Do you know what an ISP is?

Do you know what an ISP is?
Do you know what an ISP is?

The owner of a computer that is not connected to the global Internet can be compared to Robinson: there is everything you need, except for communication with the outside world. Now the availability of access is practically a necessary condition for the normal functioning of the computing system. Not surprisingly, the number of computer owners who want to connect to network resources is in the thousands. And one of the first questions that needs to be de alt with at the initial stage is “what is an Internet provider”. It is these two words that can often be heard in the conversation of “computer specialists”. Well, let's figure out what an Internet Service Provider is.

what is an internet provider
what is an internet provider

The simple meaning of a compound word

In fact, everything is simple: it is a company or an individual that provides access services to global digital resources. Speaking about what an Internet provider is, the easiest way is to use the analogy with mobile cellular operators. These companies are known to everyone (for example, MTS, Beeline, etc.). By concluding a service contract or purchasing an appropriate SIM card, the subscriber is able to make/receive calls using a mobile communication device. In fact, the operator allows the deviceregister and work in their wireless networks. This is known to everyone. But what is the connection of the above with the question, what is an Internet provider? In fact, she is spontaneous.

best internet provider
best internet provider

The provider company (hereinafter we will talk about large representative offices) of the Internet performs similar functions, providing the subscriber's computer with access to the global network. In a population center, as a rule, there is one or several organizations with such high technological capacities (a separate cable line, satellite systems) that they can rent out part of the bandwidth (gigabits per second) to smaller intermediary companies. Private subscribers connect to the network through subsidiaries.

Best ISP

Deciding to connect to the Internet in a large city, a computer user is faced with an abundance of offers from various companies. Each of them, in order to attract attention, offers its own features: it can be a “bonus” in the form of free IP-TV, a discount system, a good pricing policy, high access speeds or promotion by advertising its communication lines. It is impossible to say which provider is the best of them, since each user has his own requirements and wishes.

internet provider rating
internet provider rating

Thus, one is content with an inexpensive tariff plan with a speed of 5-10 Mbps, while the other one seems to be not enough even with 100 Mbps. Well, mobility is important for the third user, so he prefers the company,which uses radio frequencies to connect equipment to the subscriber's computer, not a cable. Note that there are many sites on the network where you can see the rating of Internet providers of a certain country / region / region. Their data can be used if you have to choose between several companies with similar conditions (speed, price, quality). Perhaps it is worth pointing out that for a stationary computing system, it is currently more preferable to choose the provider that connects the subscriber's computer to its equipment using optical communication lines. Such a solution can significantly reduce delays in signal transmission, as well as protect against surges during a thunderstorm.

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