Boot in safe mode Win7: features, startup, reboot, exit

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Boot in safe mode Win7: features, startup, reboot, exit
Boot in safe mode Win7: features, startup, reboot, exit

Most users of computers with Windows on board know that several types of boot can be used to start the system, among which the so-called safe mode or Safe Mode occupies a special place. How to boot Win 7 in safe mode, then we will consider. To perform such actions, at least three simple ways can be suggested. Let us dwell separately on some problems that may arise when choosing this type of start. In particular, this applies to situations associated either with the impossibility of using it, or with a constant start in Safe Mode, when there is no way to turn it off.

What is safe mode and what is it used for?

In general, each user should have a clear idea of what such an operating system startup mode (not necessarily Windows 7) is and for what purposes it serves. Basically, this type of start is used if the system does not boot in normal mode. Potential malfunctions and failures in most cases are justcan be fixed using this type of download. At the same time, by default, most related services are disabled in the operating systems, and the minimum configuration remains. Thus, the user is able to access the parameters of disabled components that lead to errors or to which he does not have access even at the level of administrator privileges.

Types of start in Safe Mode

Another point is related to the fact that the system itself provides several types of Safe Mode:

  • regular (with a minimum configuration with all additional services and components disabled, except for the main ones);
  • start with loading network drivers, which makes it possible to use an Internet or network connection;
  • boot with command line support when troubleshooting is supposed to be done using its toolkit.
Types of safe mode
Types of safe mode

Ordinary users usually choose the standard configuration, which, by and large, is the best option (especially for those cases when it is necessary to isolate the PC from external influences or restrict access to the Internet). The command line is more used by specialists, because it is unlikely that the average user knows all the commands necessary to perform certain troubleshooting and failure actions in detail. However, sometimes other than such tools, nothing helps.

How to Boot Win 7 in Safe Mode: Standard Method

But we'll be backto the main issue. For all operating systems up to the seventh modification and below, a single standard solution is provided.

Using the F8 Key Before Booting the System
Using the F8 Key Before Booting the System

Win 7 is loaded in safe mode from a special menu called by pressing the F8 key after the start window disappears after turning on the computer or laptop, but even before the main system boot starts. A single press may not work, so it is better to press the key several times in a row until the desired menu appears. Further, everything is simple! Select the desired item from the three present and press "Enter". At the end of loading all components on the "Desktop", the picture, if it was installed, will be absent, and inscriptions will appear on the entire screen (in the corners), indicating that the system started in Safe Mode. If safe mode is used for the first time, a help message may be displayed. But this type of start is somewhat inconvenient, since the user cannot independently select downloadable components or skins.

How to start Win 7 in safe mode through system configuration?

As far as setting up the start, setting the start parameters from the system configuration looks more attractive, however, such actions can be performed only if the system is booting up or at least partially functional. Booting Win 7 in safe mode is configured from a special menu, which is called from the Run console (Win + R) by abbreviating msconfig.

Starting safe mode from system configuration
Starting safe mode from system configuration

In the configurator, go to the download tab and select the appropriate start type. After applying the changes, the start menu described above will not appear, and Win 7 will reboot into safe mode automatically.

This method also has its drawbacks. This is due to the fact that the restart in Safe Mode will be performed constantly, and it is impossible to disable it by a regular reboot, according to some users who are ignorant of system configuration. To deactivate it, you will have to use the configuration again and select the normal boot.

Start Safe Mode from command line

Sometimes it is useful to use another technique related to using the command line. You can enter Win 7 Safe Mode with each of the three start types mentioned above by using the bcdedit command with additional attributes and parameters.

Determining the current ID on the command line
Determining the current ID on the command line

First, in a command console that runs exclusively as an administrator, you need to find out the special identifier by running the main command without any additions. It will most likely have the value "{current}" (without the quotes), as shown in the image above. After that, you can enter one of three options for additional parameters, indicated with a space after the main line "bcdedit / set {current}", which is entered, again, without quotes:

  • safeboot minimal (normal safe modewith minimal configuration);
  • safeboot network (network driver loading mode);
  • safeboot alternateshell yes (start with command line support).

Selecting and installing safe mode Win 7 by pressing the F8 key can be called from the start menu when the computer is restarted from the command console or from the Run menu (shutdown / r - with a wait of 30 seconds; shutdown / r / t0 - immediate restart).

What to do if Safe Mode doesn't work?

But it also happens that booting Win 7 in safe mode does not work. In this case, it is advisable to check the system for viruses. But the easiest way is to use the comprehensive AVZ utility, which can neutralize viruses and fix problems with launching Safe Mode.

Restore startup in safe mode with the AVZ utility
Restore startup in safe mode with the AVZ utility

To do this, select the system restore item in the file menu, and in the list that appears, mark the safe mode startup restore line.

What if the system only boots in Safe Mode?

If the opposite situation is observed, some advise to reinstall the system, which is clearly not worth doing.

Checking the integrity of system files with recovery
Checking the integrity of system files with recovery

It is enough to boot from any removable media like LiveCD or containing an installation distribution kit, call the command line and check system files with subsequent recovery (sfc /scannow). You can also repair the bootloader by using the Bootrec.exe tool withadditional attributes. If you have a previously saved copy of the system registry, you can use System Restore from it. In the simplest case, you can try to load the last known good configuration or rollback to the state corresponding to the point in time when everything was working properly.

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