How to get "Snappy" stickers: detailed instructions

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How to get "Snappy" stickers: detailed instructions
How to get "Snappy" stickers: detailed instructions

For a long time, many social networks have added stickers to their functionality - large smiley stickers dedicated to one or more heroes. The popular Russian website VKontakte is no exception. Here you can either send stickers to friends in dialogues or share them in comments, etc. VK has both free sticker sets and those that can be purchased for the site's currency - votes (they are already bought for real money). Some of these free emoticon packages can be obtained absolutely free of charge, and to acquire others, you need to complete a certain task - like to own the hero of our story. Let's share how to get "Snappy Fish" stickers.

Snappy the fish - who is this?

Snappy is a funny fish, the mascot of the social network Snapster. On the stickers depicting her, she lives her life or repeats the heroes of popular memes: a man lying in a puddle of his tears, a sophisticated aristocrat, "on the bottom", "kawaii", "hand-face", pick-up artist, etc. Snapster is a product of the VKontakte developers, a photo application that largely repeats the functionality"Instagram". Therefore, Snappy is a PR campaign aimed at promoting this mobile program among the large army of VKontakte users.

how to get snappy stickers
how to get snappy stickers

How to get "Snappy" stickers? You can do it absolutely free! However, with one "but" - you need to complete a small task. Which? Read the next subheading. Be warned, these stickers cannot be gifted to a friend or bought with votes.

How to Get the Snappy Sticker Pack: Snapster App

If you want to have these funny stickers in your collection, then get ready to do the following:

  1. Go to your platform store (AppStore - iOS, Google Play - Android), search for Snapster and download this app to your smartphone. Its download is absolutely free.
  2. Open the program on your phone, scroll through the introductory information and log in with your VK account. A special button is intended for this - “Login via VKontakte”.
  3. On any screen: homepage, notifications, hot news, your profile - in the lower right corner a big round blue button with a camera image will glow. We need her.
  4. Press the button, allow the application to access your camera and photo gallery.
  5. Then you will either take a photo or choose something from your collection. Click on "Continue".
  6. Select a filter oradjust your future photo post as you wish. Now click on "Next".
  7. How to get "Snappy" stickers? On the next screen, be sure to check the export to the "VK" album. It remains to click on "Publish".
how to get snappy fish stickers
how to get snappy fish stickers

That's it, the important part of the matter is over.

Continuation: "VKontakte"

And now the fun part:

  1. Check your private messages on VKontakte. You should receive a message from the Snapster team bot, which has a gift in the form of a treasured set of stickers.
  2. Click on "Open Set". If the stickers do not appear in the collection, close and reopen the application, or do the same with the page in the browser. Now you can please your friends with a funny fish!
how to get snappy sticker pack
how to get snappy sticker pack

If it didn't work: what to do?

Let's analyze the most common problems:

  • Did you strictly follow the steps on how to get "Snappy" stickers, but the bot didn't send you a set? Try to publish another post after a while, not forgetting to share it on VK. Or delete Snapster, then download it again and repeat all the steps from the previous subheading.
  • Can't install the app on your smartphone or post a photo? Try it on another gadget.
  • Snapster app not released for your OS? Install one of the "Android" or iOS emulators onyour PC. Go through it to the platform's app store and download this product. Then all that remains is to use the instruction "How to get Snappy stickers".

Snappy stickers are a publicity stunt by the Snapster developers. After all, in order to get them to the user "VK", he must first download this application and place a photo in it. By the way, after you have received the stickers, the application can be deleted. "Snappy" will not disappear from your collection.

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