Overview of browsers for Linux

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Overview of browsers for Linux
Overview of browsers for Linux

For any computer user it is important to have a browser. For Linux, a large number of utilities have been developed that allow you to access the Internet. There are both regular "light" browsers, console and cross-platform.

In the article we will consider the most popular and convenient programs. They can be freely found on the Internet, downloaded for free and installed.


This browser is popular all over the world. And it takes third place. This browser for Linux is the most widely used one. This is due to the fact that it is easily customizable, has a huge number of interesting themes and utilities. In addition, the browser uses memory efficiently and has a high level of performance.

However, users complain that developers are constantly introducing new features and interface that cannot be abandoned. Because of this, there is an outflow of users.

browsers for linux
browsers for linux


Why is this browser for Linux preferred by many? Because it has an easy interface and is also designed onfast engine. Previously, this application provided its users with only standard features, but now their number is increasing. Many interesting extensions have been developed for it.

For Linux, the manufacturer has developed a special version of the browser: Chromium. Another advantage is that the utility is open source, and the developer does not collect statistics from its users.

yandex browser linux
yandex browser linux


This browser for Linux is considered innovative. However, it is still used by a small number of users. In the latest updates, the application was transferred to the Blink engine. Therefore, Opera is now considered one of the versions of Google Chrome. This disappointed many old users. Perhaps that is why a modification of the 12th version of the Opera, called Vivaldi, was released. It supports all the old functionality.


This utility allows you to view files and web pages. As in a regular Linux browser (Mint or other version of the operating system), the program allows you to create tabs, block pop-up windows, filter ads, scroll through tabs with the mouse. The utility is also capable of opening ISO files. It is an excellent browser-file manager for Linux.


This Linux browser has a simple interface without unnecessary features. Unfortunately, the developers have stopped supporting custom extensions. However, the browser itself has all the necessary add-ons. These include filtering, mouse gestures, andothers.


For Linux "Yandex" the browser is considered one of the best. Works fast and stable. It was released for this operating system in 2014. Unfortunately, a version for 32-bit devices has not been developed, so not all users can use this browser.

browser for linux mint
browser for linux mint


Linux has now developed a large number of user-friendly browsers. Each user should independently choose an application that will fit the version of the operating system. In addition, you need to pay attention to the characteristics of the computer. These settings also affect the operation and performance of applications. Many users prefer to use Firefox or Chrome.

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