How to be invisible "VKontakte"? 3 effective ways

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How to be invisible "VKontakte"? 3 effective ways
How to be invisible "VKontakte"? 3 effective ways
how to be invisible vkontakte
how to be invisible vkontakte

How to be invisible "VKontakte"? If you are looking for the answer to this question, then this article will help you with this. There is no invisible mode "VKontakte", as such, but it is possible, using software tools, to use the site completely unnoticed. Intrigued? Then everything is in order.

How to be invisible on VKontakte?

You might be surprised to learn that there are three ways to hide your presence on the site. Which of them is the most effective - decide for yourself, since they all perform the main function, and whether it is convenient or, conversely, causes a lot of inconvenience - is a purely individual matter. Below in this article you will find a detailed description of each of the methods

Refuse to visit the main page

The VKontakte site system records the user's presence at those moments when he:

  • clicks on the link "My page" (that is, goes to the main page);
  • Invisible mode Vkontakte
    Invisible mode Vkontakte
  • visits other users.

If you exclude these two actions, then you can safely use the site offline. What can be done about it? Everything is the same: listen to music, launch applications, watch video files and so on.

Use special programs

If you are interested in how to be invisible on VKontakte, then turn to the help of third-party software. For example, you can use the "Vklife" program, which has the function of a hidden site visit. Please note that the administration of the VKontakte social network, having discovered that you are using additional software, may freeze your page for "suspicious activity on it." If you are ready to take such a risk, then feel free to use this program and many of its analogues. There are no bans on visiting your main page and other people's accounts.

Set up your browser

how to become invisible vkontakte
how to become invisible vkontakte

Modern programs for accessing the Internet allow, with a certain configuration, not to detect a user when he is on the site. Let's find out what settings need to be done so that the most popular browsers can fulfill the dream and help us on the issue of how to be invisible on VKontakte.

  • Mozilla. We open the program and immediately in the line for the address we prescribe the command "about: config", which allows us to get instant access to the settings we need. Next, you will see a huge list of values. To youyou need to find one. In order not to do this manually, use the search (it is located at the top of the page) and write down "network.http.redirection-limit". As soon as this value is found, double-click on it with the mouse or press the "Enter" key and change the value to 0.
  • Opera. We go into the browser and immediately go to the "Settings" section. We are interested in the "Network" parameter. You need to uncheck the sub-item "Automatic redirect".

Note that a browser with similar settings should be used only for the VKontakte site, since when you visit other web resources, you will not see anything but an error on the screen. To return the values to their original position, you must do the same steps. In the first case, instead of "0" enter "50".

We hope that it became clear to you how to become invisible on VKontakte, and our article was useful to you!

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