Location Kordon in "Stalker"

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Location Kordon in "Stalker"
Location Kordon in "Stalker"

S. T. A. L. K. E. R is one of the most popular shooter games. The events take place in the Zone, which was formed after the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. In the first part of the game, the main character is a stalker named Strelok. In the next two, the mercenary Shram and Major Degtyarev, who are somehow connected with Strelok. Today's article tells what Cordon is in the game "Stalker".

stalker cordon
stalker cordon

Location Cordon in "Shadow of Chernobyl"

The first part of the game and begins on Cordon. The main character - a stalker named Marked - comes to his senses in the bunker of the merchant Sidorovich. But since the merchant is not used to doing anything for free, he instructs Marked to bring a flash drive with information in gratitude for his salvation. She is at Shustroy, who was captured by the bandits who settled on the ATP. After Marked brings a flash drive, Sidorovich tells him that there was such a Shooter, who is said to have found his way to the Zone itself. Further, the main character, in the footsteps of his friends, Strelka goes to the locationJunkyard.

At the location is:

  • village of beginners, where stalkers pass their "baptism of fire" and learn life in the Zone;
  • cellar merchant Sidorovich, where you can always sell or buy something, as well as get hold of information;
  • southern checkpoint of the military, which is better not to come close. The military has orders to shoot to kill. And if you kill a military man, they will get angry and Sidorovich will have to take the rap, who, to put it mildly, will not be happy about this;
  • ATP, where the bandits are located and where they are holding a captive stalker named Nimble;
  • destroyed bridge on the embankment, on which the military post is located. They can pass to the other side for a certain amount, or they can simply be killed.
stalker hiding places on the cordon
stalker hiding places on the cordon

Location Kordon in "Stalker: Clear Sky"

When Mercenary Scar helps the group "Clear Sky" to knock out the renegades from the swamps and consolidate their positions, his road lies to Cordon. There was information that a certain stalker asked the merchant Sidorovich about rare details. You can get to the location through the tunnel. But not everything is so simple, the exit from the tunnel is located not far from the military base and is constantly fired upon from a machine gun. Having met with the merchant, Scar fulfills his task to return the case and learns that the stalker he is interested in has gone to the Junkyard.

At the location is:

  • southern checkpoint of the military, which must be passed immediately upon arrival at the location. To do this, you need to stock up on first-aid kits and run very quickly. Later you canreturn to the checkpoint, bypassing it from the other side, and destroy all the military;
  • base of neutrals, which is located behind the embankment. There is a merchant and a technician here, and you can also complete the tasks of stalkers for a reward.

Cashes on Cordon in "Stalker"

In the part "Shadow of Chernobyl" at the location "Cordon" caches can be found:

  • in the attics in the village;
  • also in the attic of the central house at ATP;
  • in a pipe near the farm;
  • under the very roof of the house on the elevator;
  • box in the commander's office at the southern military checkpoint;
  • in a half-buried pig farm safe.

In the "Clear Sky" part:

  • near the village of beginners in the hollow of a stump;
  • in the middle of a field full of mutants in a split tree;
  • in the electrical panel near the elevator;
  • opposite the farm near a two-story building, under a mountain of firewood;
  • case under the car on the railway.

Mostly in caches you can find medicines, cartridges, vodka, canned food, less often artifacts.

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