MSI Gaming Laptops Reviews. MSI laptops: review, prices

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MSI Gaming Laptops Reviews. MSI laptops: review, prices
MSI Gaming Laptops Reviews. MSI laptops: review, prices

Taiwan MSI Corporation is one of the largest companies producing computer equipment. It is known to a wide range of consumers as a supplier of high-quality motherboards, video cards and other computer components. In early 2012, the Asian giant announced that it would focus all of its material and technical resources on the release and promotion of gaming laptops. The company practically refuses to be present in all other segments of the microelectronics and computer equipment market. Same year, MSI GT 70 wins two prizes at COMPUTEX International Exhibition.

MSI line of computers

We will do a short review of MSI notebooks. They are presented in several segments. This is MSI GP, GX, GT, GS, GE.

MSI GP are entry-level gaming laptops. They use 840 graphics. This is a solution for those who want to try for themselves what kind of device it is. The customer can add an SSD drive to the system. It has everything you need for a gamer. This is a matte screen, comfortable keyboard, fairly high performance and cooling system.

msi laptop reviews
msi laptop reviews

MSI gaming laptops have one thing in common -maximum performance. This was achieved through the use of powerful hardware, as well as the maximum optimization of the interaction of components with each other.

GT series review

Immediately striking is the massiveness of this computer. She is impressive. All elements are tightly packed. Only minimal gaps can be seen between the panels and the body components. This gives it a stern appearance, but at the same time adds solidity. The lid is clearly and conveniently fixed in various positions. We can assume that this he has already earned the first positive reviews. MSI laptops weigh almost four kilograms. Such a device will be difficult to hold in one hand. This is especially true for girls and those who like to walk around the city with a computer in their bag. Now you should linger a little on the keyboard. The buttons in it are arranged according to the "golden triangle" scheme, multi-colored illumination is built in. There is a wide range of color options.

MSI toppings

If we talk about online games, then such an indicator as stable work with the network is important. MSI gaming laptops are equipped with a dedicated Big Foot Gaming LAN graphics card. It is based on Advance Game Detect technology. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that, first of all, there is a processing of data coming from games. The rest of the information flow is processed later. The screen with a resolution of FullHD and 1920x1080 px has a diagonal of 17.3". It has high brightness and contrast, while power consumption is minimal.

msi laptop review
msi laptop review

For MSI laptopsthe Windows 8 operating system is installed. The performance of the system and games is provided by a powerful quad-core Intel Core i7 3630 QM processor with a frequency of 2.4 GHz, as well as with 6 GB of RAM. This is another reason to earn good reviews.

MSI laptops are equipped with GeForce GTX 670 graphics card with 3GB of memory. The hard disk capacity is 750 GB. Some models may be equipped with a RAID array with an SSD drive. Disk read speed is 800 MB/s.

Available technologies

These laptops feature a wide range of cutting-edge designs. So, for example, the Audio Boost system is aimed at creating the highest quality sound in headphones. At the same time, the audio connectors on the panel are gold-plated, and the operation of the amplifier is characterized by a very low level of distortion and extraneous noise.

MSI TDE technology helps to overclock the system when resource-intensive tasks are required. Another novelty is Cooler Boost. This is an additional laptop cooling system for high loads.

msi gaming laptops
msi gaming laptops

There is, however, a small fly in the ointment in this huge barrel of honey. For seasoned gamers, when it comes to max settings, this laptop will be underpowered. They will have to take a more powerful system.

GE Series Overview

If you compare the MSI GT70 and MSI GE70, the latter will seem like his little brother. First, it's twice the price. This can be explained by more modest characteristics. Secondly, he already has an Intel Core i5 3210M processor with a frequency of 2.5 GHz. The HDD is only 500 GB. Permissionthe screen is also noticeably lower, it is 1600 x 900 px. At the same time, the diagonal remained the same - 17, 3".

msi laptop how to turn on
msi laptop how to turn on

GeForce 660 M already has two gigabytes of memory. However, this laptop allows you to comfortably play all existing games both alone and online. The cooling system here is enough to ensure that the laptop does not overheat even in the most difficult conditions. Depending on the configuration, it can be equipped with a keyboard backlight. Its dimensions make it easy to take the device with you on the road. The GE series is the most popular due to the optimal combination of price and quality.

Gaming Ultrabooks

New from the company are the well-acclaimed MSI GS 60 laptops. This is a series of thin computers. With their lightness and compactness, they can safely be called the first ultra-thin gaming laptops. Despite the thickness, such devices have quite powerful graphics (starting from the 850th and ending with the 870th).

msi laptop drivers
msi laptop drivers

The GS series does not have a DVD drive, but practice has shown that it is becoming less and less necessary for games. This is due to the fact that most of the new products are now bought through various online services, and few people buy ordinary disks for installation. Therefore, in order to achieve the greatest compactness, it was decided to remove it. The laptop uses a conventional matrix, but a high-quality screen is immediately visible: matte, non-reflective, with good viewing angles.

AMD base

MSI GX-series are based onAMD graphics. The 290th schedule is currently in use. It's very fast, so it's no problem to play at high resolution and maximum settings. The processor here, respectively, is on the new Kaveri platform.

The latest gaming monster

MSI GT 72 is a completely new model. This laptop has a more aggressive design. Even better cooling system, even more possibilities. It uses the most powerful video graphics available today. The laptop supports Super Raid and Super Raid 2, MSI's patented technology. This model is designed for extreme gamers, as well as for those who want to get the best product in the MSI line. It is expected to replace the GT 60 and GT 70 lineup.

A little about equipment

MSI gaming laptops are packaged as follows:

1. Heavy and large charger.

2. Manual, drivers for MSI laptop and system recovery disc.

3. Additional sled for a second hard drive or SSD.

msi laptop camera
msi laptop camera

Batteries last for 1.5-2 hours of continuous play. In gentle mode, it can work for about six hours. The RAM slots are empty, since all 8 GB are hardwired into the motherboard. Therefore, RAM can be expanded as much as you like. There is also space for a second HDD or SSD. The metal grooved cover protects the MSI laptop well.

How to enable additional software, you can learnon the toolbar at the top. Everything is very convenient and clear. On the sides are all the necessary connectors and outputs for today. It remains to add that the built-in camera on the MSI laptop is also of good quality and perfectly completes the image of this gaming monster.


If we talk about prices, they are quite high. For that kind of money, you can build a very good home gaming computer. But here the whole point is in the mobility of the device. True, the prices in the line vary significantly. Of course, it all depends on the processor, video card, availability of an SSD drive and a second drive, additional RAM, etc. For comparison, it is worth noting that the MSI GT 60 without a second drive and additional memory with an Intel Core i7 processor will cost about 60,000 rubles.

laptop msi gt70
laptop msi gt70

All models deserve only positive feedback. MSI notebooks leave a good impression in terms of customization and ergonomics. It immediately catches the eye and remembers the excellent design. The keyboard backlight is very comfortable and does not irritate the eyes. These laptops fully meet the requirements of the player who takes the device with him and always wants to have a good playground. You can play your favorite games on them without losing quality and having fun. For most gamers, they will perform all the functions assigned with dignity. This concludes our review of MSI laptops.

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