Stop 0x000000D1 in Windows 7 - how to fix the error

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Stop 0x000000D1 in Windows 7 - how to fix the error
Stop 0x000000D1 in Windows 7 - how to fix the error

A blue screen with an error and a description in the form of a stop code "STOP: 0x000000D1" is a very common phenomenon. For some reason, it is believed that this behavior of the system is mainly experienced by users of the seventh modification of Windows, although such a failure was also noticed in systems of versions lower and higher. But, let's use the example of Windows 7 to see what exactly could cause this phenomenon. After that, we will decide on the simplest ways to eliminate this error.

Causes of a blue screen in Windows 7 (0x000000D1) or other modifications

In general, speaking in technical terms, the appearance of such an error can be triggered by incorrect access by the hardware control software (drivers) to bad paged sectors of RAM at the IRQL process level.

To put it simply, a conflict occurs when a driver or software element is not loaded into RAM for processing.seems possible. But it's not only that. As it turns out, quite often the appearance of the “STOP: 0x000000D1” error is associated with the functioning of virtual memory, which is responsible for the paging file, and also (which is generally surprising) with the incorrect operation of antivirus software, which, apparently, was installed bypassing the license or with using all sorts of hacking tools. Thus, based on the reasons described, we will look for the best solution to fix the "STOP: 0x000000D1" failure in Windows 7. As mentioned above, the solutions proposed below can be applied with equal success in other similar systems.

Detecting a conflicting driver

First, let's focus on identifying the driver that could cause the error. If it was he who caused the failure, along with the stop code “STOP: 0x000000D1”, its name will be given at the bottom of the screen (usually, these are SYS files). However, the file name may not always be displayed, so you should define it yourself. To get started, pay attention to the list of the most frequently crashing drivers:

  • nv2ddmkm.sys, nviddmkm.sys, atismdag.sys - drivers for NVIDIA and ATI video cards;
  • rt64win7.sys and similar files are Re altek audio drivers;
  • ndis.sys - network hardware drivers.

To determine the driver most accurately, you can not count on the tools of Windows 7. To do this, it is best to use the BlueSecreenView utility, in which you need to follow the AppCrashView link, after which the faulty software that causedconflict.

The simplest methods to fix the error "STOP: 0x000000D1"

Now let's proceed directly to troubleshooting. In the case of drivers, they must either be reinstalled or updated.

Update drivers with manual search selection
Update drivers with manual search selection

In principle, in the same "Device Manager" you can use the driver update item for the selected equipment, but at the same time, you should set the search and installation of updated drivers. True, if any are found, the system will still install them from its database. In this case, it is much more preferable to search for software only for compatible devices with a third-party driver selected in the results, and not Microsoft.

Definition of VEN and DEV identifiers
Definition of VEN and DEV identifiers

You can also go to the hardware manufacturer's website and download the latest drivers from them by searching for the device model name or the VEN and DEV IDs that can be found in the properties section by going to the details tab in the "Device Manager". After that, the search for drivers on the user's computer or manual installation is set.

Driver Booster Program
Driver Booster Program

In order not to perform such operations on your own, it is best to install special programs to automatically update absolutely all drivers available in the system. For example, the Driver Booster utility has proven itself quite well.

Note: if a manual update is still carried out, the installation of a networkdrivers must be produced when the system boots in safe mode (F8 at startup).

Paging file actions

With the drivers, in theory, everything is clear. Now let's look at troubleshooting the "STOP: 0x000000D1" failure code in relation to the swap file. It is believed that the appearance of an error indicates that its size is too small, which is currently installed in the system.

Setting the recommended paging file size
Setting the recommended paging file size

In this case, through the quick action setting, you can increase its size to the recommended size by the system or set the automatic setting, giving preference to Windows. Please note that this only applies when the amount of RAM meets the minimum requirements of the operating system. With large amounts of RAM (8 GB or more), the paging file and the use of virtual memory can be disabled altogether.

Troubleshooting Antivirus Software

As for the conflicts at the level of regular antiviruses, which were indeed installed using hacking, only their complete reinstallation will help here, and only in the form of legal versions. By and large, today you can find quite a lot of free or shareware antiviruses. The same Kaspersky Lab offers a completely free package Kaspersky Anti-Virus Free.

ESET antivirus activation
ESET antivirus activation

If you prefer Eset software products, any antivirus can be installed with a free license for30 days, and then every month to re-activate the license (free keys are constantly posted on the Internet, and they can be converted into a license code on a special resource). A little inconvenient, but you will definitely know that this is an official product, and not a hacked one.

Physical damage to RAM

Finally, the most unpleasant situation can be associated with damage to the RAM sticks themselves.

Checking RAM with Memtest86+
Checking RAM with Memtest86+

You can check them using the special Memtest86+ utility, but without special knowledge, an ordinary user is unlikely to figure it out. Therefore, you can apply a simpler solution focused on stationary PCs, which consists in removing the RAM sticks from the slots on the motherboard one by one, each time rebooting the system. When a non-working or failed bar is found (which can be guessed by the disappearance of the blue screen), it will have to be replaced or simply abandoned if the remaining volume meets the requirements of the operating system necessary for correct functioning (even if it is minimal).

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