How to disable sleep mode on Windows 10: procedure, settings and exit from sleep mode

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How to disable sleep mode on Windows 10: procedure, settings and exit from sleep mode
How to disable sleep mode on Windows 10: procedure, settings and exit from sleep mode

The developers of the Windows operating system took care of the owners of PCs, laptops and other portable devices and added sleep mode. Its essence lies in the fact that after a certain period of inactivity, the computer turns off the screen and reduces the power consumption of all components. However, the user does not always need this option, especially the owners of personal computers. This article will tell you how to remove sleep mode in Windows 10.

What is hibernation and sleep mode

Before providing the instruction itself, it is worth talking about the differences between hibernation and sleep mode, because many people confuse these concepts.

So, hibernation is the state of a computer when all data from RAM is transferred to a file specially created at the root of the system. Toword, it is called hiberfil.sys, and its size is equal to the amount of RAM.

If you selected this option during shutdown, the Windows boot loader will indicate that the system first accessed this file at startup, restoring the computer. By the way, turning on in this state occurs instantly, and on the screen you will see all those windows and programs that were there when you turned it off.

Sleep mode means only a reduction in power consumption. The computer also remains in the same state, but the data from the RAM is not unloaded.

How to disable sleep mode on Windows 10

Now you can go directly to the manual. It should be said right away that there are two ways to remove sleep mode in Windows 10. The first involves changes in system settings, while the second uses the Control Panel tools. Both methods are equally effective, so check out the two to determine which is more convenient.

Method 1: in system settings

Many users are wondering where to disable sleep mode in Windows 10. The answer is quite simple - in the system parameters, the only problem is that not everyone knows exactly where to look for the desired section. Now this will be discussed in detail:

  1. On your desktop, click on the "Start" button.
  2. In the menu that appears, click on the "Settings" button, which is shown as a gear.
  3. In the window that appears, go to the "System" section.
  4. Now on the sidebar opencategory "Power and sleep".
  5. Now in the main area of the window you can see the sub title "Sleep", this is where you can turn off sleep mode on your computer. To do this, set the value "Never" in the two drop-down lists.
how to turn off hibernation on windows 10
how to turn off hibernation on windows 10

As you can see, disabling this mode is quite simple. By the way, just below you can follow the link "Advanced power settings", where you can make more flexible settings. For example, you can set the action to be taken when the power key is pressed.

Method 2: in the "Control Panel"

This method is good because it is universal. That is, it can be used not only in Windows 10, but also in all other versions of the operating system. First of all, you need to open the "Control Panel". In the "top ten" this is quite problematic for an inexperienced user, since this element was removed from the "Start" menu, but there is a universal method:

  1. Press Win+R on your keyboard.
  2. In the input field, write the command "control".
  3. Press the "OK" button to execute it.
how to turn off hibernation in windows 10
how to turn off hibernation in windows 10

Immediately after that, the corresponding window with all related tools will appear on the screen. We need to find and select "Power Options". Having done this, you will be taken to the window of the same name, where the configuration is performed.sleep mode:

  1. Click on the link "Setting the power plan", which is located to the right of the item "Balanced".
  2. In the new window, in the "Online" section, set the two drop-down lists to "Never".
  3. If you want to disable sleep mode even when the laptop is running on battery, then set the same values in the corresponding column.
  4. It remains only to click the "Save changes" button.
how to turn off hibernation in windows 10
how to turn off hibernation in windows 10

Now you know the second way to remove sleep mode in Windows 10. As you can see, it is not much more complicated than the first, so decide for yourself which one you will use.

Flexible power settings

While in the "Power Options" window, you can go to another section, where more flexible configuration of the entire scheme is carried out. To do this, just click on the link "Change advanced power settings". After that, a window will appear in which the following options are available:

  1. Setting the time after which the computer will go to sleep.
  2. Turn sleep mode on and off.
  3. Activation of wake timers.
remove hibernate option windows 10
remove hibernate option windows 10

If you want to make flexible settings for this mode, then you should do it here.

Possible problems

Now you know how to remove the sleep mode item in Windows 10, but it is quite possible thatafter executing all the instructions, it still continues to work. Or, on the contrary, it works, but incorrectly. Below we will talk about the most common problems and their solutions.

Problem 1: Screensaver display

If you have turned off sleep mode, but still watch your computer screen go blank after some time, then it is recommended to check the Screensaver settings. Let's run it first:

  1. Click on the "Search" button.
  2. Enter the word "screensavers" in the search bar.
  3. In the results, find and click on the line "Turn the screen saver on and off".
how to disable hibernation in windows 10
how to disable hibernation in windows 10

A window of the same name will open, in which you need to disable the display of the screen saver. Often after this, problems with sleep mode disappear.

Problem 2: Outdated video driver

How to turn off sleep mode on Windows 10, we already know, but there are problems when it remains and you can’t get out of it. That is, you press the keys, move the mouse, but the screen continues to be black. Often this is caused by incorrect operation of the video card. However, the problem should not be looked for in it, but in the driver. It is possible that you have the standard Windows 10 video driver installed, but you need the latest one from the manufacturer. Go to the NVIDIA or AMD website and download the video driver for your computer, the problem should be gone.

Problem 3: The screen goes blank after turning on the PC

If you havelaptop from Lenovo, it is quite possible that after turning on the computer, sleep mode is immediately activated. The problem is quite common, fortunately, it is solved quite simply.

  1. Go to advanced power settings.
  2. Turn off the wake timers option.
  3. Right click on the start menu.
  4. Select the line "Device Manager".
  5. Find "Network adapter" among the equipment.
  6. Go to its properties.
  7. Disable wake-up from sleep option.
remove sleep mode windows 10
remove sleep mode windows 10

As you can see, even knowing how to disable sleep mode on Windows 10, you can still run into problems, fortunately, they are solved quite simply.

Problem 4: Intel driver not working properly

If you are the owner of devices from Intel, then you may encounter problems in setting up sleep mode - it is simply impossible to disable it on Windows 10, as well as on other versions of the OS. And the problem lies in the drivers. Everything is diametrically opposed here with the video driver. You need to uninstall the current version and install the old release.

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