Thanos with the gauntlet of infinity: review and photo

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Thanos with the gauntlet of infinity: review and photo
Thanos with the gauntlet of infinity: review and photo

The Gauntlet was created by Thanos, hence its name. But in general the story is very long. I must say that all these stones have very different properties, if someone takes all 6 stones for himself and uses them at the same time, he will become omnipotent. You can sometimes see the seventh stone in some crossovers. To use the stones at the same time, the Infinity Gauntlet was created.

Application of the glove
Application of the glove

The Creation of Thanos

Created by Jim Starlin. The action took place back in 73, when the comic was released. Thanos, the Infinity Gauntlet, became characters in this comic.

Jim took the name of Thanos, the Greek god of death. The Greeks described him as a youth with wings and a heart of iron. All the gods love gifts, but Thanos doesn't. He lives separately from the gods. Thanos is similar to his prototype, he has superpowers. I must say that the idea of creating Thanos came to Jim even after the army. Then he started working at Marvel, and they made him an offer to releaseIron Man comic. Thus, he entered his hero in the comic.

No one knows why Thanos is a mutant. This is how he was born. The Titans were at war with the Deviants, somehow the gene of the latter appeared in the DNA of the hero. Therefore, the character does not look like his relatives. While still very young, he did not communicate with anyone, only with his brother. He was interested in death, and finally found himself a lady of the heart - Lady Death. He longed for power, for this he began to study everything he could, studied science, magic, and so on. The Titans are named after their planet, which is a moon of Saturn, but they are actually part of the Eternal race.


I must say that at that time the planet felt a shortage of resources with might and main. Thanos thought that it would be necessary to somehow reduce the population of inhabitants, and suggested that half of them be destroyed. It is not known whether it would have been better or not, but he was declared crazy. It is possible that he was right, because the planet was devastated. The Titans began to die out, and Thanos realized that he was right. To impress the lady of the heart, he arranged an atomic bombing, after which virtually all the Titans died. There is such a region of space, which is called the Sanctuary. Thanos was able to achieve control over her along with other warlords.

Children of Thanos

He decided to carry his ideas to the masses and went to the planet Zen-Hoberi. There, Thanos, since no one interfered with him, used an offer that his compatriots rejected. He met Gamora, she was a little girl, notwas afraid of him, was very brave.

And this is Ganora
And this is Ganora

He gave the girl a blade, which diverted her attention from the destruction of her people, and then began to educate her. He also adopted Nebula for his upbringing, but daddy turned out to be rather strange from him. He wanted the girls to become killers, to be loyal to him. Thanos took some more children for himself, who later became members of the Black Order.

Space cube and infinity stones

Having learned that there is a Cosmic Cube on Earth, which gives incredible power, Thanos wanted to get himself this thing. Although he attracts the attention of Lady Death, the Avengers managed to defeat the villain and neutralize the dangerous cube.

Now he wants to make a special weapon that can destroy any star or all at once. To do this, he needs the Infinity Stones, the Gauntlet of Thanos, in fact, consists of these stones, there are 6 of them.

Infinity Stones
Infinity Stones

Stones look like ovals and represent the properties of being. Here is a description of the stones:

  • Souls. A sentient stone that feeds on souls. Can steal any soul, fix it, change it. In this case, it does not matter at all whether it will be the soul of a living or a dead person. In addition, the stone can transport its owner to a pocket universe.
  • Power. If somewhere once there was or will be strength, energy, then the stone will take them away. It can give power to other gems, as well as enhance any effects they apply if the wearer uses the gem. Also, when used in Minecraft, it can cause lightning. The stronger the stone, the stronger the lightning.
  • Time. You can do anything with time. Look into the past, the future, manipulate the present. You can even arrange a time loop for some world. Any object, any being can grow old or become young. In the game, he can bring to the current dimension to any spawn.
  • Spaces. The owner can be in any space. Even if it's space, even if it's somewhere underground, under water. You can also move not only yourself, but anyone you want.
  • Realities. If the owner wants something, then the stone will fulfill this desire, even if the desire is not compatible with any laws. Also, the stone can cause damage, quite serious. The game is used in order to remove the creative mode.
  • Reason. The owner reads minds, penetrates the dreams of anyone.
  • The seventh stone, Ego. Once the stones were taken and merged together, a creature was formed, which was called Nemesis. Her consciousness remained in this stone, and if it is merged with others, then it will again become Nemesis. One can have any dimension.


When Thanos realized what the stones were, he went looking for them. He got the Mind Stone first. He then made a deal with Loki to get another stone. He provided his ally with a powerful army and the scepter where the Mind Stone was located. However, Loki won and the Hydra captured the scepter.

Hydra was created under the Nazi regime, and it was intended to develop weapons. Hydra has its own mission -world conquest. The Nazis also developed occult properties.

Thanos continued to search for the Orb, that is, the container that contained one of the Stones. It was specially created to contain their power, and since the Sphere can destroy everything and everyone, it was hidden. The place of storage was an underwater tomb, which comes to the surface only once every 300 years. Soon, Thanos' allies discovered the Orb and tried to get it. However, Quill took possession of the Stone and wanted to sell it. Gamora was sent after him. Thanos did not even guess that Gamora remembers perfectly how he mocked her and her brothers, she decided to use the Orb on her own. Thus the Orb went to the Guardians of the Galaxy, but Thanos' allies, Ronan the Accuser and Nebula, stole it from them. But it turned out that there really is an Infinity Stone, and Ronan decided that he no longer needed Thanos. When Thanos realized the betrayal, he flew into a rage. Ronan was a warlord, he wanted to direct the power of the Stone to destroy Xandar and its inhabitants. Nebula also remembered the horror that Thanos made her endure, so she sided with Ronan the Accuser.

Glove Making

Thanos realized that he had been betrayed. And no progress was made on getting the next Infinity Stones. Thus, he decided that it was better to take care of everything himself. He decided to come up with some equipment so that all the Stones would fit in there. On Nidavellir, he discovered the dwarves, whom he forced to make himself the Gauntlet of Infinity.

Gauntlet of Thanos
Gauntlet of Thanos

Promising to the ruler of the gnomes that he would not touch them if they made the Glove, Thanos deceived them: he took the Glove, and then destroyed all the gnomes. He decided that now he is omnipotent, he will certainly defeat everyone. Now all he had to do was follow the Orb. Thus, Thanos set his sights on Xandar. As a result, the inhabitants died, and Thanos received another Stone.

Tesseract and Collector

The Tesseract contained the Space Stone. Thanos tracked down the ship where the Asgardians who were able to survive after Ragnarok were looking for a new home. Thanos killed them all, but decided that Thor should give him this thing. Taking the stone, he blew up the ship and went to the Collector.

This comrade's name is actually Taneliir Tivan. It's just that they call him the Collector, because he loves to collect all sorts of different artifacts. And what does he not have!

When the Asgardians came to him to give him one of the Stones for safekeeping, he found out what power they possess, wanted to get them all for himself. Gamora brought the Orb to the Collector to keep, as she thought he was a much better host than Thanos. As a result, Syera returned to Thanos. Gamora hit her father with a blade, but when he began to die, she began to cry. It turned out that it was the Reality Stone that created the illusion. He also took his daughter, after which he used a teleporter.

The Death of Gamora

Although Gamora knew where the Soul Stone was, she didn't tell Thanos about it, and Nebula was captured and then tortured. Seeing her in this state, Gamora told Thanos aboutThe stone that was on Vormir. There they saw the Keeper of the Stone, he told them that the Stone cannot be obtained just like that. You can only change it for a soul, but not just a creature, but a loved one. Gamora believed that Thanos would not have such a creature, but he really loved her, although the Stone was much more important to him. When Ganora died, he used the Stone on the Infinity Gauntlet.


The Gauntlet of Thanos and the Avengers clashed from the beginning, when the first one was not yet completed. Thanos traveled to Titan, where he met the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy, also Doctor Strange, who possessed the Time Stone. He tried to tell him about his theory of overpopulation and so on, but Doctor Strange did not understand him. They began to fight, Thanos was immobilized, almost pulled off the glove, but Quill realized that Gamora had died and tried to kill Thanos, as a result of which he was able to escape, and also decided to kill Iron Man. Doctor Strange decided to give him the Stone in exchange for the life of a friend.

Vision was in Wakanda. Once Ultron decided to make himself a new body, for this he created an android, this was Vision. Although there were a lot of heroes, Thanos had the Stones, and he fought off attacks with ease.


The Gauntlet of Thanos mod will allow you to control the forces of Infinity. To download a mod, you need to type the appropriate query in the search box, after which you will be provided with several sites where you can download the mod. It's called Infinity Gauntlet Mod. Kill everyone who stands in your way, quickly teleport. Take your gloveThanos. "War of Infinity" - a film that tells about the Gauntlet. The poster can be seen below.

Infinity War
Infinity War

The photo below shows Thanos in the movie.

However, there are very important things to keep in mind that you need to remember.

  • First, the player will need Minecraft Forge. You should download it, this add-on is also a mod, it is quite useful. Designed to make other mods work.
  • Secondly, you need to download the Minecraft mod from the site. Your character will certainly have the Gauntlet of Thanos! Information is downloaded in the archive.
  • You will need the path which is on the C drive in the user folder. there you should find appdata, then roaming, minecraft folder, and mods folder.
  • Everything that was in your archive, you need to drag it there. Only then will your mod work.
Thanos in the movie
Thanos in the movie

Collect all 6 gems, gold bars and a diamond to create the Infinity Gloves and discover the true power of the Gems.


  • The Infinity Gauntlet contains the powers of all gems. You will need to press the "Change Manual Control Mode" button to change the Stone's ability (default is C).
  • Each Stone now has new abilities that can only be activated by using the right mouse button. You must use the Gloves to use the abilities. Please note: you need to hold the right mouse button, then you can useability of the Glove instead of the standard ability of the Stones.
  • Gauntlet will flash when using its ability instead of Stone's standard ability. Some abilities may take longer.



Once you have 5 Gems, a diamond and 2 gold bars, you can craft Thanos' Gauntlet with the Infinity Stones. Watch the video (above) to see how.

Place in the cells to create, below you can see the picture.

Crafting Gloves
Crafting Gloves

To be placed in the following order:

  • First horizontal row - yellow, blue, purple.
  • Second - red, diamond, orange.
  • Third is gold, green, gold.

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