Asus gaming laptop: review, specifications, photos

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Asus gaming laptop: review, specifications, photos
Asus gaming laptop: review, specifications, photos

The ASUS gaming laptop has a fairly conservative design. However, the devices of the ROG series, thanks to the presence of a powerful graphics card and a powerful processor, make it possible to play modern games at maximum settings, which makes you forget about the external design.

ROG G501

The ASUS ROG G501 gaming laptop is of genuine interest to numerous fans of virtual entertainment. The development is able to boast the presence of a thin case, the thickness of which is only 20.6 mm. The weight of the portable device is one of the lightest in its class at 2.06 kg.

asus gaming laptop
asus gaming laptop

An exclusive feature of the new development is Hyper Cool technology, which provides a minimum level of noise with a high level of cooling. Efficient heat dissipation occurs here due to the work of copper radiators and several powerful fans. These cooling units operate independently to provide reliable cooling for the graphics card and CPU.


ASUS ROG G501 gaming laptophas the latest 15.6-inch IPS display. In the maximum configuration, it is possible to set the resolution at the level of Ultra HD. The viewing angle is 178o. A high level of detail, contrast, brightness and light output is provided by the use of ASUS Splendid technology.

The screen has a fairly powerful backlight. The presence of a matte antibacterial coating contributes to the formation of a clear image when using a laptop in any lighting conditions. At the same time, color rendition suffers somewhat here, which creates a relatively faded image.


The ASUS ROG G501 series gaming laptop features a 4th generation Intel Core i7-4720HQ processor. The high level of performance in modern games is provided by the GeForce GTX 960M graphics card and the presence of 8 GB of RAM.

asus rog gaming laptop
asus rog gaming laptop

Work autonomy

It is only natural that high performance implementations proportionally need to consume more power. ROG G501 is capable of normal web browsing for more than 5 hours on a single charge. This figure is impressive when comparing the life of a gaming laptop with direct competitors.

Pros and cons

The ROG G501 series can be described as a truly solid gaming system, but not the best in its class. The obvious advantages of the development include record performance,duration of work offline. Among the minuses, it is worth noting the satisfactory quality of the picture, the relatively high cost.


A long-awaited continuation of the line of powerful portable devices for numerous users is the ASUS G751jy gaming laptop. This model is able to please avid video game lovers not only with high performance, but also with an updated, spectacular appearance.

gaming laptop asus rog g501
gaming laptop asus rog g501


ASUS ROG Gaming Notebook takes pride of place among the popular gaming handheld devices in terms of design. However, in this line, the developers decided not to radically change the proven, successful concept, adding only a few touches and optimizing some details.

In general, there are several external changes that deserve special attention. So, compared with the previous gaming developments of the manufacturer, the gaming laptop ASUS ROG G751jy has a more brutal, but somewhat old-fashioned design of the case, which adds some zest to the design of the device.


The gaming laptop model has the following specifications:

  • processor - Intel Core i7-4710HQ @ 2.5GHz;
  • RAM - 24 GB;
  • video card - GeForce GTX980M 4 GB;
  • physical memory - HDD 128 GB.
asus g751jy gaming laptop
asus g751jy gaming laptop


The rather high layout was replaced by a comfortable soft-touch plastic. The ASUS ROG G751jy gaming laptop has black matte plastic buttons with a rough effect. The keyboard has a three-level backlight function with a red glow. Moreover, the highlighting applies only to Latin characters. But this fact is unlikely to upset avid gamers too much, who are able to find the right key blindly.

It is worth noting that when the backlight is turned off, the characters on the keyboard become somewhat illegible. Therefore, to ensure comfortable conditions during operation, it is better to leave the backlight on. In terms of key travel, the keystroke is particularly soft and smooth, making it extremely comfortable when typing.


ASUS gaming laptop has one of the first graphics accelerators among portable devices of this direction, which opens up the possibility of playing games in high resolution - 2560 x 1440 pixels at maximum settings.

The GTX 980M is far beyond the capabilities of older solutions. According to the power, the card bypasses the old generation devices by 40-50%. It is not surprising that the resource of the video card here is more than enough for the most modern games, and at maximum settings in Full HD.

Pros and cons

To this day, the ASUS ROG G751jy gaming laptop remains one of the most powerful portable devices in its class. Among the main advantages of the device should be noted:

  • quiet and efficientcooling;
  • high performance;
  • quality display;
  • reliable assembly;
  • Convenience of the touchpad and keyboard.
asus rog g751jy gaming laptop
asus rog g751jy gaming laptop

If we talk about the minuses, here the low resource for offline work comes first. However, this drawback is not critical, because for a long game you still need to connect to the network. Among the shortcomings, it is also worth highlighting the not too compact dimensions of the device, which is a rather significant disadvantage for users who have to carry a laptop in their own bag.

In the end

How efficient are ASUS gaming laptops? A review of the presented models indicates a fairly high level of performance, impressive picture quality and wide possibilities. But how much these systems are to the liking of a particular user is another question. Much when choosing a gaming laptop depends on personal preferences, needs and the breadth of the budget planned for the purchase of the system.

asus gaming laptops review
asus gaming laptops review

Be that as it may, in their segment, these gaming solutions are an extremely attractive option for most avid gamers in terms of price-quality ratio. Perhaps that is why ASUS continues to maintain a stable position in the category of one of the best developers of stand-alone gaming systems.

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