Budget Warrior deck is the best choice for beginners

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Budget Warrior deck is the best choice for beginners
Budget Warrior deck is the best choice for beginners

The budget warrior deck is the best option for new Hearthstone players, as well as those who do not want to spend real money on the game. Such a set consists of basic free cards, which do not include epic, legendary and rare. Getting such a deck is quite simple. You just need to upgrade and train your character up to level 10.

warrior deck
warrior deck

How to choose a game strategy?

The budget warrior deck is the best starting deck. And all thanks to the fact that the characters themselves cause quite serious damage and do not cost much mana. But most beginners make one serious mistake - instead of controlling the situation on the board, they spend weapons on damage to the opponent himself. It is better to destroy other enemy cards - this will give an advantage in numbers, and, accordingly, in lethal force. The very point of this strategy game is to think ahead of your moves. It is not worth hitting the enemy if there are a lot of enemy characters in front of you, it is better to spend mana on removing enemy units and lining up a whole army of your soldiers.

budget warrior deck
budget warrior deck

In addition to great characters, the deckWarrior for beginners gives a skill such as shield protection, which is quite useful. But it should not be put in the first place in the strategy, because it will only give a bonus to he alth, and will not help with the situation on the board. It is worth defending only in cases of extreme necessity, if after miscalculations it turns out that your hero will die without having time to deliver a fatal blow to the enemy. Or in cases where there is extra mana left and it cannot be used in other spells or character summons.

Warrior deck and collection

Collecting a starter set is better in a game with real players than in practice mode. First, you will get invaluable experience. And secondly, with enough luck and the right strategy, you can beat your opponents, complete tasks from the tavern owner and get gold for it. After that, you can go to the store and purchase a stronger classic set, where there will definitely be a rare card, and with enough luck, an epic card.

warrior control deck
warrior control deck

Thus, without investing funds, an excellent “Warrior Control” deck is assembled, which is the strongest and, accordingly, the most popular in the game.

How to make a starting hand

Before you start the game, it is better to choose the cards yourself, and not count on a successful random. The warrior deck has some great one-mana characters, such as the archer, who deal one point of damage right away. It can be used in conjunction with the Execute spell, which destroys a creature with less than full he alth. This tandem is best used for morestrong cards, because before you remove them from the board, you can lose many units.

beginner warrior deck
beginner warrior deck

The Warrior starter deck has a great 2-mana weapon, the Fiery Axe, which can take out multiple enemy creatures while leaving you with resources to line up your line of attack. Cleave is an equally useful card, thanks to which you can kill two weak enemy units or prepare them for execution. This spell is best used when there are at least two opponent creatures on the board. In the game against enemies using weapons, such as Rogue, Hunter, Warrior, Paladin, Shaman, a great creature - Acid Ooze will help. This two-mana cost card allows you to gain advantage in one hit. Equally useful in the Bloody Marsh Raptor set, which can take out many units with a three-slot defense.

Strong cards

Taunt creatures such as Grizzly and Sen'jin Shieldbearer will help improve the defense, and you can increase their performance with the help of the Sin'dorei Priest, which gives one point to he alth and attack. Add a Kor'kron Warrior to your starting hand. This creature deals 4 damage but has weak defense. So if your side of the table is empty, it's best to immediately play Frost Yeti or Sen'jin Shieldbearer, which cost the same 4 mana, but are much harder to destroy.

Aconite Harvester is the best card in the Warrior Starter Pack. With this weapon, you can destroy two fairly strong enemy units with a defense of 5 units or strikethe enemy himself. It costs a lot, as many as 5 mana cells, but the damage is incommensurable. Another useful minion for the same cost is the Dwarf Saboteur, which deals two damage at once. It can be used to prepare an enemy unit for an Execute spell. The rest of the cards that the Warrior starting deck has are less effective in terms of damage and he alth, and should only be drawn after the ones discussed above.

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