Reminder for the computer. Overview and classification

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Reminder for the computer. Overview and classification
Reminder for the computer. Overview and classification

Sometimes it's very convenient to have some kind of automated tool at hand that reminds you of upcoming events, holidays and important dates. You can always look into it and plan your actions, setting priorities. This article will offer a short overview of reminder programs for your computer.

How did these apps come about?

Probably, calendars with a specially marked area for recording notes and plans became the "ancestors" of reminders on the computer. Then they were replaced by diaries - notebooks lined and dated for a year or another specific period. In them, on each page, one could mark a certain future event, so as not to forget about it later.

Computer reminders work the same way. The user can enter his data into the program, and upon reaching a certain date, it will notify that the scheduled event is coming soon. Sometimes the application contains its own list of major public holidays and events.

Classification of reminders

Programs for event reminders can be implemented in various ways:

  • a separate application installed on a computer;
  • widget or gadget on your desktop;
  • online-services.

Applications to install on your computer

This type in most cases requires direct installation of the necessary components into the operating system. They are light in weight and easy to install. A large assortment allows you to choose your favorite design and functionality to your liking.

Windows Logon Notifier

Quite an interesting reminder for the computer. It shows future events not just in a separate window, but at the time of system boot. To work, you need the installed NET Framework package. Although the program itself will notify about its absence.

reminder for computer
reminder for computer

To add a new event, just enter its title and the reminder text itself. Then click the Add button. After restarting the system, the Windows boot window will contain the reminder you created.


The name itself says what the program is intended for. It is simple and does not require installation. It has a fairly simple functionality - notify the user about scheduled events.

The message will be displayed in such a way that the user cannot miss it.


Great harvester with many functions and features built into it. This reminder program for PC is also available in mobile versions.

The functionality of the application includes drawing up projects, plans, tasks and events. Each of them can be configured individually, attach a file, create a subtask, assign a priority, etc.

reminder program for computer
reminder program for computer

Also LeaderTask reminder software can import contacts from a smartphone and link them to certain tasks and events. Pretty handy solution.

Paying for all the pleasures is the price of a program that is quite high.

PNotes portable

The portable prefix means that the program does not need to be installed, and can even be run directly from removable media.

Is a kind of paper reminder stickers that are used to stick on various boards, refrigerators or monitors. In this program, special blocks with events entered into them are displayed on the desktop of the operating system. Outwardly, they even look like paper analogues of stickers.

Widgets and Gadgets

Similar software - interactive elements on the desktop of the Windows operating system. You can interact with them and use them as complete programs.

RainLendar2 lite

In essence, a similar gadget is a calendar with built-in functions for events and tasks. There is such a reminder on the computer and in Russian. The installation and configuration is quite simple. At the same time, it is quite informative.

To Do Notes

This reminder is a multi-colored stickers with notes that can be conveniently "scattered" on the screen. For comfortable perception or depending on the category of the task, you can give a special color to the entry.

reminders for computer in Russian
reminders for computer in Russian

The gadget weighs just under 20 KB and is easy to learn.

Online Services

Among the reminder programs, you can also highlight services that work directly on the Internet. Their advantage is that you can always access your notes from anywhere in the world.

Online service aimed at a wide range of tasks. You can create cases, include events in them, create subcategories. It is possible to connect contacts and hold meetings through an internal chat. In general, plan your activities.

To start using, just go through a simple registration.

Google Calendar

Diary from the IT giant. If you have a Google profile, it's pretty easy to start using it - just log in to Google Calendar.

birthday reminder for pc
birthday reminder for pc

One of the interesting features is the ability to connect third-party applications to this calendar and view notes from them. Very convenient to use as a simple birthday reminder on your computer.


Which type of reminder to use is up to the user to decide. Each of them have their pros and cons. Some are free, while others are commercial. In any case, sometimes the investment can justify the result in really worthwhile products.

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