Passage of "Hitman: Blood Money". Description of 11 missions

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Passage of "Hitman: Blood Money". Description of 11 missions
Passage of "Hitman: Blood Money". Description of 11 missions

The first mission in the game is a tutorial, so every step is accompanied by hints. And if the passage of "Hitman: Blood Money" is difficult, you can use the briefing button.

1 mission

At the beginning of the level, we take away the clothes from the guard, after strangling him. Entering the wine cellar, we kill the first target. Climbing up the pipe to the roof, we climb into the window on the second floor, strangle the second victim, jump to the ground. We go to the plane, get into it and fly away.

2 mission

The passage of the game "Hitman: Blood Money" at this level is quite simple. In the theater we take a box with tools, then we go down to the basement. After taking the clothes from the mechanic, we go out into the corridor. In the opera singer's room, kill the first target. Next, we put the bomb in the box, which we leave near the balcony, where the second victim is located. Activate the detonator, leave the theater.

hitman blood money walkthrough
hitman blood money walkthrough

3 mission

Having taken clothes from the guard in the morgue, we enter the clinic. In the victim's room, mix whiskey with poison. On the second floor we strangle the second target. Further in the basement, having eliminated the nurse, we change clothes and take the key. Then in the psychiatric department we introducevaccine to the agent who will be brought to the place where the mission began. Here we kill the nurse, introduce a special agent to our employee, leave the level.

4 mission

At this stage, starting the passage of "Hitman: Blood Money", we run forward. We stun the janitor, change clothes, go down to the basement, where we kill the guard. We change clothes, go upstairs, eliminate the target and her bodyguard. Then we go to the sauna, stun the boss's girlfriend, take the microphone from her, leave the level through the gate.

5 mission

At the beginning of the stage, leave the explosives in front of the bar. When a person approaches, we activate the fuse, pick up the suitcase. Upstairs, we get rid of a man in a rooster costume and two dancers. Now you need to eliminate three targets in the clothes of ravens. Dressed as a rooster, we kill one of the victims in the yard. On the second floor we eliminate the second crow. We get rid of the third target at the end of the city. Without attracting attention, without contacting local alcoholics, we leave the city.

hitman blood money walkthrough
hitman blood money walkthrough

6 mission

In the kitchen we eliminate the drunk Santa, we change clothes. We throw a bomb into the pool where the first target is located. On the third floor, we take the uniform from the guard and kill the second victim. In the security room we take a video cassette. Having risen to the roof, we fly away by helicopter.

7 mission

The next mission of the game "Hitman: Blood Money" unfolds on the ship. The passage of stage 7 takes place on the ship. Here we strangle the sailor, change clothes, go to the engine room, kill the first target. On theon the second floor we eliminate the second victim and her friend. In the kitchen, we eliminate the waiter, poison the cake, change clothes, bring dessert to the captain. When he dies, take the photo from the safe. Three more targets are nearby. We get rid of them without noise. Then we sail away on a boat.

8 mission

At this stage, the passage of "Hitman: Blood Money" will unfold at the wedding. We go to the abandoned part of the building, kill the drunk guest, change clothes, pick up the invitation card. Entering the house, we poison the cake in the kitchen. In the room opposite, we eliminate the guard, change the form, go to the fishing house. Here we put the bomb in a bucket, put it at the entrance. When the victim comes up, use the detonator, sail away on the boat.

9 mission

Here we run straight, go to the toilet, wait for the first target. We strangle her, head to the exit, where we leave the explosives. When the sheikh comes up, activate the fuse, take the suitcase, go to the elevator. After waiting for the scientist, we strangle him, we return down to the exit from the level.

hitman blood money walkthrough 7
hitman blood money walkthrough 7

10 mission

Entering the building, follow the guard, strangle him, change clothes. In the parking lot, we kill a person who is sick, we change clothes. Entering the house, we eliminate the guard, we take his form. Eliminate the first target near the balcony. Returning to the parking lot, we take the clothes of an angel. On the top floor we go to the toilet, we are waiting for the CIA agent, we get rid of him. We take the necessary data from the computer, leave the building, leave by car.

11 mission

Throw away all weapons. We go into the building, in the toiletwe strangle the lackey, change clothes, head to the shower room. Having put on the form of a guard, we pass to the other side through the roof. We kill the deputy in the hall. Returning to the roof, we eliminate the CIA agent, change clothes and go to the office. We pursue the last victim, kill her, watch the video. This completes the Hitman: Blood Money walkthrough.

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