XML format: features and benefits

XML format: features and benefits
XML format: features and benefits

Many enterprises still use old versions of MS Office, doing it not so much out of habit, but because of the difficulty of introducing new software systems in production. You can't argue with this, but I would like to advise home users to use the new versions of this office suite, which offer a lot of new features, and one of them is the XML format.

xml format
xml format

More precisely, not the very fact of its presence, but normally implemented support for all its functionality. However, let's take a closer look at the features of Excel 2007-2013.

Firstly, the creators themselves have set themselves the goal of providing users with a fast, simple and easy-to-learn office software package. The main task was to create such a complex that would allow several times to increase labor productivity. However, for users, the appearance of new versions of the spreadsheet editor will certainly seem extremely strange and unusual.

OneOne of the most important innovations in Office 2007 is full support for the new cross-platform XML file saving format. This format at first glance is no different from the old files, but this impression is rather deceptive. It should be remembered that this is no longer just a text document.

xml file format
xml file format

Actually, the XML file format makes a special archive out of a document. To verify this, you need to change the extension to.zip and open it with any available archiver. Inside you will see many files that store not only text, but also other information. Tables, links, including hypertext ones - all this is stored in the form of service arrays. Thus, the XML exchange format not only allows you to separate data and text, which largely protects information from corruption, but also facilitates easy export of documents to other types.

In short, corporate users are often better off spending the money and upgrading the software, as this step is likely to save a lot of money later. XML files are easy to send via e-mail due to their small size, and error control helps to keep the contents of the document intact even in case of serious failures. Of course, it is difficult to call the XML format a panacea, but in a corporate environment, its very presence is a definite plus.

Unfortunately, many conservative users still believe that the new documents are just another whistle that does not offer anything radically new. However, this impression is deceptive and lasts exactly as long asuntil they get to know the richest possibilities closer. For example, the function of publishing your blog entries directly from office applications, so long promised to users, has finally been implemented. Of course, your personal page must also support all the functionality provided by the XML format.

xml exchange format
xml exchange format

The entire suite of programs also has a tool that allows you to work with your business partners at a distance. We are talking about the Groove application, which creates not only its own account, but also a special workspace to which you can invite your colleagues via the Internet or Ethernet local area network.

At the request of the user, the program places in it those documents that need systematic synchronization and updating. In addition, Groove makes it possible for all your co-workers to use the results of collaboration at any time. Needless to say, without the XML format we've described, all of this would have been the preserve of extremely expensive software packages for corporate use?

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