The best programs for scanning documents

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The best programs for scanning documents
The best programs for scanning documents

Often, operating systems do not provide all the necessary functionality for scanning documents. In embedded solutions, quality settings are stingy, there are no text recognition and batch processing functions. Also, operating systems often simply do not see the connected scanner without installing specialized software. This article is designed to make it easier to choose a program to scan. The review presents both simple utilities and complex software systems.

Canon MF Toolbox

Each scanner manufacturer distributes its own scanning software. Canon is no exception. There is no Russian language in the application - this is its main drawback. So only those users who speak English at least at an average level will be able to evaluate the program. And there is something to evaluate, since the advantages of the utility outweigh the lack of Russian localization. Among them:

  • Small application size (less than 10 MB). This means that anyone can download it.user. Traffic restriction will not be a problem in the scanning path.
  • Low system requirements. The utility will run even on a ten-year-old computer running Windows XP.
  • The app is absolutely free.
  • The utility is developed by the manufacturer of scanners and MFPs, so owners of Canon equipment may not worry about compatibility.
  • Intuitive interface. You can scan by literally pressing three buttons.
  • The utility supports many different formats for saving files. The user does not have to worry about converting and selecting software for this operation.
  • After scanning, the document can not only be saved, but also immediately sent to e-mail.

ABBYY FineReader

ABBYY products are popular all over the world. This software manufacturer can be considered a leader in its segment. The main advantage of this scanning program is that it also allows you to perform text recognition. The latest version of the utility supports 192 languages, including Russian.

ABBYY Finereader
ABBYY Finereader

After scanning, the information is not just displayed on the screen, but is immediately available for correction. At the same time, the utility is fully integrated into the MS Office suite, and all functions can be called from familiar programs. After scanning, the document can not only be sent via e-mail, but also published on the Internet.

The only downside to this powerful piece of software is its price. Perusing the minimum version will have to pay 3 thousand rubles. A perpetual license will cost 6,000 rubles.

OCR CuneiForm

If you don't want to give money for serious software, but you need text recognition functions, it makes sense to pay attention to OCR CuneiForm. This free scanning program seems like a tiny utility compared to FineReader, but its functionality is quite sufficient for most users.

OCR CuneiForm
OCR CuneiForm

The application interface is fully Russified. The software is equipped with a special font recognition and formatting system. By launching the program, the user can be sure that the structure of the document will not change after recognition. In addition, the application automatically checks spelling.

After work, the program can save the document or open it in the editor for correction. In this case, the recognition functions can be turned off and the final file can be saved in a graphic format.

Scan software is free. The interface has been completely translated into Russian. The utility is cross-platform and can be installed on Windows. A lot of enthusiasts take part in the development, so new versions are not long in coming.

Scanitto Pro

Scanitto Pro does not recognize text, but it is fast. In addition to standard graphic formats, the application can also work with multi-page PDF files.

Scannito Pro
Scannito Pro

Scanitto Pro is the best software for scanning in Russianfor scanning photographs, as it has the functions of correcting brightness, contrast, saturation of the image. Before working, you can limit the digitizing area if you want to scan only part of the document. First of all, it is convenient - subsequent editing will require less manipulation. Secondly, it will reduce the scanning time, since the digitization of a part of a sheet takes less than the whole document.


The main problem for scanner users is the incompatibility of drivers and operating systems. An old device may not work in a new version of the OS just because the developer has stopped its software support.

VueScan will help you solve this problem. The developer claims to support more than 5,500 scanner models without the need to install drivers.

vuescan - scanning software
vuescan - scanning software

In addition to scanning documents and photos, the utility can digitize film and transparent slides. At the same time, after scanning, editing options are immediately available to the user, which photographers will like first of all. Among them are color correction, grain removal, brightness and contrast changes. The application also integrates into Photoshop and can be launched from a familiar graphic editor or automatically send received scans to it.


Sometimes a scanner in conjunction with a printer has to be used as a copier. This is not always convenient, as it requires a lot of actions.

Programfor scanning, PaperScan allows you to complete this operation as quickly as possible, as it combines the functions of a scanning software and an editor, and can also send files for printing. The utility can also work with network equipment. This is convenient when the scanner is connected to another computer. It will not have to be moved for work, but it will be enough just to open the general access. Also, the advantages of the application include automatic rotation and alignment of the received document.

paperscan for scanning
paperscan for scanning

The utility is shareware. Once downloaded, the user can only digitize ten pages. The utility will then require you to purchase a license. The software works exclusively under the control of operating systems of the Windows family.


The main feature of the RiDoc scanning program is saving the result in a graphic format without quality loss, but with compression. After digitization, the image can be watermarked, text recognized, or simply burned to disk. The main features of RiDoc include:

  • built-in text-to-image converter;
  • ability to work with old versions of scanners, which are launched manually;
  • functions for batch processing of materials according to specified parameters;
  • sending files by e-mail;
  • Russian localization.

The main disadvantage of RiDoc is the free time. A month after installation, the application will require the purchase of a license.

HP Scan and Capture

Program name forHP Scan and Capture speaks for itself. It was created specifically to work with HP scanners. Unlike other applications of this kind, it can also capture images from webcams. The interface of the utility is simple and clear, you can digitize a document in just two clicks.

hp scan and capture
hp scan and capture

Save text is available in PDF format, and pictures - in JPG. The program also provides basic editing functions - cropping and rotating to an arbitrary angle.

Nothing else distinguishes the utility from among others. However, since it was created by HP, it works with all HP scanners. It will be a lifesaver for owners of HP scanners if none of the other programs see the device.


BlindScanner is the best scanning software for large organizations. Since there are far fewer printers and scanners than user computers, workers often have to move around to perform routine tasks. Labor productivity is falling, and with it, profits.

BlindScanner is designed to solve this problem. Using the utility, the device can be opened for use on a remote computer. The application consists of two parts - client and server programs for scanning. A server is installed on the computer to which the scanner is connected. For all other machines - client.

blindscanner - handy program
blindscanner - handy program

The client is equipped with a simple clear interface that requires the same actions asas if the scanner was connected directly to the computer. The user selects a device for digitization, storage location, resolution and color, format, and then clicks on the "Scan" button. A very convenient function is to save all parameters in a profile. When rescanning, you do not need to configure everything manually, it will be enough to select the saved configuration.

The only drawback of the program can be called its focus on Windows. The application does not support any other operating systems.

Scanned Document Distributor

Often scan to PDF programs can only save the file on the local machine. Scanned Document Distributor is designed specifically for those users who upload documents to FTP servers or send them by email.

Besides this, the utility can open a newly digitized document in any selected application or immediately send it to a printer. Importantly, one task can include all functions at once or only some of them.

Work with the program is organized a little non-standard. At the first stage, the user not only selects the device and capture settings, but also selects the actions to be performed after digitization. All settings are saved in the profile. After starting the configuration, all actions are performed automatically.

What is very convenient, the generated profile is launched not only from the program. The user can create a shortcut on the desktop. The application can work withscanners that feed documents automatically. In this case, the user does not have to save each file separately, it will be enough to set the creation of a multi-page PDF document in the settings.

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