How to use the cloud? Instruction for beginners

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How to use the cloud? Instruction for beginners
How to use the cloud? Instruction for beginners

Recently, not only computer, but also mobile technologies are rapidly developing. In this regard, the issue of safe storage of relatively large amounts of information has become very acute. And for this, many IT corporations offer users of any type of device the use of so-called cloud services. How to use the cloud and services that are included in the basic set of any developer will now be considered.

What is cloud storage?

First, let's define what kind of service it is. Roughly speaking, this is file storage in the form of allocated disk space on a remote server of a company providing such services.

how to use the cloud
how to use the cloud

In other words, in a sense, it can be called a kind of virtual flash drive, on which a certain amount of data is placed. However, if the USB device needs to be carried around at all times to access downloaded information,yourself, then such a service (for example, the Mail. Ru cloud or the corresponding Google service) can be accessed from both a computer and a mobile device. That is, files are synchronized in the cloud itself, and you can view or download them just by entering registration data (although in some cases this is not required).

A lot has already been written about how to use the cloud. Now let's pay attention to some main points, and also consider the simplest principles of its use, explaining the situation in detail.

Most Popular Services

It goes without saying that initially, to use such storages, you need to decide on a service provider, that is, choose the most suitable information storage service for yourself.

mail-ru cloud
mail-ru cloud

Today there are quite a lot of such services. The most popular are the following:

  • Dropbox.
  • SkyDrive.
  • Cloud Mail. Ru.
  • "Yandex. Disk".
  • Google Drive (Google Disk).
  • Apple iCloud and iCloud Drive.
  • OneDrive etc.

Before you figure out how to use each type of cloud, it should be noted that these services are somewhat unequal when compared with each other. The fact is that some storages can be accessed exclusively from a computer terminal, while others involve synchronization of both computers and mobile devices. Sometimes you may need a specialized application that plays the role of a kind of conductor, sometimes just enoughInternet browser.

The same goes for free disk space allocated for storing your files, as well as paying for additional space on a remote server. In any case, most of the services are very similar to each other.

What should I pay attention to before starting work?

Now let's look at some important points, without which the use of cloud services is out of the question.

cloud mail how to use
cloud mail how to use

The very first and most important thing is pre-registration, and in some cases it does not matter at all whether it will be done via the Internet using a regular browser or a special computer or mobile application. The whole process takes a few minutes.

Mobile devices with operating systems installed on them are advantageous from stationary systems. The fact is that when you first turn on to access some advanced features or stores such as the AppStore or Google Play (Play Market), the system initially offers to create an account (registered email address and password). At the same time, a smartphone or tablet already has a pre-installed application for working with cloud services. For convenience, you can install their stationary counterparts on a computer or laptop (although access can also be obtained through a browser).

Allocated disk space

Another important point is the amount of disk space that the user initially receives in the free version. As a rule, the volume on different services ranges from 5 to 50 GB. If this is not enough, you will have to increase the amount of storage and pay a certain amount for this, which includes the cost of acquiring more volume and maintaining it for a certain period of use, which, by the way, can also be different.

General Principles

As for how to use the cloud in the broadest sense, everything is quite simple here. After registration, the user only needs to add folders and files, contacts and much more to the storage.

Yandex cloud how to use
Yandex cloud how to use

At the same time, in the settings section, he can add friends who, along with him, will upload files to the server or edit them (the simplest example is Dropbox). Often, new users can use their own passwords to log in.

But here's what's interesting. When you install a special program on your computer, access to files in the cloud is much faster than when you run the same Internet browser. The same can be said about synchronization. It is enough to place the files in the application folder, and synchronization will be performed instantly for all users with access rights to the service. Consider the most popular repositories.

Cloud Mail. Ru

So, as mentioned above, you first need to create an email account, after entering which the cloud service will be displayed on the top panel in the projects tab. This is the Mile cloud. How to use it? Easy.

how to use apple cloud
how to use apple cloud

Initially offered 25 GB of storage space. Uploading files is carried out using the corresponding button, which can add several objects at once. The restriction concerns only the size of the uploaded file - it should not exceed 2 GB. Before starting the download, you can use additional functions, for example, create a new folder, after which you can just as easily move and delete files. Please note: it does not have a "Basket", as in the same Yandex service, so it will not be possible to restore deleted information.

The function to create, view or edit files can be very useful. Let's say we have a Word document (or it's created right in the repository). Changing it directly in the cloud is as easy as if the user were running the editor on a computer. At the end of the work, we save the changes, after which the synchronization takes place again.

You can use the direct upload process to download, but if you want to share the file with a friend who doesn't have access to the service, you can simply generate a link (there's a dedicated button for that) and email it.

"Yandex"-cloud: how to use?

With the Yandex service, in principle, things are almost identical. The functional set, in general, does not differ much.

how to use cloud on iphone
how to use cloud on iphone

But the developers of this service thought that the user can delete files completely by accident. This is where the so-called "Basket" comes to the rescue, in whichinformation is placed when deleting. It works like a standard computer service. True, data recovery tools are not applicable to it if they have already been deleted from the Recycle Bin. Nevertheless, the function is quite useful.

Google Drive storage

Now let's move on to another powerful service called Google Cloud. How to use Google Drive? There are no fundamental differences compared to other services. But here access can be obtained both from a mobile device (built-in service), and using a utility installed on a computer (not to mention logging in through an Internet browser). With a phone or tablet, everything is simple, let's look at a computer program.

google cloud how to use
google cloud how to use

Assuming an account has already been created. After its activation, the user receives 5 GB of storage. An increase to 25 GB will cost about 2.5 USD. We install the application on the computer, after which the service folder appears on the Desktop (it is also displayed in Explorer).

As it is already clear, it is enough to place the files in this directory, and the synchronization will take place. During operation, the program "hangs" in the system tray as an icon. Right-clicking brings up an additional menu where you can view the available volume for downloading files, make personalized settings, expand storage space, shut down, etc.

There is one thing worth noting here. As it turns out, copying files to the program folder on your computer, and then downloading them from the cloud to your mobile device is much faster,than to connect the gadget to a computer, and then copy using Windows.

iCloud and iCloud Drive services

Finally, let's see how to use the Apple cloud. There are two services (iCloud and iCloud Drive) that are pre-installed on the iPhone or iPad in accordance with the version of the operating system installed on the device. In fact, iCloud Drive is an updated version of iCloud, and for it to work correctly, you should take into account that the mobile gadget must meet the stated technical requirements: iOS 8 on the device itself. Computer - with Windows 7 or higher with iCloud for Windows extension or computer terminal with Mac OS X 10.10 or OS X Yosemite.

how to use cloud app
how to use cloud app

Initially, after entering the service, folders created by default will be displayed there. Their number may vary depending on the settings of the computer and the client on the mobile device. How to use cloud on iphone In principle, there is nothing supernatural in this. It is enough to launch the application on the gadget (switch the launch slider to the on state) and log in using your account. Another thing is when the input is supposed to be from a computer. Here you will need to use the settings menu of the program itself and select the inclusion already there.

But there are also pitfalls. For example, it will be possible to open an MS Office document for editing only after the system converts it to the iWork format. Some difficulties arise when transferring files. Unlike the same Mail. Ru service, which offersgenerate a link to the file, here the file can only be sent by mail, as a message or via the AirDrop service. In some cases, in order not to do such things, you can go to the Pages section, and already in it share a message via iCloud. Not very convenient.

Another minus is a rather low synchronization speed (this is recognized by everyone). And one more, the most unpleasant moment. If you migrate from iCloud to iCloud Drive without updating all devices to the required configuration, the data in the old cloud will simply be inaccessible, so be careful.


That's all in a nutshell about the question of how to use the "Cloud" application or the services of the same name. Of course, far from all the possibilities of such services are considered here, but, so to speak, only the general principles (basics) of work. However, even with such minimal knowledge, any newly registered user will be able to carry out basic operations in 5-10 minutes.

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