Infinite loading of Windows 10: causes, solutions

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Infinite loading of Windows 10: causes, solutions
Infinite loading of Windows 10: causes, solutions

Windows 10, despite all the developers' assurances about the universality of the system, as well as its predecessor, is not immune from critical failures. One of the most annoying is the appearance of an endless loading of Windows 10 with the issuance of some messages, the occurrence of blue screens or without it. What is the reason for this behavior of the system and how to fix the problem, then we will try to figure it out.

Why does Windows 10 endless loading appear?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to say exactly why the operating system falls into a cyclic reboot.

Blue screen on startup with an error
Blue screen on startup with an error

Of course, if there are crash reports or faulty components in the blue screen description, you can partially guess what caused the constant restart. However, the mostCommon reasons for Windows 10 endless loading to start again and again are considered to be hardware problems (hardware failures), damage to the system components of the bootloader, problems installing the latest updates, etc. It is possible that this behavior of the system could be affected by and problems with the "Update Center" itself. Also, sometimes a cyclic restart can be triggered by incorrectly installed user applications (most often in the form of pirated copies or unofficial assemblies) and even virus exposure.

What to do in case of hardware failure?

To begin with, let's consider exactly hardware failures associated with the incorrect functioning of the installed equipment, as a result of which a blue screen first appears, in which there is usually a description of the failed driver, after which the Windows 10 computer starts to boot endlessly. In this situation, the main culprits are considered hard drive, RAM and video card. To troubleshoot, first of all, check the tightness of the connection of all the hard drive cables, as well as the correct installation of the graphics adapter or memory sticks on the motherboard. If a visual inspection does not give anything, try removing the RAM strips one by one, turning on the computer again each time. If at one point the download goes well, the bad bar will have to be replaced. If you have bootable media with programs such as TestDisk for checking the hard drive, Memtest86+ for testing RAM, or similar utilities, perform a full check of the indicatedcomponents with their help. This will pinpoint the cause of the failure.

How to fix Windows 10 endless loading when you turn on the computer with the simplest method?

But as practice shows, the majority of such situations are caused by damage to important system components. In the case of an endless loading of Windows 10, force shutdown the computer or laptop and then turn it on to activate the start of the automated recovery tool. It is possible that turning off and on will have to be done several times. When the rollback starts, the system (unless critical damage is found in it) will be restored. However, quite often you cannot count on such actions, because when you try to restore, you still get a message that the computer was not booted correctly.

Incorrect computer startup
Incorrect computer startup

In this situation, do not immediately press the restart button. If there is an active advanced options button nearby, use it, and then try loading Last Known Good Configuration or entering Safe Mode. After that, some problems can be fixed.

What should I do if the recovery environment won't boot?

If you succeeded in starting in Safe Mode, go to the configuration settings (msconfig) and set either a diagnostic start using the general tab for this, or set the safe mode options on the boot tab using either the minimum configuration or recoveryActive Directory.

Setting the startup recovery environment
Setting the startup recovery environment

You can start the recovery environment from the command line by typing the "reagent.exe /enable" command, but if encryption of the system partition is enabled, it may not work, so you will first need to deactivate Bitlocker using the corresponding section in the "Control Panel" "".

Troubleshooting to start the system

When using the blue horse with the selection of additional options mentioned above, you can try to get rid of the system going into a cyclic restart using the boot recovery item, which is available in the list after selecting diagnostics.

System recovery options
System recovery options

It is possible that problems will be identified and fixed automatically.

Restoring the bootloader and managing updates

In case of bootloader damage, which is the most common, none of the above results will work. Therefore, it is highly recommended to boot from removable media with the distribution kit or using LiveCD, call the command line, and then use the Bootrec.exe tool, adding the “/FixMbr” attribute separated by a space, and then “/FixBoot” (without quotes).

Bootloader Recovery
Bootloader Recovery

If the problem is not fixed during the restart, you will have to completely rewrite the bootloader by adding the "/RebuildBCD" attribute to the main command, separated by a space, and then reboot the system again in normal or safe mode.

Becausevery often there is an endless loading after updating Windows 10, the most reasonable solution would be to remove them. To do this, if possible, it is better to use Safe Mode, go to the Programs and Features section in the Control Panel, and then remove the latest installed packages one by one from the installed updates section.

Note: You don't need to delete everything. It is enough to uninstall the packages one by one, checking the system's performance after the restart, and when a failed update is found, when manually searching for updates again, it will need to be removed from the installation list. Also for such purposes, you can use a utility from Microsoft called Show or hide updates.

But it also happens that the system seems to work, but updates are not installed. The endless download of Windows 10 updates is almost always associated with problems with the Update Center itself. First, look at the startup type of this service in the corresponding section (services.msc).

Checking the services responsible for updating
Checking the services responsible for updating

The "Update Center", "Delivery Optimization", "Windows Modules Installer" and "Windows Installer" services must be active. If some component is not active, launch it in the parameter editing window, and in the start type, set the value to automatic launch.

Also, to fix problems, you can use the command line, run as administrator, with the update service restarted. First, the commands "net stop wuauserv" and "sc config wuauserv start=disabled" are executed,this is followed by a full reboot, and after that activation is performed by the commands "net start wuauserv" and "sc config wuauserv start=auto". If this approach does not work, try looking for an automatic solution in the "Troubleshooting Center" by calling it from the "Control Panel".

Crashes when starting installed programs

Sometimes the problem may not be in the system, but in the installed program. For example, endless loading of Windows 10 with NFS Underground 2 is very common. In other words, the installed game itself provokes a crash. Apparently, this happens only because not the official, but the pirated version is installed. To fix the problem, you need to download the official release or at least replace the speed.exe game start executable file with the original one. Also, some experts recommend launching the game in compatibility mode with Windows versions below ten (if possible, even XP, and if this option is not available, then using the previous system modification).

What else could it be?

Finally, do not be too lazy to write some bootable antivirus like Kaspersky Recue Disk to removable media, boot from it and perform an in-depth scan of the computer, marking everything in the list of items to be scanned. Perhaps the problems with booting the system were related precisely to the viruses that penetrated the computer.

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