How to disable Windows 7 update: basic methods

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How to disable Windows 7 update: basic methods
How to disable Windows 7 update: basic methods

As for the seventh modification, for versions above and below, Microsoft releases service packs with enviable regularity, and updates are installed automatically, and quite often at the most inopportune moment. How to disable Windows 7 update permanently or partially will be shown later. Whether this makes sense, each user decides for himself, however, if such a decision is made, some nuances should be taken into account that may affect the subsequent functionality of the system.

Why do I need to disable the automatic update?

Let's start a little further and see why you might want to deactivate the installation of updates or exclude some packages from the automatic installation list. If anyone does not know, basically all released update packages are designed to patch holes in the Windows security system and only partially relate to installing updated versions of gameplatforms and some other Microsoft software products.

Some updates, despite the authority of the corporation as one of the undisputed leaders in software development, alas, look, to put it mildly, completely unfinished. In Windows 7, this manifests itself most often, since after installing them, system failures (loss of sound, errors in the operation of hardware drivers, etc.) can be observed. But this, as they say, is still flowers.

Blue screen of death after Windows 7 update
Blue screen of death after Windows 7 update

Berries begin when the system crashes completely after the update, and a blue screen appears at startup (there can be quite a lot of descriptions of such a failure, but we will not dwell on them, since this is a separate topic for conversation). If at least one of the symptoms has been noticed, it is really better to turn off the automatic installation of updates. But how to do it?

How to disable Windows 7 Ultimate Update the easiest way?

First, let's look at the classic method, which is suitable for most users who are not particularly versed in system settings. How to disable Windows 7 update? Easy!

Disabling automatic updates
Disabling automatic updates

To do this, you need to enter the "Update Center" settings (the fastest way to do this is through the properties of the computer, without calling the desired section from the "Control Panel") and set the check for updates to be disabled in the important updates section, selecting the appropriate mode from dropdown list. As an additionalactions, you can check the boxes next to all the items that are located below the main section (it is desirable, but not necessary). If you deactivate everything that is, neither updates for the system itself, nor for other programs (most often the office suite) will be installed.

This method of disabling the installation of updates has its advantages, since the user can at any time set a manual search for available updates, and if necessary, install only those that he needs. This method is very often used to restore the he alth of Windows, if the problem was initially the installation of failed packages (less often, this may be due to an incomplete or incorrect installation).

How do I disable the Windows 7 update service?

Now let's consider a more complicated method, which involves the complete deactivation of the service that is responsible for the work of the "Update Center". How to disable "Update" Windows 7? There are no tools in the very center for this, so you will have to use the services section by calling it through the Run menu with the line services.msc.

Disabling the Update Center service
Disabling the Update Center service

On the right, a complete list of all service applets will be presented, among which you need to find the desired Update Center service (usually in Russian versions of the system it is located somewhere at the end of the list at the bottom). How to disable Windows 7 update using the settings of the service itself? To do this, through a double click or the RMB menu, you need to enter the editing settings, stop using the corresponding buttonservice execution, and in the startup type field, select the disabled mode from the drop-down list, and then simply save the changes by pressing the OK button.

Note: you can use the deactivation through the command console, but for the average user, this technique will be easier to use.

Using customization utilities

You can also use special third-party tools. Which ones and how to disable Windows 7 update? I think one of the simplest applications is a fine-tuning utility called Windows 7 Manager.

Disable updates in Windows 7 Manager
Disable updates in Windows 7 Manager

In its parameters, you just need to find the appropriate item and set the deactivation of checking, receiving and installing updates.

Deactivate Driver Update

How to disable Windows 7 update, figured it out a bit. But after all, the installation of updates may concern not only the components of the system itself, but also the drivers of all the “iron” and some virtual devices available in the computer system. Why is deactivation needed in this case? This is only needed in a situation where, after installing an updated driver, a device performs worse than before, or does not work at all.

Disabling driver updates
Disabling driver updates

To deactivate, you need to go through the properties of the computer to the additional system settings and on the hardware tab, check the item to provide a choice when installing software to the user, and also uncheckactivation from the point of automatically obtaining information from the manufacturer and applications from the system update database.

Questions about installing software updates

It is impossible to disable the update of installed user applications in the system using the same method for all programs. Such parameters will have to be set in each application. If you are satisfied with how the current version of the program works, you can disable the update. The only exceptions are important utilities and browser add-ons like Flash Player.

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