How to hold draws on Instagram? Promotions and contests on Instagram

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How to hold draws on Instagram? Promotions and contests on Instagram
How to hold draws on Instagram? Promotions and contests on Instagram

"Instagram" is one of the most popular social networks. There are few young people who do not have an account on Instagram. In this social network, profiles are created not only by people, but also by various shops and service providers. Whether you're a small business owner or a self-made creator, the contest will help you grow your audience and attract new customers. For detailed instructions on how to conduct draws on Instagram, read this article!

Instagram platform

Everyone has heard of Instagram, many have the app installed on their smartphones. Viewing colored tapes with millions of photographs has become a daily ritual for thousands of people. Instagram users chat, like and share the details of their lives. The main difference of this platform is that the maininformation is presented in the form of pictures. It has long been proven that a person perceives and processes visual information better. Therefore, after a hard day at work, when you don’t want to strain your brains, it is very pleasant to scroll through the latest photos of your friends.

how to run a giveaway on instagram
how to run a giveaway on instagram

In "Instagram" you can find not only everyday stories and beautiful photos, but also all kinds of services and goods. Whom you will not meet in this social network: photographers, masseurs, cosmetologists and, of course, sellers. Promotion in social networks has recently resulted in a whole science. The main part of it are contests and sweepstakes. What are they for?

What are sweepstakes and contests for?

There are several reasons why you should draw prizes on Instagram:

  • Attracting a new audience: as a rule, contests ask you to tag several (from one to five) of your friends under the post, who might be interested in the product. Thanks to such advertising (which is practically free), many new accounts will subscribe to your page.
  • Brand promotion: in addition to attracting new customers, this is another significant plus. Yes, yes, you are beginning to be recognized! So what, thanks to the constant "flickering" in the tape. They will watch and then buy.
  • Increasing customer loy alty: It often happens that people cannot purchase your product because of the high cost. If the subscriber wins a prize while participating in the drawing, he will definitely tell his family about his luckand friends. And warm reviews are the best advertisement.
contests on instagram
contests on instagram

As you can see, there are many reasons to run promotions on the Instagram platform. What types of contests can be found in this popular social network?

Types of draws

On Instagram, drawings can be divided by the number of participants, the rules of the competition, and the conditions of the competition. The most basic ones are:

  • Single: only one company is the organizer. In most cases, she plays something from her assortment. Standard conditions for participation: be a community subscriber, leave a comment under the post and repost the post in your profile.
  • Circular: in this type of competitions, several firms are recruited, which give various gifts to the winners. Usually, in the conditions of participation, a repost / leaving a comment under an advertising post and a signature for all participants in the drawing are mentioned. In such contests, many prizes are played, and the chances of subscribers to win increase.
  • Circular giveaway is the most enjoyable and easiest type of contest for subscribers. You do not need to repost anything in it - just subscribe to all the participants, find a contest entry on their page and put a "heart". Such events usually involve from five to twenty accounts, each of which offers its product as a gift. In terms of organization, such a draw is quite complicated, so for the first time it must be carried out under the strict supervision of more experienced players.participants.
  • Art Contest is a special type of giveaway that requires you to take an original photo of the product and write a text describing the reasons for your choice. But creative competition only works well for large and recognizable brands, because in most cases, users are simply too lazy to fulfill complex conditions.
instagram account
instagram account

How to run a giveaway on Instagram?

After studying all types of competitions, you can go to detailed instructions for their conduct.

  1. Choose a gift - the success of your advertising project directly depends on how cool your prize is and whether users want to place it on their page to win.
  2. Cooperate with other companies - it's always easier to start with someone experienced. Find companies with a similar audience and worldview and offer them cooperation. In this way, you will not only attract new customers, but also "exchange" customers with other well-known brands.
  3. Take a photo - it must be beautiful and of high quality so that users want to share it. After all, Instagram is exclusively visual content, a lot depends on the quality of the picture. To simplify the task, you can display the inscription "Raffle" or Giveaway on the photo, so that it is immediately clear to users what it is about.
giveaway on instagram
giveaway on instagram

Following this procedure, you will learn in practice how to conduct draws on Instagram.

Correct design of the competition

A well-executed prank can create the effect of an exploding bomb. New subscribers, orders, increased audience activity - all this you can get without spending money. How? It is enough to follow simple rules that will help users to take part in the competition. Remember that the simpler they are, the more people will take part in the contest.

promotions on instagram
promotions on instagram

Terms of Participation

  • Decide on the rules of the contest and clearly define them: is it necessary to repost or just leave a comment and tag friends, is it worth subscribing, etc.
  • Indicate the time of the promotion on Instagram and indicate when the results of the contest will be summed up.
  • Be sure to note the need for an open profile of participants during the promotion period. If the profile is closed, then you simply will not see it in the search, but you will be accused of incompetence.
  • Announce in advance how the winner will be chosen. If it is a creative work, perhaps the choice will be made by a specially selected jury. In other cases, use programs to select winners, broadcasting the process online in Stories. So the audience will not have any doubts about the honesty of the choice of the winner of the draw.
  • Come up with a unique hashtag for your contest. Often, under a repost with an advertising post, users are asked to leave hashtags. This makes it easier to find information in the feed and choose the winner. It is important to choose a phrase that reflectsadvertised product or company. For example, if you're promoting a Mango sweater, the tag might be: wantmango sweater.
  • Recently, some people create an Instagram account solely for the sake of free prizes. In order to avoid communication with such personalities, immediately indicate the rule: no more than one active contest per person. If your subscriber is already participating in the draw, add him to the stop list.
raffle winner
raffle winner

Pros and cons of pranks

Instagram contests have both pros and cons. The advantages of this type of advertising include:

  • free;
  • wide audience reach;
  • acquiring new customers;
  • increasing loy alty.

In contrast to the pluses, one can list the negative aspects of contests on Instagram with the same confidence:

  • A large number of "freebie" lovers.
  • Too frequent contests can discourage buyers from buying your product for money.
  • Large time investment. In order to find participants in the circular competition, it will take a lot of time to organize and arrange everything.
instagram giveaway program
instagram giveaway program

Raffle Apps

It is not necessary to choose the winner of the contest "with your bare hands". To simplify the task, you can use one of the many services that will help you choose the lucky one. In programs for drawing prizesIn Instagram, everything is thought out to the smallest detail. There is even a video recording feature so users can watch the selection process online:

  • Winner Picker;
  • calculator-random number generator online.


Knowing how to hold draws on Instagram, you can easily increase the audience of your account and attract new customers. Do not be afraid to experiment: come up with creative contests, arrange games, interact with other companies. Once the winner has been chosen, don't forget to post a detailed video of the drawing process and congratulations.

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