How to sign in to your Google account: instructions and tips

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How to sign in to your Google account: instructions and tips
How to sign in to your Google account: instructions and tips

Today we will try to figure out how to sign in to your Google account. A similar question mainly arises among people who actively work with mobile devices. For example, to use the Play Market or quickly check email. In fact, there are no real difficulties with the task at hand. Especially if you follow the instructions below. The simplest recommendations will help you sign in to your Google account on any device.


First of all, you will have to use the registration on the Google mail service. Otherwise, it will not be possible to cope with the task.

Registration on Google
Registration on Google

To start a mailbox (also called an account) on Google, you need:

  1. Open the site in any browser.
  2. Click on the "Mail" button in the upper right corner of the page.
  3. Select the "Registration" function.
  4. Fill out the registration form. It has hint captions, which greatly simplifies the process.
  5. Click on the button responsible for confirming the request.

It's done. Now the user has his email address and password for authorization. They will come in handy in the future.

Entering mail from PC

How do I sign into my Google account? First of all, consider logging into email on a computer or laptop. This is the easiest option out there.

To sign in to your Google mail account, you will need:

  1. Open Google itself in any Internet browser.
  2. Click on the "Mail" button. It can be found in the functional menu in the upper right corner of the site.
  3. Indicate the login (address) of the email box in the window that appears.
  4. Confirm procedure.
  5. Specify a password to log in.
  6. Press the button responsible for completing authorization.

If everything is done correctly, the user will be able to get into his mailbox. This is the Google account. Fast, simple and very convenient.

google chrome sign in
google chrome sign in

Important: if you save the login password in the browser, the system will automatically authorize in the mail service.

Browser login

At the moment, Google has its own browser. It allows you to use a Google profile to store user data. It is very comfortable. Especially if the user needs to save a large number of bookmarks.

You can sign in to your Google Chrome account this way:

  1. Install and launch the Google Chrome browser. Only he allows you to cope with the task.
  2. WaitInternet browser fully loaded.
  3. In the upper right corner of the window that appears, click on the image "My Profile". This is a picture of a sketch of a person (head and shoulders).
  4. Specify the login of the mailbox used.
  5. Enter the password to enter the system in the designated field.
  6. Confirm transaction processing.

As soon as a person performs the listed actions, the specified profile will be logged in. Now the data of the Internet browser will be saved in the "questionnaire". It is very comfortable. From now on, it is clear how to log into your Google account, if necessary.

From a mobile device

But these are far from all possible scenarios. Earlier we looked at tricks that work well on a PC. And what about the owners of mobile devices? They can also log in to a Google profile and use it for their own purposes. But the algorithm of actions will be significantly changed.

At the moment, authorization in the system under study is most often used on Android mobile devices. How do I sign in to my Google account under these circumstances?

Login to Google account
Login to Google account

The modern user will:

  1. Turn on mobile device. For example, phone or tablet.
  2. Connect to the Internet. Without it, further manipulations are useless.
  3. Open the main menu of the mobile device.
  4. Select "Settings" - "Accounts".
  5. Tap on the "Add New" option.
  6. Select from the proposed Google list.
  7. Enter the email address you use and the password from it.
  8. Confirm transaction processing.
  9. Agree with the warning and follow the instructions on the screen to set up additional profile services.

Case completed. Now the new Google profile will appear in the corresponding menu. The user can work with it in the future.

YouTube Login

Need to sign in to your Google account? There is one non-standard solution. It is actively used by users when working with PCs or laptops. We are talking about authorization in Google through YouTube video hosting. This technique allows you to simultaneously enter the site and activate e-mail.

To get the desired result, you will need:

  1. Go to YouTube. You can log in to the site or to a specialized mobile application.
  2. Click on the "Login" button. If you are using the YouTube mobile app, you will first have to click on the control responsible for opening the main menu.
  3. Specify data from your Google profile.

That's it. Now it remains to confirm the actions and wait for the connection to the service. As soon as this happens, the user will automatically be authorized in Google.

you need to sign in to your google account
you need to sign in to your google account


We figured out how to sign in to your Google account anyway. All the tricks I learned work flawlessly. Instructions for gadgets are relevantfor any platform - the algorithm of actions in all operating systems will look approximately the same. In fact, everything is simpler than it seems. The main thing is to register with Google. This is the key point for all of the above manipulations.

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