The Epsilon cult and its secret. "GTA 5 - Epsilon Cult"

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The Epsilon cult and its secret. "GTA 5 - Epsilon Cult"
The Epsilon cult and its secret. "GTA 5 - Epsilon Cult"

Since the release of GTA 5, the game immediately acquired a number of myths. Fans on the forums have consistently claimed to have seen UFOs, Leatherface, Bigfoot, and other phenomena in the game. But the most interesting myth is the Epsilon cult. The game presents a large amount of evidence of its existence. There is even an official website with detailed information about what the Epsilon cult is.

At a Glance

The instruction on the site is conditionally divided into two parts. In the first, visitors are invited to become a member of the club and "one of Kraff's children". The second contains twelve facts about the existence of the cult, which are somehow found in the game. Based on feedback from the site's customers, the sect has influenced many. If you try to contact the administration by e-mail, you will receive an email. It briefly describes the essence of the cult, also mentions that it is not worth regretting the money spent on "Epsilonism", because the truth will lead to truth and salvation. There is a separate section with a treatise, or rather itpart, since the treatise itself has not yet been completed.

Search for evidence

In addition to Cris Formage, the founder of the cult, the Tourist and the Hairdresser are also its members. In their speech, you can often find phrases about spirituality, Epsilon and Cliff. Another confirmation of the cult is the fact that people on the street come up to the wall of a cafe near the railway station, do incomprehensible things, and then turn around and leave. A tourist often comes to this cafe. In his house, Mike Toreno keeps a map with UFO sightings. The points on the map form a constellation from the site. The same drawing can be seen on the roof of the airport.

On the map "GTA San Andreas" the cult "Epsilon" is depicted as the name of the farm The Farm Cult Location. A mission is associated with it, the main goal of which is to steal a combine. A blue glow can be seen from the windows of the two-story room. And in the building itself is not a farm at all, but the headquarters of the sect.

GTA 5, Epsilon cult: how to become a club member

Epsilonists are an arrogant people who think they are unique. They are distinguished primarily by red hair. You can make such a hairstyle only in one hairdressing salon in the city - Barber Shop. Club members wear light blue clothes, which can only be purchased from the Didier Sachs store, which is unlocked after the mission Saint Mark's Bistro. The costume includes a jacket, trousers and a hat. Shoes that match exactly the color of the clothes can be purchased at the Binco store.

what is cult epsilon
what is cult epsilon

Do not immediately conclude that all objects are blueare directly related to the sect. The Varrios Los Aztecas gang also has light blue armbands. One of the churches in Las Ventrus glows blue. Together with her and a house in the east of the city. Also in this city is a building with a blue roof, and next to it is a building with a blue cross. In the mountains of Chiliad, you can buy a farm that will be an exact copy of the sect's farm. But it does not glow at night and does not have an exquisite interior. All these objects are not related to the "chosen ones" club.

It's not for nothing that GTA 5 is the best car race in the last decade. The Epsilon cult also owns the machines. A red truck with a damaged right wing can often be found on the streets. But it is better to choose a ghost car, which is initially beyond repair. They are of two types: a pickup truck and Glendal - Bick Smoke's car. It is recommended to opt for a ghost pickup truck. It can be found in at least 4 locations: Stranglethorn Creeks, Desert District, Beaken Hill and Tierra Robada.

Finding out the facts

One of the pages on the site contains the phrase "raise your left hand and say the words …". But the only problem is that CJ raises his left hand only during the dance. To get the hero to say the right words, you just need to do nothing for a couple of minutes. Then the camera will start spinning in an arbitrary direction, CJ will start whistling, raise the right hand and say the right words.

gta sa cult epsilon
gta sa cult epsilon

The instructions say to travel between the passes depicted onbrochures. It's just that it's quite difficult to find brochures in GTA. The Epsilon cult in this case includes pictures not from the game, but from the control settings menu. There is a suitable image of the mountainous area.

One of the facts of the existence of the sect says: "We all come from the same tree." Next to Vinewood in Los Santos is a palm tree that stands out from the rest of the trees. Next to her is … a cane. We will talk about it in detail later.

Mother's death is often mentioned in GTA SA. The Epsilon Cult contains a myth that says that there is a ghost of Carl's mother. Lazlow said in a radio interview that he had lost his mother, and Cris said that he knew how to communicate with the ancestors. To solve this riddle, you need to join the club and pay money. This is also evidenced by one of the facts of Epsilonism.

Continue looking for traces

"If you have a birthmark, you may be a descendant of Kraff." There are no birthmarks on CJ, but it is present on the portrait of a man from the header of the Epsilon Cult website. A similar spotted area is on the map. It is represented by two mountains next to the dams, which can be reached by air. And in the north of the state, in the mountainous area of \u200b\u200bthe Big Ear, there is a large radar. If you superimpose the face of the descendant on this place, then it will coincide with the relief.

"Travel through the pass… Find the red truck…". In the small town of Blueberry, north of Los Santos, one of the rooms at dusklights up blue. A similar glow can also be observed under the bridge to the south of the city. Perhaps the bridge is the same pass. Part of the name of one of the city's signs reads "Red Truck".

epsilon cult mystery
epsilon cult mystery

The cane is the most interesting weapon in the game. It is not used anywhere, but is most often found on the streets of the city. If a shovel or a bat can be found in two or three places, then a cane can be found in 16. But even with such a quantity, it is difficult to find it, since it lies in the most inaccessible places. It can be placed in the gift slot or given to another character. And her involvement in the cult is confirmed by the words of the founder of Cris on the radio.

gta 5 cult epsilon
gta 5 cult epsilon

8 places to find walking sticks

1. In an excerpt from a letter on the site, as well as in an interview, it was repeatedly mentioned that Veniwood is the headquarters of the "Kruff children". That's why Veniwood tops this list.

2. Near the place where you can take the mission to steal a truck.

3. On one of the farms in the western part of Los Santos, where the ghost of Sadler is located.

4. In a residential area of San Fierro, the desired item can be found at least three houses.

5. There is a cane to the right of the main entrance to the city hall, as well as at the entrance to the San Fierro hospital.

6. But how Victim is connected with the sect is not yet clear, but the artifact we are considering is still there.

7. In the northern region of Las Ventus, a cane can be found near at least two houses.

8. Still she liesnext to the house, which looks like a hut.

Other interpretations of facts

Maybe red hair meant red hair, not red. However, it is impossible to repaint CJ in red. So it's a different person or a clown. This, however, is hard to believe. Two absolutely identical passers-by can be found even in a small room. Of the quest characters, there are at least four with a similar hairstyle: Eddie, Kent, Ken and Makker. Of these, only the last one is definitely a member of the club. He even has his own website, where he says that participating in a cult helped him a lot.

epsilon cult unraveled
epsilon cult unraveled

On many sites you can find messages that when joining the "chosen club" the appearance of the character is of great importance. But only Lazlow did not say anything about tattoos in the form of crosses and a chain with a cross in an interview.

It's not over yet

The cult website says Epsilonists walk around with their eyes closed. Many fans claim that a thermal imager or even ordinary glasses can act as such a bandage. The second can be bought in the store, and the first is next to the radar. But, having bypassed all the places associated with the cult known at that time with a night vision device, nothing special could be found. So far failed. The search continues…

Program start

Having de alt with the interpretation of the objects of worship, let's move on to the program itself. Upon completion of the "Father and Son" mission, you will be able to register on the Epsilon Cult website. During registrationyou need to fill out an assessment form, immediately after which assignments will begin to appear.

The first one will be looking for a red truck in Raton Canyon. This area will be marked on the map with a question mark. To unlock the next mission, you need to donate $ 500 to the Epsilon Church. This must be done through the site. After depositing money, the logo of the sect will appear on the card. Upon reaching the place, you will meet Marnie's new partner, for whose services you will have to pay another 5 thousand dollars. For this money, Marnie will help steal 5 unique cars of cult members. Pegassi is in the driveway, Benefactor is in the parking lot, Declasse is by the car wash, Enus is behind the building, Dinka is by the LifeInvade office.

Search continues

In the next mission "GTA 5: Epsilon Cult" you need to find three items from the other world. The TV is located to the northwest of the point marked on the map, behind the fence. To the north of the TV, next to a dry river, a second item is hidden in the bushes - a battery. To the southeast of it, in a picnic area, there is a boat. This is the third item on the list. After completing the task, you need to pay $10,000 in two tranches of $5,000 to unlock the next mission.

Goal: 10 days to pass in the attire of a cult. To do this, you need to purchase it on the Epsilon Cult website for 25,000, and then put your character to sleep for 10 days in order to wait for the next task to unlock faster. It is very light. You need to meet with Tom and, at his request, get on the planeto the airport.

gta san andreas cult epsilon
gta san andreas cult epsilon

Great meeting

You will meet with the sect, or rather, with its leader. You need to come to the "shooter" in appropriate clothes, but first you need to overcome 5 miles through the desert. To do this, you will have to press the run button for a very long time until a message appears on the screen about overcoming the distance. Wait for a call.

When meeting with the founder, Chris will demand $50,000 to invest in the cult. After payment, two scenarios await you. The first is to steal Chris's car with money, get rid of the helicopter with a grenade launcher and get a cash reward for completing the quest. The second is to get out of the car and wait for 10 tips from Marni about finding tracts of the sect. Each new clue will appear after passing the previous one.

The Epsilon cult solved

List of tract locations:

1. Observation deck at the top of Mount Chilliad.

2. From the bay near the Palamino Highlands, you can reach the wreck of the ship. At the bottom of the ocean, next to the wreckage, is the second treatise.

epsilon cult
epsilon cult

3. The third lies near a large island in the north of the map.

4. Through the southern entrance to the tunnel in Mount Chilliad, a path opens up to the stairs, at the top of which is the item we need.

5. At the entrance to the church in the north of Little Suela.

6. At the end of the pier Sonar Collection.

7. Under the stairs in front of the mansion, in the northern district of Richman.

8. Under a tree at the foot of Chilliad.

9. On the roof of Maze Bank.

gta 5 cult epsilon
gta 5 cult epsilon

10. There is a lake in the center of Pacific Bluffs Cemetery. Near the grave on the island lies the last secret of the Epsilon cult.

There is no reward for completing this quest. But after all, you have already spent so much time that 10 treatises found will be the most pleasant reward.

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