How to remove "Windows" and why is it necessary?

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How to remove "Windows" and why is it necessary?
How to remove "Windows" and why is it necessary?

For almost every PC user, after a certain period of time, the operating system installed on the computer starts to slow down, sometimes freezes, in general, comes into a state of inoperability. How to remove Windows, which has come to the inevitable moment of reinstallation? Let's find out.

How to uninstall windows?
How to uninstall windows?

Gods don't burn pots

The process of removing the old system is quite simple and not difficult at all. To do this, you only need a multi-boot disk with a windows distribution kit and half an hour of your time. The most effective method that answers the question of how to remove Windows involves using the BIOS of a computer. None of the existing options for overwriting an old system can compare with an effective, simple and correct way that correctly “destroys” the OS, regardless of partition priorities and hard drive protection. If this is your first time doing something like this, well, you should be envious! Because from now on, the question of how to remove Windows will become for you a kind of source of new sensations that will allow you to feel like a real computer specialist.administration.

How to remove windows from a computer?
How to remove windows from a computer?

Formatting highlights

Before you perform all the steps described in this article, save the information on a disk that will be subject to complete overwriting. Usually the system partition is denoted by the letter "C", it is this section of the disk that you need to format. So, how do you remove Windows from your computer?

  • Insert the bootable Windows distribution into the drive.
  • Restart your system.
  • Invoking the BIOS utility is sometimes different. Most often, you can enter the computer hardware management menu using the "DEL" key, in some cases "F2".
  • Open the Boot menu. Select boot priority "CD-ROM" and press "F10" to agree to the "save and exit" prompt.

It should be noted that this method allows you to overwrite any operating system. Therefore, the question of how to remove Windows XP can be considered redundant. This is of no fundamental importance when using the described option.

How to uninstall windows xp?
How to uninstall windows xp?

Final start factor

After restarting the computer, the monitor screen will turn blue. Further, after a short time of miscalculation, verification and copying of boot files, a window will appear with the previously installed version of the OS. It is to her that you need to refer, using the navigation keys “up, down” and “ENTER”, in order to put an end to the question of how to remove Windows. After selecting a partition to installnew operating system, you will be prompted with the option "delete partition-(: / C)" - agree by pressing "D". Repeated request for confirmation, use the "L" key. Further, everything is very simple:

  • choose: "Create partition in unallocated area";
  • subject the selected area to formatting (it is recommended to set the file system to NTFS);
  • after the completion of the above process, the direct installation of the operating system will follow.

In closing

If your hard drive intentions are at odds with what your computer will do after deleting the partition that Windows was on, just press Alt+Ctrl+Delete. Your hard drive is now out of Windows!

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