Dynamic DNS: setup

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Dynamic DNS: setup
Dynamic DNS: setup

For many users of computer systems, the concept of a dynamic DNS server is somewhat abstract. Most users have no idea what a dynamic DNS is and what servers of this type are used for. Meanwhile, there is nothing particularly complicated both in understanding this term and in setting up the service. Further, theoretical information and practical solutions are offered for consideration, which can be easily mastered by anyone who is not even familiar with these services.

Dynamic DNS: what is it and what is it for?

The very technology of using DNS servers initially assumes that they act as a kind of interpreters that allow you to access Internet resources without entering a digital combination of the site address corresponding to its IP address.

Everyone knows that for a resource in the address bar of the browser, only the name of a certain page is written, consisting of letters, numbers orspecial characters, and the DNS server redirects to the corresponding IP by the name of the resource.

dynamic dns
dynamic dns

Dynamic DNS works a little differently, allowing you to assign domain names to any device (single terminal, NAS, etc.) that is set to use dynamic IP. In this case, completely different IP addresses can also be used, for example, obtained via DHCP or IPCP. But the main difference from static technology is that the information on the server can be updated completely automatically. When connecting to the resource from other machines, their users will not even know that the IP address changes at certain moments.

Dynamic IP issues

One of the fundamental principles of dynamic DNS servers is that the client machine has a dynamic IP address. In the case of using a static address, it may be necessary to pay a considerable amount of money for its use. That is why you do not need to buy a static address when setting up DDNS.

dynamic dns setting
dynamic dns setting

Special software clients installed on user terminals can perform this conversion without user intervention.

Benefits of using DDNS

But what then is a dynamic DNS server used for? As the simplest example, we can consider video surveillance organized by installing a registrar and IP cameras.

dynamic dns list
dynamic dns list

It seems that the instructions say that this model supports connection via a router with the ability to control what is happening via the Internet, but in reality it is impossible to connect without a DDNS server.

When using DDNS technology, users get undeniable advantages, among which the following can be singled out separately:

  • the ability to use completely different protocols and ports in private networks when accessing services and services;
  • no need to purchase a static IP tied to a specific device;
  • simplified ability to remotely connect to computers via RDP clients;
  • network monitoring (tracking computers that are online or disconnected from the network);
  • remote control and restart computers when problems are detected, even if the network does not have an external IP (a regular Internet connection is enough);
  • constantly tracking your dynamic address to organize links to your own resource;
  • the ability to use sitemap generators without restrictions on the number of pages and mandatory registration;
  • track broken links;
  • exchange of information between computers directly, bypassing its storage on an intermediate server.

Dynamic DNS: setup (general principles)

As for the tuning issues, which seem to many to be something out of the realm of fantasy, there is nothing particularly complicated here. In order not to engage in the procedures for setting up a router, forwardingports and many more complex actions, the easiest way is to immediately turn to specialized applications and services that are specially created to simplify the work.

dynamic dns server
dynamic dns server

Basically, the setup is to install a special client application and add your own resource name, for which three third-level domain names will be provided. This is not always convenient, so some programs have added the ability to get a name even at the first level.

Most popular platforms and clients

Dynamic DNS is widely used today. For example, Microsoft Corporation for Active Directory uses Kerberos authentication without the need for manual key distribution.

One of the most popular platforms for UNIX systems is BIND, which even makes it compatible with Windows NT. Many hosting companies also provide dynamic DNS for free, allowing users to change the content of the content through a standard web interface.

When it comes to client applications and services, the following are the most popular among them:

  • No-IP;
  • HE Free DNS Service;
  • DNS-O-Matic;
  • Zone Edit;
  • DynDNS.

Let's look at setting up DDNS on an example of each client.


Those users who have a dynamic DNS router from ASUS are more fortunate than others. To use DDNS, simply enter the sectionsettings and activate the service itself.

dynamic dns router
dynamic dns router

After that, you should come up with and register an arbitrary name, after which the user will receive a domain name in the form "Name.asuscomm.com". In addition, the dynamic DNS list includes many more additional services and services, and is almost the largest today.


Dynamic DNS in the form of a No-IP service assumes no less simple setup. It should follow a few simple steps.

dynamic dns free
dynamic dns free

First you need to register on the noip.com resource and add the desired host to the account created during registration (Add Host function). After that, three domain names will become available for free registration, for which you will need to come up with your own name.

HE Free DNS Service

This service may seem no less interesting to many. In principle, the setting is very symbolic (as in previous cases).

what is dynamic dns
what is dynamic dns

However, it is this service that attracts users with a fairly impressive list of additional features, which are immediately provided with quick links (certification, tunnel broker, network map, IPv6 protocol management, DNS and telnet servers).


Before us is another very interesting and perfect client, the operation of which is different from all previous services. Its main purpose is to allow the user to changeyour dynamic IP immediately on all services that have registration, with almost one click.

dynamic dns
dynamic dns

As usual, you first need to register and then add a service via the Add Service function (for example, one of those listed above). Further. you should enter the data used to register in these services (User ID - email address, Password - password, Host / Identifier - the name of the third-level domain that was generated by the service. After entering data about linking the service to the account, you can find out by the appeared an icon in the form of a green hand with a thumbs up in front of the account of the specified service.


All of the above services are free. Now pay attention to this service.

dynamic dns setting
dynamic dns setting

Its use is paid for in the form of special "credits", the cost of which is equal to one US dollar. That is, for the year the payment will be twelve. e. The registration and setup procedure is almost exactly the same as in the first examples, so there is no point in dwelling on it in detail.


Before us, perhaps, the most popular service, although not free. The cost of its use starts from twenty-five dollars a year.

dynamic dns list
dynamic dns list

By the way, even when DDNS is activated on the router, if such a function is provided, the user in most cases will be asked to register in this service. Despite the paid usage, DynDNS is the most reliable service, as noted by the vast majority of experts. Another point is related to the fact that almost all modern router models support this service, and some devices with outdated firmware are only focused on it.

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