Why does Firefox freeze?

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Why does Firefox freeze?
Why does Firefox freeze?

It's quite common for software to freeze or slow down. Modern man faces this problem almost every day. It is very difficult to write such a program code that will work flawlessly in all situations, because the number of situations related to user behavior can be very large. It is impossible to predict everything. Do not fall among the exceptions and such popular programs as browsers. An example would be Firefox freezing. What are the reasons for the incorrect operation of the program? How to deal with it?

Freezes at different times

firefox freezes
firefox freezes

If "Mazila Firefox" freezes at random time periods, and failures are not associated with any specific actions, then you need to try to fix the problem in one of the following ways.

Creating a new base

why is firefox freezing
why is firefox freezing

Create a new library database. If freezes happen intermittently, then perhaps theyoccur due to library database corruption. It contains all the information about the pages that have been visited. To replace an existing damaged database with a new one, you need to find and open the user profile folder. In this folder, you need to find and rename files related to the browser. After that, you can run the program. At startup, a new database will be created, and past data will be lost. Bookmarks will be used from the latest backup.

Hardware acceleration issue

Disable hardware acceleration. Very often, hardware acceleration creates a conflict when working with the browser, and Firefox constantly freezes due to the fact that some models of graphics adapters are simply incompatible with this option. To fix the problem, you need to go to the browser settings, go to the "Advanced" tab, select "General" and uncheck the box responsible for acceleration. After that, you need to restart the browser, and it should work correctly.

Problem with plugins

firefox keeps freezing
firefox keeps freezing

Troubleshoot plugin-related issues. Why does Firefox freeze? A large number of sites use plugins to work. They greatly affect the performance of the browser. If Firefox freezes, then most often the reason is in the flash plugin. To solve the problem, you need to disable all unnecessary add-ons. To do this, launch the browser, go to "Add-ons", and then select "Extensions". Here you can turn off all unnecessary plugins one by one. After disabling the browser is betterrestart. A feature of this browser is the inability to remove plugins. Disabling is the only option. If you need them again, you can turn them on without any problems.

Too many extra files

Delete redundant session recovery data. When too many identical files are created that store the restored sessions, it often happens that Firefox freezes. In order to delete them, you need to go to the browser menu and select the "Information for solving problems" item. There is a section with information in which you will need a "Show Folder" button. A window with a user profile will open, where you need to delete the excess. Required to delete file sessionstore.

Reset preferences

muffin firefox freezes
muffin firefox freezes

Reset settings. If, after the above steps, Firefox still freezes, then another effective option would be to reset the program settings. After the appropriate item is selected in the settings, the browser will be closed, and all information will be completely deleted. After launch, the browser will be in the same state as it was after the initial installation. It is necessary to check its work. If the freezes still continue, then the problem is probably not with the program, but with the operating system.

Browser freezes while downloading files

Very often a similar situation arises. In order to solve the problem, you can try the following methods:

  • Clear download history. If the story size is large, it maylead to slowdowns in the program. To clear the log, you need to find "Downloads" in the browser menu, then check the ability to display all downloads. Next, a window will open in which you can clear your download history.
  • Choosing a different download directory. Firefox may start to freeze due to the inaccessibility of the last boot folder. To solve the problem in the settings, you need to find the section with downloads and select a new path for downloading files.

Freezes while loading the start window

If Firefox freezes just at such moments, you need to increase the speed at which the session is restored. If the browser needs to restore too many tabs at startup, it can become very slow. This may result in errors. You need to make sure that the checkbox is checked, which does not allow loading tabs without a corresponding request. It's in Settings, in the Tabs panel. Installing it will only load the most recent tab.

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