How to create a bulleted list? Bulleted and numbered lists

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How to create a bulleted list? Bulleted and numbered lists
How to create a bulleted list? Bulleted and numbered lists

Today any person should have computer skills and own at least a minimum set of programs. The standard and most popular include Microsoft Word. Working in Word, users are faced with the need to highlight certain ranges of text for clarity. It is often necessary to insert a list into a document. It can be a bulleted list or numbered - the user has the ability to navigate the situation.

bulleted list
bulleted list

The program allows you to create any documents, letters and projects, using ample opportunities for text formatting. To learn all the features of Microsoft Word, you need to spend time, but the result is worth it.

Lists are necessary to make text understandable and expressive. A numbered and bulleted list of the same level is used in mostdocuments. Dissertations and scientific papers use a multi-level list.

Numbering and bullets

First of all, you need to select the paragraphs that should be formatted as a list. This can be done with the mouse, or simply place the cursor at the beginning of the line where the list will begin.

bulleted and numbered lists
bulleted and numbered lists

In MS Word, there is a tab "Home", in which in the group "Paragraph" you can select the desired insertion. The user presses the "Numbering" or "Markers" buttons, then sets the indents using the ruler. This method is very simple and straightforward, but an inexperienced user may encounter hidden difficulties. When inserting bulleted and numbered lists again, the indents will have to be re-edited.

In the case when you need to format each list separately and change the font settings, not every user of the program will be able to make the text correct, besides, it will take a lot of time and effort.

Numbered lists

Each element of the list is marked with a number, numbering is automatically corrected. To create and edit lists, there is a "Numbering" button in the "Paragraph" group. You can also use the "Numbering" function of the context menu of the selected paragraph.

List options:

  • The number format determines which character will appear next to each element.
  • Numbering style can be selected depending on the features of a particular document: Arabic or Roman numerals, uppercase or lowercaseletters, etc.
  • The "Initial value" field allows you to select the number with which the list will begin.
  • If you need to create a similar list, but re-number it, it is convenient to use the "Start a new list" function. You need to select the elements and set all the parameters.

You can insert a numbered list automatically. To do this, follow these steps:

  • At the beginning of a paragraph, before entering text, put "1.", then "Space" or Tab. The paragraph will appear as the first item in the list.
  • Preceding a paragraph with "1)" and then pressing Space or Tab will create a different type of list.
  • By analogy, lists with letters are drawn up. In the lines you need to enter Latin letters with a dot or a bracket. After each paragraph, you must press "Space" or Tab.

Creating a bulleted list in automatic mode

Insert a bulleted list in Word as follows:

  • At the beginning of a paragraph, enter an asterisk or a greater than sign, and then press Space or Tab.
  • Automatically create a bulleted list. You can enable it by going to the "File" tab and selecting the "Options" group. In the "Spelling" tab, select "AutoCorrect Options". In the "AutoFormat" section, check the boxes next to styles.

You can create a bulleted list of the following types:

  • Symbol. In the "Symbol" box, you can select any character that will act as a marker.
  • Drawing. The Drawn Marker dialog box offers a large selection of drawn markers to create an original list.
  • Font. With this function, you can change the font settings of the selected marker.
  • bulleted list in word
    bulleted list in word

Multilevel list

Bulleted and numbered lists are elements of a multi-level list. They should be configured as the user needs in a particular case. The structure can be edited using the "Define Multilevel List" function. It is convenient to check how all lists are displayed in the "Lists in documents" group. To change the font settings of each individually, the multi-level list is associated with paragraph styles.

Key multi-level list settings

create a bulleted list
create a bulleted list

When setting up a list that consists of several levels, you need to pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Selecting a level and an example of its design.
  • Defining the font settings, if necessary, you can set the constant part of the number.
  • Select the type of numbering: symbol, picture, letters and other options.
  • Determine the level at which the numbering is updated.
  • Determining indents and text position.
  • Additional editing options.
  • Correct paragraph style and multi-level list.

Settings that have been created once can be automatically applied to subsequent lists. But if the need arisesin editing, you will have to work with each list separately. This inconvenience may seem insignificant, but if there are a large number of lists in the text, formatting will take a long time.

How do I change the marker style?

By clicking on the "Markers" button, you can choose the option that suits your case. To do this, go to the "Library" area and click on it. The numbering type is selected in the same way: in the "Numbering Library" area.

In order to turn a numbered or bulleted list in Word into text, just press the corresponding button.

Each element of the text can be highlighted with a special marker. To format the list according to the requirements of a particular document, you must select the "Define new marker" command.

bulleted list in word
bulleted list in word

After mastering all the features of Microsoft Word, working with documents will be a pleasure, and besides, you will not have to spend a lot of time formatting text. A bulleted list, like a numbered one, is included in almost any document and is often used, so it will be useful for the user of the program to become familiar with creating lists of various types.

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