How to beautifully design "Instagram": recommendations and instructions

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How to beautifully design "Instagram": recommendations and instructions
How to beautifully design "Instagram": recommendations and instructions

The best Instagram profiles have several things in common, including easily identifiable usernames, recognizable photos, an informative and interesting bio, a link to a relevant landing page or campaign, and more.

how to make instagram beautiful
how to make instagram beautiful

How to beautifully design Instagram to use it for business or just increase the number of subscribers? To do this, just follow a few simple rules.

Publicity of the page

Your Instagram profile should be set to public by default so everyone in the world can view your photos and comments. If you want to promote your page, this is exactly what you need: all users will be able to view your posts. Otherwise, if you leave your profile private, visitors will not be able to see your photos and will prevent them from following you.

How to make an Instagram profile so that it is public? Open "Settings" (toggle button on iOS or three dots on Android) and make sure "Private Account" is disabled.

how to make a profile on instagram
how to make a profile on instagram

Page name

Your profile name should be recognizable and easily searchable. If the option you selected is already taken, try saving this name as the first part of your username. This is necessary so that other users can quickly find you. The ideal name for a promoted account would be your name plus a photoblog theme.

How to design a page on Instagram correctly? To change your @username, go to your profile page and click the Edit Profile button to the right of your main photo. Then click on the text or open space to the right of the icon, and enter the name you want.

Simple search name

How to create an account on Instagram so that it can be easily found? Be sure to add your full name or a description of the page's topic to the "name" section of your account. These entries will show up under your profile and username in searches.

photo on instagram
photo on instagram

To change your full name, go to your account page and select Edit Profile. Then click on the text or open space next to the clipboard icon at the top, enter the desired entry.

Home page: how to beautifully design "Instagram"

The template of any well-designed page especially highlights the main photo. It is one of the first details your visitors see, as it appears in the top right corner. The photo should be easily recognizable and beautiful. Also remember that pictures with images around the edgesbest not to choose as Instagram actually crops your profile photo into a circle (110 pixels in diameter).

You don't need to create a round Instagram photo yourself. However, since you will have to crop it into a circle in the default app, ideally you should upload a square photo with the image in the center, positioned so that the corners can be cut off without problems.

To add or change your profile photo, go to the main page and click "Edit Profile". Then click "Edit" in the top right corner. There you can import a photo from Facebook or Twitter or choose one from your library. You can also take a photo with your device's camera, but this is not recommended by experts.

how to make a page on instagram
how to make a page on instagram


Like your main Instagram photo, the bio field (that is, the description at the top of your profile) is one of the first details your visitors will see.

You have a maximum of 150 characters: use them to let people know what you're posting about and give them a reason to follow you. Be sure to write who you are and what you do, indicating the subject of your photoblog.

How to beautifully design text on Instagram? You can also use this space to post a call to action, such as using a specific hashtag, or linking to your website or blog.

Tracked link

One of the biggest inconveniences people have on Instagram is thatthis social network is not exactly a great platform for driving traffic from the application to a website, Twitter page or other similar source. This is because clickable URLs are not allowed anywhere except in the single "website" field in your bio.

how to make an account on instagram
how to make an account on instagram

For this reason, you should add the link to the specified location. This will make it easier for users to navigate from Instagram to your website, blog, or public page on another social network. Speaking of promotion on the web, it is very important to find the best way how to beautifully design Instagram - an attractive page will be highly visited, and, accordingly, many users will start clicking on the link in the profile.

Alternative way

Also, there is one not-so-fair way to get people to click on a link on your profile. You can advertise it in individual photo captions. Surely you have ever seen comments that offer to see the profile of the author of the photo. They are trying to direct you to the main page of their account so that you follow their link. In this case, it is also very important to decide how to design an Instagram profile in an attractive way.

how to style text on instagram
how to style text on instagram

Engage users by regularly updating this URL to showcase your latest blog content, video, product, or YouTube offering. For example, are you running a contest or want to increase the number of subscribers to your blog? Just change the link and thenPost a photo that mentions the new link in its caption. You can change the URL on your profile page as often as you like.

Enabled notifications

In addition to making Instagram look pretty, be sure to check your settings in the Options menu to make sure your notifications are turned on. This will allow you to see when users repost or comment on your photos. This way you can communicate with them faster and easier, similar to chatting on Twitter.

To do this, from the Options menu, choose to turn on "From Everyone" notifications for each category.

High Quality Photos

High quality photos are a huge part of an optimized Instagram profile. When people visit your page, most likely the first thing they will do is look at the first ten images. The quality of these photos will play a big role in whether a user wants to follow you. Your Twitter followers can forgive a few bad tweets, but no one wants bad shots on your Instagram account.

So always think of your Instagram photos this way: if you don't have anything beautiful to post, don't post anything at all.

How beautiful to design "Instagram"? A good image should meet three criteria: be interesting and relevant, well designed and shot, and well edited.

All you really need to do is spend some time learning best practices like lining upyour shots, finding interesting perspectives and using symmetry, patterns, "leading lines", etc.

How to edit?

Instagram has some basic editing capabilities, but often they are not suitable for making a picture really great. Most of your photos need to go through at least one or two other image editing apps on your mobile phone before you upload them to Instagram for the first time.

beautifully design instagram template
beautifully design instagram template

Don't worry, once you download the right services, photo editing won't be too difficult. It just takes a little practice.

Constant and regular updates

An optimized Instagram profile is active. Because photo quality is so important, you don't have to worry about posting new posts to your account multiple times a day like you would with most other social networks. Instead, focus on creating high-quality content and then post it at the right time for your audience.

To make sure you post consistently, download this social media calendar template and start scheduling your Instagram posts.

When is the best time to update?

So, what is the best time of day to post on Instagram? Since Instagram is primarily an application for use on mobile devices, users use the network at any time. However, researchshow that many subscribers engage more with content outside of business hours.

The best times to post on Instagram are Mondays and Thursdays, any time other than 3:00-4:00 for your target audience's time zone. However, it's best not to be afraid to experiment and check what time your account gets the most traffic.

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