How to activate the background mode for programs on PC and mobile devices?

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How to activate the background mode for programs on PC and mobile devices?
How to activate the background mode for programs on PC and mobile devices?

As you know, in computer and mobile operating systems, a lot of programs work in the background. In other words, the program in the background consumes system resources in the same way as console applications, but is not visible to the user. Now we will consider several cases of using this mode for Windows and the most popular mobile operating systems.

What is background mode and what is it for?

So, it is already clear that the user does not see the program running in the background. There are two ways to determine the state of its activity. In the general case, for this, Windows systems use the standard "Task Manager", in which all running processes are displayed on different tabs, including active applications in the background. More specifically, when it comes to user programs, they can be found minimized in the system tray.

background mode
background mode

However, not every program canminimize itself so that its console window is not displayed at all. The same "Task Scheduler" or the autorun setting at the time of Windows startup does not give the desired effect. The application window opens anyway. With mobile devices, the situation is simpler, although in most cases, as for Windows, we are talking about system services and processes. However, you can enable background mode for user programs in any of these systems.

How to run a program in the background in Windows 10

Unfortunately, the possibility of such a launch for desktop PCs and laptops appeared only in the tenth version of Windows. We will consider it.

The background for user programs is enabled in two steps, one of which is optional (we'll explain why later). The first step is to go to the settings section, which is called from the Start menu, and then go to the privacy settings.

background program
background program

There is a line of background programs on the bottom left, and a list of the most used applications on the right. Opposite each program there is a special slider. Having chosen the desired application, you just need to turn on the background mode by setting the switch to the appropriate position. After granting permission to work in the background, the program will minimize to tray on startup, and you will have to use this panel to maximize the window or close the application.

how to enable background mode
how to enable background mode

To enable the launch of the application whensystem startup, the main executable file of the program should be included in the startup list either in the Task Manager or in the configuration settings called by the msconfig command in the Run console (Win + R). After that, both autostart and background mode will be activated. But you should not forget about the running application, because the consumption of system resources may increase unreasonably. And you can add your program only with the help of special utilities or place the program shortcut in the startup folder manually.

How do I enable background apps on iPhone?

Now a few words about "apple" mobile gadgets. You can also enable background mode in them. For example, let's take the iPhone (although by and large it doesn't matter which device you use).

First you need to download a small free utility called Backgrounder (you can do this on your computer through the Sydia service, since this application is not in the "native" storage). Next, download the installer to your device via iTunes and install the program. It is advisable to create the desired directory manually, copy the installation file to it and install the application there.

Please note: after installation, the application icon will not be created in the list of applets, so it makes no sense to look for it among installed programs. In addition, in the file manager it is strictly forbidden to delete or move the installation folder, because after that the application will not be recognized by the system.

apps in the background
apps in the background

Regarding inclusionbackground mode, everything is simple. When starting a program, when it opens completely, you need to press the Home button and hold it for about 3 seconds. After that, a message about the activation of the Backgrounder utility will appear, and the application will be minimized. To restore the original state of the program, the same hold button is used again, but after that a message appears deactivating the utility, followed by the application exiting the background.

Using background work for Google Play

In Android systems, the background mode is usually used not only for system or built-in services, but also for the Google Play service.

background mode
background mode

If suddenly, for some reason, the user receives a notification that background data exchange is disabled, you need to use the settings where the wireless networks menu is selected. Here we use the data transfer line and click on the icon with three dashes, after which we activate auto-sync and the background data line in the new menu.

The path may be different on some devices. Sometimes you will need to use the battery settings and delivery section, where the very background mode is located. On Android 5.0 and above, background data permission must be used.

Instead of total

That's it for using the background mode. How appropriate it is for Windows, everyone decides for himself. However, for mobile devices, in particular for Apple devices, activating the background mode is truly a godsend, because it will be possible to run severalapplications at the same time and minimize all of them when starting other programs.

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