How to search in "Google" by pictures and photos?

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How to search in "Google" by pictures and photos?
How to search in "Google" by pictures and photos?

Let's figure out how to search Google using pictures, as well as photos that you have on your computer. This question deserves attention, if only because this search option works stably, but not all users of the worldwide web know about it.


how to search on google by images
how to search on google by images

Today, the Internet has firmly settled in our lives. At the slightest need, we turn to him for help. It helps us find the information we need, communicate with people, get the latest news from the world, and even organize the work of highly specialized equipment and machines. We can communicate without leaving home with a person who lives on another continent, and this is fast, convenient and does not require special costs. Almost all of our lives are closely connected with the World Wide Web, because today every person has a laptop or computer. Most of us are familiar with words like "server", "website" or "browser". And for most modern people, the word "surfing" has long been associated with a board and rolling waves. Such is the world of modern man. It has changed a lot in the last few decades.but it didn't make it any worse, it just got a little different.

About Google

search by image on google
search by image on google

Surely every web user knows that the best search engine today is Google. No modern person can do without it, and he can really find almost everything. Surfing the Internet is actually not always an easy task. Absolutely everyone can face difficulties in communicating with a computer. To avoid such troubles, little is enough: to possess certain knowledge and skillfully use it in practice. One of these overwhelming tasks for many is finding a picture or image on the Internet. Not all users know how to search on Google using pictures. For those who have not yet mastered this function, we will try to help.

Google search by image: cut functions

google search by photo
google search by photo

Let's say you have a photo of a painting by an unknown artist, and you want to know whose work you liked so much. Or you have an image in fuzzy quality and want to get it in a better or larger resolution. Or maybe you came across a photo of a beautiful female model and are eager to find out who she is. Or is it a chic architectural monument, and you are interested in its history. Whatever it is, Google to the rescue.


search by photo google
search by photo google

Most recently, such an opportunity for search engines was not available, but the development of Internet capabilities is moving forwardby leaps and bounds. Today you can find not only identical pictures on the net. In "Google" search for similar pictures is also possible. They may differ only slightly from your original request. Their theme may be the same, the color scheme or other aspects will be the same. So, let's take a closer look at how to search Google for images. There are several options that you will need to be aware of.

Search by image: "Google Chrome"

google image search
google image search

Virtually all browsers that exist today in the nature of the modern Internet era are able to help you in your search. But the most popular and reliable today is Google Chrome. The ability to find information from a picture in Google is already built into its design. But for convenience, you can install an additional extension in your existing browser by downloading it on the official website. For the convenience of using such a service, you will need to right-click on the context menu and select the “Search on Google with this image” section. A search tab will open in front of you, in which you will enter additional information. But this option is not the only one, and if you do not do this kind of search all the time, there are much easier and faster options.

In fact, the "Google" function - "search by photo" is already built into the smart and omniscient search engine. Nothing complicated here either. You need to open the Google start page and go to the "Pictures" service in it. You can do this andlike this:‎. In this case, on the start page of the search engine, you will see an image of a small camera. He is exactly what you need. By clicking on it, you can enter the Internet address of the image of the existing image. To do this, right-click on the camera, select the line "Specify link" and enter the URL of the image. For starters, you can practice on the pictures of the Google itself. You will quickly learn how to do it quickly and correctly.

Using information on the computer

How to search Google for pictures if they are on the desktop of your computer? There is also such an opportunity. You can upload a search image from your PC file. The steps are the same as in the first case. We click on the camera, select the line "Upload image" and specify the path to the file. By the way, in the Chrome browser, you just need to drag the image into the search bar with the mouse. It's even easier here: just drag the image into the search engine line with the mouse - and you're done. Open the image and click on it while holding down the mouse button. Drag to the address bar of the search engine. Release the button when the image moves to the line. Wait for the Internet pages to load. It should be noted that for this method of searching the network, the image must be at least 20 bytes in size, otherwise difficulties will arise.


After uploading the image, you will see all the options available online. The very first one will be exactly what you were looking for, in a large format and many similar miniatures. All images andphotos can be completely different, these are miniatures, and similar images in style and color scheme. To make the search result as accurate as possible and meet your requirements more specifically, enter the information that you own in the search bar. For example: “an old camera”, “Peter I” or something else. Based on the results, you can not only search for a similar or better quality photo on Google photos, but also find links to pages with information you are interested in reading. It remains only to go through them.

Now you know how to search Google for the information you need using pictures. There are actually a lot of options for this type of search, and it is very popular. The ability of Google to search by photo can not only give you information about the technical nature of a device, but also find a person with whom you have not seen, for example, since your university years. If you are lucky, then the photo you are looking for may well be stored by your friend in the portfolio of social networks. Resources such as Odnoklassniki or VKontakte, for example, have many photographs of people whose names or surnames we do not remember due to the passage of time. But the main thing is desire, and everything will work out for you. Google will find everything and everyone.


google search for similar images
google search for similar images

It must be said that there are separate services to search for information of this kind on the Internet. One of these is This site is also quite capable of helping you. You can work with it in the same way as with the Google search engine. Enter the address or the image itself - and get search results. If for some reason Google provided you with incomplete information, use this resource, it may be of help to you. If the picture you are looking for is not the most popular image on the web, it is better to use several search options.

Whoever seeks will always find, the main thing is to have a desire and quite a bit of free time, but you already know how to do everything right. It remains only to wish you successful and productive searches. Good luck!

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