New characters in "Dota 2" and other unrealized content

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New characters in "Dota 2" and other unrealized content
New characters in "Dota 2" and other unrealized content

Unreleased content is always a very interesting topic, no matter what game the conversation is about. Such content includes those heroes, items, levels, and so on, which were planned, but were never included either in the game itself or in updates for it. Considering how long the developers have been working on Dota 2, it can be understood that a rather impressive amount of content has accumulated that will never be presented to the public. Or is there still a chance? Indeed, in some cases, unreleased content is later provided to users as a bonus or added to some anniversary edition. Therefore, it is worth checking out what new characters could be in Dota 2, as well as what items were not added to the game.


new characters in dota 2
new characters in dota 2

Naturally, the most interesting thing is the new characters in "Dota 2", which were supposed to appear in the next update, but then were "pushed" so far into the background that, in principle, there is no chance of that they will be implemented. Everyone is aware that many characters from the gameremoved, replaced, reworked - updates are still being released that correct the balance, strength and stats of the character, as well as his abilities. But there are those heroes that were developed, but never became playable. There are only two of them, because the rest somehow got to the final release. The first is Abyssal Underlord. There is not much information about him, but enough to make a definite impression about him. There are three concepts at once, between which the developers chose, there are also textures and skill icons prepared for the alpha version, and the story of this hero was generally written for the beta version. Alas, the result was disappointing - the Underlord remained on the shelves of Valve, not getting to the game. And practically nothing is known about the second hero at all - there is only one single concept for Ark Varden, and nothing else. As you can see, new characters in "Dota 2" appeared constantly and according to plan, only two settled on the developer's shelves.

Items, couriers and wards

dota 2 stuff
dota 2 stuff

Naturally, not only new characters were being prepared for release in new versions. Dota 2 has a lot of other aspects to work with. For example, in the equipment section, developers have a huge variety of items for all heroes, while all of them are at different stages of readiness. Some are already fully created and ready to be introduced into the game. Others are delayed due to any technical or other issues.character. Others have been completely removed. For each of the available characters, somewhere on average five items were not released, which adds up to a pretty impressive amount of content. To this we should add interesting couriers and useful wards, which, unfortunately, although they were announced, they also did not make it into the final version. It's a pity. In Dota 2, things are highly valued by players, and the rarer they are, the more they want to get.

Text and audio content

dota 2 inventory
dota 2 inventory

In Dota 2, things are important, but there are other interesting things, such as, for example, audio. There is also unreleased content here, which mostly consists of various phrases for heroes that were either completely removed due to not meeting certain criteria, or are still under review, but not yet released into the game. There are also other elements that are in question, such as, for example, an expanded inventory. "Dota 2" is a game that is constantly evolving, so there is no way to know in advance what will appear in the next update created for this multiplayer project.


dota 2 best
dota 2 best

Of course, no one will improve only inventory. "Dota 2" is a project in which there are too many small but important components that also make sense to improve. And now there are quite a few interesting objects under consideration, which may later appear in the game. For example, new types of creeps, introductionrewards for inviting friends to the game. However, this list is still dominated by those projects that have already been abandoned or deleted. For example, several game modes that were previously considered were delayed back in 2012 - and so far there have been no updates for them, so they are unlikely to appear in the game.

Ready for release

However, in the game "Dota 2" the best can still get into the game, so it's worth considering those projects that have already been accepted and are waiting for their turn to be introduced into the game. For example, during the loading of the game, the camera will move to each of the players so that all participants can fully appreciate who they will have to fight on the same team. And, of course, against whom. A rather interesting project is already ready to add glow to objects that have benefited society - the same functionality is already in the Team Fortress 2 game, so it is very likely that it will be introduced to Dota soon.

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