Mafia game series: walkthrough will be very interesting

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Mafia game series: walkthrough will be very interesting
Mafia game series: walkthrough will be very interesting

Mafia is a game that has won numerous fans around the world. It perfectly conveys the atmosphere of America during the Great Depression and the famous Prohibition. The full name of the game is Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven.

Mafia 1

In Mafia, the passage of the game is an extremely exciting process. The protagonist of this third-person shooter is a criminal, a former taxi driver who suddenly started his career as a mafia.

In Mafia City, the passage through the story is fixed, i.e. tasks should be completed strictly one after another, and not in free flight. In other toys of this kind, attacks on passers-by and the police, destruction in the city are encouraged. In Mafia, this can also be done, but they do not give bonuses for this. The game has 3 modes: walkthrough, walk and big walk.

9 game areas are available to gamers, as well as a vast countryside with farms, a dam and an airport.

mafia walkthrough
mafia walkthrough

One of the features of Mafia is the ability of the character to travel by public transport. It can be a taxi, tram or metro. The game has a large number of cars with real prototypes. Toto use the machine, the player must learn how to pick locks. In addition to regular transport, you can get 19 great cars.


A weapon in the game is required when completing almost all missions, with the exception of a few. In a shooter, weapons are conditionally divided into small (hand-to-hand weapons) and firearms. Before each mission, the character receives a limited set of weapons, but you can find ways to replenish them in the course of completing tasks. The number of weapons a character can have is limited. If there is too much of it, the excess will simply have to be thrown away. There are missions in which the use of weapons is generally prohibited. Such is the Mafia. The passage will not be easy, but exciting!

mafia 2 walkthrough
mafia 2 walkthrough

The police in the game are quite tough. The following measures are applied to punish the violator: fines, arrests, shooting to kill and general alarm. If the character is facing a punishment greater than a fine, it is best to run and hide from the police until the situation calms down.

mafia city walkthrough
mafia city walkthrough

In total, the passage of the game in Mafia takes 19 crime-related missions.

Mafia 2. Walkthrough, storyline

Back in his hometown, the protagonist found nothing better than crime. This is where it all started. First he beat his neighbor. Then he fought in the arena, then connections, robberies, crime… Exciting!

The plot of the game is still the same - shootouts, chases, fights. Players now face the Americas of the military in the 1940s and post-war 1950s. Number of missions in the secondthere are fewer parts - now there are 15 of them. Accordingly, the time for passing the game has also been reduced. If you play without stopping, you can reach the end in 11-12 hours. In addition to the main line, you can rob shops, start fights in the street, steal cars, collect "Wanted" posters or Playboy magazines.

There are still a lot of good cars in the game, and in the second part they are simply perfectly drawn, and all the features of the prototypes are carefully copied and transferred to Mafia 2.

The second part strongly loses to the first one in terms of plot. In general, the whole game consists of 15 missions that are repetitive. The only way to have fun is to have a run-in with the police, for example. By the way, it acts just as harshly as in its predecessor - if you exceeded the speed limit by at least 1 km / h, expect punishment from the patrol officer.

If you haven't played these games yet, you should try Mafia. The passage of this series will bring real pleasure.

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