situations. For example, disable I / O devices. Or block the sound altogether. Fortunately, this doesn't happen very often. But such cases cannot be called rare either.

Therefore, if there is no sound on the computer or it suddenly disappeared, it is recommended to check the operating system for viruses. Cleaning your computer, as well as deleting all potentially dangerous files, will help to cope with the problem.

After cleaning and treatment, you will need to restart the operating system. Next, the Windows Audio service is checked. And if everything is in perfect order, the sound turns on. It should show up.

writes no audio devices
writes no audio devices


Missing audio devices? No sound on computer? Maybe it's all about the connectors and sockets for connecting equipment. The thing is that if we are not talking about the built-in audio playback device, then most likely the component connection jack is damaged. The probability of this phenomenon is especially high on older computers.

It is recommended to take a closer look at the jack to which you connect speakers or headphones. And try to connect the audio playback component to another connector. Next, you need to update your drivers. You can check the result. If the problem lay in damagedconnectors, it will disappear when you reconnect the speakers to another jack.


Missing audio devices on your computer? If we are talking about new operating systems, it is likely that the problem may be in the incompatibility of the connected device. This also happens on built-in components, but much less often.

Now even speakers and headphones have so-called minimum system requirements. The computer to which the components are connected must meet the requirements. Otherwise, there is no way to make the device work.

no audio devices no sound
no audio devices no sound

Special attention should be paid to the operating system. It is not uncommon for owners of older audio devices to complain that they have no sound on Windows 10. This is normal. This OS has many incompatible devices. And the old components will not work with it. It is recommended that you either purchase a new audio device or reinstall your operating system.

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