Tauren druid: skins, professions, name. Warcraft Universe

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Tauren druid: skins, professions, name. Warcraft Universe
Tauren druid: skins, professions, name. Warcraft Universe

The Warcraft universe has long been a huge densely populated world, in which there are different races, classes, types of characters, as well as their symbioses. Among them are tauren druids, which will be discussed in this article.

World of Warcraft

Fans of the Warcraft universe know that it is divided into several worlds. The main action takes place in Azeroth, Argus and Draenor. Each has its own history and races living in it. Over the course of events, the inhabitants of worlds sometimes visit one or another for the purposes of migration or capture.

tauren druid
tauren druid

Tauren race

Outwardly, these creatures look like a mixture of an orc and a bull. Men are much larger than women and can reach 2.3 m in height and 180 kg in weight. Animal skins are used as clothing, and bones are used as decorations.

Until a certain point they led a nomadic lifestyle. Settlement was introduced by Cairne Bloodhoof, who was able to found the city of Thunder Bluff in Azeroth, which became the capital of the tauren.

warcraft universe
warcraft universe

The formation of the race was influenced by the orc Thrall, who, in the course of his mission, met once with Cairn and helped him defeat the centaurs that vexed him. After the victory, the tauren joined the Horde.


B"Warcraft" Druids are a class of characters. It is believed that they can draw their powers from natural sources. At first, only night elves had such abilities, however, then this teaching spread to other races.

The tauren druid leader's name is Hamuul Runetotem. He was a good friend and supporter of Cairn.

tauren druid guide
tauren druid guide

Character Features

By default, a tauren druid has its own set of specific bonuses and abilities:

  • Thunder tread. Ability to stun nearby enemies for 2 seconds. Casting a spell takes 0.5 seconds.
  • Stamina. Passive bonus giving 5% he alth boost.
  • Cultivation. Gives +15 Herbalism, which is a good help in the early stages of the game;
  • Nature Magic Resistance. Spell Protection.

Druid pros and cons

This class is able to take on a variety of animal forms. In particular, the tauren druid can transform into a bear and a cat. This helps the character take damage, deal it, and move quickly around the world. Druids also have good spells.

If the druid is in beast form, he gains full immunity to the polymorph spell. However, if it was applied to a character in human form, they will not be able to transform into another form.

When transforming, all effects that affect movement speed, such as various stuns, are removed.

Of the minuses, you cannote the impossibility of wearing heavy types of armor. Their armor is cloth or leather. And the transformation into the forms of animals does not make it possible to use the full range of spells, since they are absent in these forms.

Order of abilities

One of the first things to level up is the tauren druid bear skin. It becomes available at character level 10. Transforming increases armor by 200% and stamina by 55%.

Then the first traveling form is studied. It is a marine animal that can move underwater with 100% increased speed.

Next, you can study the cat form, which increases the movement of the character by 30%.

tauren druid professions
tauren druid professions

Tauren Druid's next Travel Form allows you to take on a form appropriate to your current location.

Moonkin is a special form of the tauren druid. While in this form, you deal 10% increased Magic Damage and have 200% increased Armor.

The following travel skin options greatly increase your movement speed.

Encounter with other classes in the game

When fighting hunters, it's better to stay at direct strike distance, as this type hits well from afar.

The Warrior will try to stun the druid, making it impossible for him to heal during combat. Therefore, we must act quickly and proactively.

Shamans and druids are a bit similar. However, when meeting with him, he should not cause any difficulties.


Next, it is worth considering the guidetauren druid for leveling professions. Usually experienced players will immediately explore fishing, cooking and first aid. Fish can help in alchemy, and the fishing profession itself improves cooking. Then it will be a good idea to study herbalism and leatherworking. This will help you make clothes at early levels, as well as sell things. The rest of the tauren druid's professions won't help him much.

tauren druid name
tauren druid name


Each player in the process of becoming a character chooses? what to wear and how to arm your hero. However, a little advice doesn't hurt.

First, a brief educational program on things in the game:

  • Gray. The simplest things of poor quality.
  • White. Medium quality items.
  • Greens. Can be obtained by completing quests. They are of unusual quality.
  • Blue. Rare things. Can be obtained for a chain of completed quests.
  • Purple. They are also called epic. Dropped, as a rule, in raids at the maximum level.

As for weapons, the main one for a druid is a staff. In most cases, they are not used by other classes, they are easier to find and the items are suitable for any character specialization. Keep in mind that a druid cannot dual-wield weapons.


Druid can have a specific role in combat. There are 4 specializations for this class:

  • Balance. The main damage in this role, the druid deals from afar with the help of magic. Therefore, mana becomes their main resource. It happens inmoonkin shape.
  • The power of the beast. In cat form, the druid deals melee damage with its claws. This image is very fast and agile. Has the ability to become invisible to attack the enemy unexpectedly.
  • Guard. Druid in bear form. Its main task is to take a large amount of damage, distracting enemies from allies.
  • Healing. Everything is simple here - basic skills and abilities allow the druid to heal allies, remove curses.

Druid balance and ways of development

In addition to the main resource - mana, tauren druids in WoW also use astral power, which can be used for some spells.

tauren druid bear
tauren druid bear

Balance Druid Core Abilities:

  • Moonfire. Deals damage over time with arcane magic. It will be most effective to keep him on target for a while.
  • Sunny fire. The damage is de alt by nature magic. Has a 5 m radius of effect. Also has a periodic cycle.
  • Star stream. When used, consumes Astral Power while dealing damage to the enemy. However, casting this spell grants charges of Solar and Lunar Empowerment.
  • Starfall. It has an area of effect that can act for 8 seconds. This spell also consumes astral power.
  • Solar wrath. Damage is de alt to a single target using nature magic, while restoring Astral Power.
  • Lunar impact. Deals Arcane damage to the targeted target and enemies within 5 radiusm.
  • Solar and lunar power. Buffs that can increase the power of Solar Wrath and Lunar Strike by 20%.
  • Illumination. The ability to cast spells without mana cost. Lasts 10 seconds.

Druid balance talents

Talents have 6 tiers, each of which unlocks new ones depending on the level.

The talents of the first one look like this:

  • Power of nature. Grants the ability to summon 3 Ancient Ones for 10 seconds to attack and distract the enemy. The cooldown of the spell is 1 minute.
  • Warrior of Elune. Allows you to perform two Lunar Strikes instantly. Not so useful in combat, so it is rarely used.
  • Star Lord. Reduces the cast time of Lunar Strike and Solar Wrath by 20%. Use preferably as often as possible.

Tier 2 talents:

  • Update. Restores he alth by 30% of its maximum value. The cooldown lasts 1.5 minutes. Rarely used as there are higher priority and more effective talents.
  • Astral Leap. Moves the character forward and also turns him into a normal cat. This increases your movement speed by 50%. Moderately useful.
  • Swift dash. Depending on the form, it can achieve a different effect. From moving towards an ally to dashing towards an enemy and immobilizing them. A very useful talent.

Tier 3 talents:

  • Kinship with the power of the beast. Includes the Cat's Swiftness passive, granting 15% movement speed. Provides access toseveral Feral spells such as Shred or Ferocious Bite.
  • Kinship with the Guardian. Allows you to cast Thick Hide, which reduces damage taken by 6%. Additionally, access to some features from the Guardian specialization is unlocked. For example, Thrash and Frenzied Recovery. It is recommended to use the talent on bosses.
  • Kinship with healing. The Gift of Ysera ability is acquired, which restores the character or his ally for 5 seconds by 3% of the maximum possible he alth value. Additionally, access to abilities from Healing - Rejuvenation and Quick Recovery.

Tier 4 talents:

  • Powerful stun. Active ability. Simply stuns the enemy for 5 seconds. Reload time - 50 seconds.
  • Mass braiding. Hinders all enemies within 15 meters for 30 seconds. The cooldown lasts 30 seconds.
  • Typhoon. Knocks enemies back and makes them dizzy for 6 seconds. Charges in 30 seconds.

Since each of the talents is almost equally effective, all can be used.

Tier 5 talents:

  • The soul of the forest. Adds 20% to Lunar and Solar Power damage. At the same time, it reduces the cost of Astral Power when using Starfall in the amount of 20 units.
  • Incarnation: Chosen of Elune. Aet increases spell power by 40%, increases astral power by 50% gained from Lunar Strike and Solar Wrath.
  • Star flare. Active ability. The enemy is subjected to periodic astral damage.

The most effective talent from this set is Incarnation: Chosen of Elune. Starburst is rarely used.

Tier 6 Talents:

  • Shooting stars. When using Moonfire or Solarfire, there is a 10% chance that a star will fall, which will deal damage to the enemy and give the character 4 points of astral power. Can be used on two or more enemies.
  • Astral unity. Generation of 80 units of power. Charges in 80 seconds.
  • Blessing of the Ancients. Includes two effects - Elune's Blessing and Anshe's Blessing. Only one of them can be used at the moment. The first increases the amount of Astral Power received, the second replenishes 2 points of power every 3 seconds. Very handy when fighting with a single target.

Tier 7 Talents:

  • Rage of Elune. Deals astral damage in a radius once per second. Will remain active until the power supply runs out.
  • Displacement of stars. Increases the radius of Starfall by 30% and increases its damage by 50%.
  • Natural balance. When casting Lunar Strike, Moonfire has a chance to last 6 seconds longer. Works similarly with Solar Fire, only the duration is increased by 4 seconds.

Combat Tactics for a Balance Druid

If there is only one target, then the character is recommended to first use the Lunar and Solar fires, supporting them. Then use Star Stream to spend astral power. This will give a charge of Lunar andSolar power, during which it will be relevant to apply Solar Wrath and Lunar Strike.

tauren druid skins
tauren druid skins

When there are several opponents, the tactics don't change much. First you need to apply Lunar and Solar fires with their support. Then it will be effective to invoke the New Moon. With a large number of targets, Lunar Strike along with Lunar Empowerment will be much more reliable than Solar Wrath.

Character stats

The recommended priority is:

  1. Mastery. Increases the damage of Starsurge and Starfall.
  2. Speed. The higher the characteristic, the faster the character will cast spells and generate astral power.
  3. Intellect. In fact, the primary characteristic of the druids. Allows you to increase the power of spells, and, accordingly, the damage.
  4. Critical hit. Allows you to deal increased damage to the enemy.
  5. Versatility. Gives you the ability to increase damage and healing, as well as reduce the effect of damage taken.

Balance Druid Legendary Items

Regardless of what kind of thing fell into the hands of the hero, it must be put on immediately. The best options for a balance druid are:

  • Flawless Fel Essence. A powerful legendary item that greatly reduces cooldown times and adds speed, stamina, and mastery points.
  • Lady and Child. Increases area damage. Saves time for Moonfire and increases damage.
  • Onef's intuition. Especially effective in battles with a single opponent. Gives an increase tointelligence, stamina, critical strike and speed.


There are so many interesting races and classes in the world of Warcraft, as well as options for their development, that each would have to be described in a separate book. However, for novice players, this article will help you avoid mistakes in the first steps.

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