The best PC games for hardcore gamers

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The best PC games for hardcore gamers
The best PC games for hardcore gamers

Computer game is a very exciting activity! Many children and a considerable number of adults cannot imagine their lives without this amusing pastime.

Each player has long selected for himself a certain list, which includes the best computer toys. From year to year they improve, the graphics become more real and close to reality, which draws you into the game with even greater force.

best PC games of the year
best PC games of the year

Some people spend the whole day playing and call themselves "gamers". They are able to explore new territories for weeks, months or even years, perfecting strategies, shooting monsters, completing various quests and solving hundreds of exciting tasks. All these categories of computer games have names. Let's take a look at all the variety of genres together and highlight the best of the best computer games.

Shooting Games

Favorite toys of schoolchildren and some adults. The essence of this type of game comes down to the fact that you need to run around some locations and shoot at almost everything that moves. This type of game is quite simple, anyone can master it. However, in such games it is necessary to achieve a certainskill to move to the next level. On the screen, you constantly see the hands of your character, squeezing one or another type of weapon, which you can change in the process. The best PC games of all time in this category are Doom, Wolfenstein 3D, Half-Life.

best pc games
best pc games

Game simulators (simulators)

As the name implies, these are toys that imitate real cars, planes and even spaceships. The action takes place in the cab of a vehicle, where you have the ability to control the device, close to reality. For these games, gamers even buy all kinds of steering wheels, pedals and joysticks. Projects from this category can simulate not only the devices of vehicles, but also the lives of characters. Perhaps the best computer games in this category are The Need For Speed, Wing Commander, Red Jets.

Strategy games

In these games you have the opportunity to build entire cities, countries, empires and even huge planets. You become the ruler of the civilization you created and can extract resources, have the right to impose the burden of paying taxes and fees on residents. You can also declare war on your "neighbors". The essence of this game is to build this or that city, empire or planet and develop it as best as possible. Very fascinating view where the best PC games are Age of Empires, Urban Assault.

Role playing games

Different from the previous group in that in such a game you are not the supreme ruler, commander in chief, but perhaps a simplewarrior, merchant or mage. A large number of people usually participate in such games, sometimes it comes not only to several thousand, but even to several hundred thousand. It is very important here which character you control, what weapons and armor you acquire for him, and also how quickly you gain points that can take you to a new level. The best computer games of this kind are, of course, Fallout, Diablo.

best PC games 2014
best PC games 2014

Role playing with the team

This game differs from its predecessor in that you control an entire team instead of just one character. Therefore, in such games, tactics and strategy are most important. You must create a team. A very important point will be the individual personality and qualities of each member of your team, their cohesion. All characters must be complementary to each other. The best computer games of this group are Disciples, Fallout Tactics.

In general, all strategy and role-playing games are quite difficult, so they are played by real hardened gamers, most of whom are students. They are able to sit at the monitor for days on end, drawing up and thinking through their strategy, which should lead to success. Schoolchildren and younger children choose other categories as games, which will be discussed below.

Adventure Games

This type of game is usually a tricky adventure, fairy tales with a beautiful plot, horror stories or fantastic stories. Perhaps these are the best computer games of all time - or, as they are also called, the good oldquests. The essence of these walkers is easy to catch even from the name - the word "quest" is translated as "task". In these games, you will have to walk a lot, look for certain items and solve all sorts of riddles. Do not be lazy to also click everywhere with the mouse and carefully read the dialogues of the characters, for faster problem solving. The most interesting games from this series are, of course, King's Quest and Alone in the Dark.

best pc games of all time
best pc games of all time

Logic games

All of the above games require a lot of time and constant attention of the player. Those who do not consider the game the main meaning and business of their lives, choose puzzles or logic projects. As a rule, these are short games, for a maximum of ten minutes, which are played, perhaps, by all office clerks. These can be all kinds of card games, solitaire, chess, poker, sapper, checkers.

the best computer games
the best computer games

Best PC Games 2014

So, what are the most popular computer games for gamers? We offer you a small rating of the best games of 2014. Based on surveys of avid gamers, as well as considering the popularity of these arcades, we can safely say that Lord of Shadow 2 and Dark Souls II are the best computer games of the year. The second place is rightfully taken by Tera with its great graphics. In third place is Guild Wars 2 with an exciting storyline and a unique system of personal stories. The fourth place is occupied by Rift. The game features frequent updates. And finally, in fifth place is everyonefamous DotA2.

Thus, we brought to your attention the best computer games of 2014. Of course, this rating is somewhat subjective, and everyone can make their own TOP preferences for themselves.

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