Engineering, WoW: graphics, characters, plot, game, guides and pumping

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Engineering, WoW: graphics, characters, plot, game, guides and pumping
Engineering, WoW: graphics, characters, plot, game, guides and pumping

Engineers can also create rockets that inflict a certain number of hits on the enemy, the Sky Golem mount, robots that repair the necessary teleport device. Without engineers, the game wouldn't be as much fun.

Required Ingredients

In WoW 3.3.5, the "Engineering" guide includes providing everything you need to work. Engineers will need Rough Stone, Metal Ingots, including Copper, Bronze, Steel, Mithril, Fel Iron, and more. In addition, you need leather, fabric, particles of earth and fire, water.

It is recommended to stock up on materials as much as possible, as the need for them will increase with your skill level. Engineering and Mining go very well together, it's good to develop them together.

If you want to upgrade your skill very quickly, get coins and buy ingredients at the auction for yourself.


In short, the plot is as follows. Sargeras was a titan who wanted to destroy everything on Azeroth that could be. Athe had demons at his side, they made up the Burning Legion. The orcs were a peaceful people, but because of the demons they became barbarians and started a war. Later they turned into the Horde. The titan was able to subjugate Medivh, and the wizard turned to Gul'dan, an orc warlock. The two of them opened a portal to Azeroth, through which the Horde invaded the lands, launched an attack on Stormwind and captured it.

The knight, whose name was Anduin Lothar, united the troops under his command and went to Lordaeron. He found allies among other peoples, it was then that the Alliance was created. The Horde was commanded by Orgrim Doomhammer. Gul'dan betrayed his allies and decided to search for the artifacts. The Horde decided to retreat. Orgrim and Anduin fought, and the latter died, but his associate - Turalyon - was able to defeat the Horde and destroy the portal.

The shattered remains of the Horde have come under the command of Ner'zhul, the orc shaman. Since he wanted to open other portals, he needed some necessary things. He knew that there were artifacts on Azeroth, there was only one portal to Draenor, through which he transported the orcs. The Alliance found out about this and launched an attack on Draenor. The shaman opened portals, there were too many of them, as a result, Draenor split, now this place is called Outland.

The orcs were captured, but Thrall became a shaman, freed them and united them. They left for Kalimdor. Arthas Menethil came to the defense of the kingdom, but Ner'zhul was able to lure him to his side. Thrall urged the Horde to join the Alliance against the Legion.

In Blackrock Mountain, the dragon Nefarian was experimenting with the blood of other dragons. He decided that all the lands nearby should belong to him. He was joined by those who fled from the Horde, and there was a battle with the dwarves for possession of the mountain. The dragon was killed, but he created the monsters he could unleash. Hakkar, the God of Blood, was called into the world thanks to his servants, the Alliance and the Horde united again to prevent a catastrophe.

wow 3 3 5 engineering guide
wow 3 3 5 engineering guide

Dark Moon Fair

In WoW, you can level up engineering at the Darkmoon Faire by completing the quest called "Speaking of Tanks". To do this, find Rinling, who tells you that several tanks have broken down.

Visitors love to fight on tanks, but these items break. Here is a map to find them. Take a screwdriver!

Tank Search Map
Tank Search Map

When you repair tanks, you will receive experience, tokens, some items, and 5 engineering points. You can do this monthly.


When studying engineering in WoW, a guide is necessary, but you should understand that optimality is probabilistic. So create whatever you can. There are many recipes or reagents that may not be included in the guide. Don't forget to look through the recipe lists and keep things for yourself that you will need later. It is better to let them be superfluous than to do it in a hurry.

Experienced players say that in Zangarmarsh you need to find Mac Diver and give him 20 steam pump parts. After that, he will give you the drawings of the exhaust condenser. Parts are lying on the bottom of a dried-up lake and inDead quagmire. When you receive a vacuum cleaner, then carry it with you, and you will not be short of reagents. It extracts gas from a gas cloud. Clouds with crystallized fire, water and earth can be found in Northrend and Outland.

engineering workshop
engineering workshop

If you are a member of the Alliance, then you will need Telreder in the same Zangarmarsh - find the Smallfry there.

Regarding the game, gamers say that the profession is quite useful, because you can arrange repairs anywhere, make trinkets. It is also noted that pets are sold quite well. The main thing is to often look at the auction and figure out who wants to buy what.

As for the graphics, gamers have not come to an unambiguous opinion. Some people like the changes, others say that some places should not have been changed.

How to get started

To download engineering in WoW, go to any guard in your city and ask where the teacher is located to learn engineering from him. At first you will be a student, but from time to time you need to approach teachers and learn other recipes from them. Please note that you will need more ingredients when you reach a certain level.

The most important characters in WoW are the teachers who let you learn recipes.

wow leveling engineering
wow leveling engineering

Rough stone you need to make explosive, and copper ingot - copper screws. Experienced players advise not to put them anywhere and not to sell them anywhere, because they will be very useful to you later.

Howonce your skill reaches 50, you can become an apprentice. Now you will need copper screws that you did not go anywhere. From them and explosives you collect a bomb.

You make a low-grade explosive from raw stone, it is also not recommended to get rid of it, it is advisable to make more of it. But from bronze ingots you can make several boxes of clockwork. The secret is that if you use them, then each item will give you a plus one to leveling.


After reaching level 125, you go to Northrend and become a craftsman. After that, you make bronze mechanisms, as well as heavy explosive. In the same way, it is not necessary to sell it, and it is desirable to make more. You will need leather and wool, from which you make the frame. It is necessary to make a slotted gyro tool from a steel ingot. You should know that the recipe will turn out yellow, so you may or may not get the skill. But this thing will be very useful to you, so it is recommended to create it anyway. Solid stone is used to make a solid explosive, which is also recommended to keep at least a little.

wow engineering guide
wow engineering guide

When you reach level 205 in WoW Engineering, you will become a Craftsman, after which you will have 2 specializations. You can become an engineer with either the dwarves or the goblins. How is this different? Goblins specialize in technology. It is slightly unstable, can explode, and is most often used in PvP. Gnomes create reliable technology. Basically,you can choose any. If you do not like it, then go to Tanaris and reset this specialization at the book, for this you will need 150 gold. But you should be aware that the recipes available with this will be lost. Therefore, it is recommended that you study this list of these recipes - look and consider what you like best.

Next, you create an unstable launcher from a solid explosive, which is also recommended not to go anywhere and create more. The same goes for mithril plating.

At level 280, you go to one of two places: either it's Shattrath City or it's the Hellfire Peninsula. There is a trainer there that will allow you to become a master engineer. At this level, you can already use thorium ingots from which you make a pipe. Fel Iron crafts screws. Next, you can make elemental explosive, which requires particles of fire and earth, you will need it, you do not need to sell it. You are crafting Fel Iron Plating, but later on you will need 15 of these, so it is recommended to craft until the skill is gray.

Great Master

At level 350 go to Dalaran or Howling Fjord, Borean Tundra will do. There you find a teacher and become a great master. You can now craft with cob alt ingots. From it you make a handful of bolts, which will also come in handy in the future. From crystallized water you make an unstable detonator, save it. The same should be done with the capacitor, which is made from crystallized earth.


In Cataclysm, you become an illustrious master at level 425. Now you can work with obsidian. From unstable earth and elementium, you make a toolbox that is not recommended to be sold or thrown away. You can go to the Twilight Highlands and exchange gears for this box - they are analogous to gems. If you have a character level 84, you will see NPCs that sell recipes. You will also need to do some quests. If you have patch 4.1, then recipes are bought in the capitals of your faction.

Levels 500-600

At level 500, you become a Zen Master and can work with Ghost Iron. From it you make bolts, they must be saved. You will need them to produce dragons, a mechanic's kit.


Well, level 580 will be a bit of a problem. Depends on how much time and patience you have. If you want to pump faster, then you need to create a thermal anvil. The exact number of items is approximately 22, but it could be 25. By creating this number, you will add 15 points to the skill. However, this method is costly as it will require a lot of ghost iron ingots. It is best to find the spirit of harmony, because it allows you to make very rare recipes. Each such recipe gives +5 to the skill. To create a spirit of harmony, you need 10 particles of harmony. They can be obtained by killing level 90 NPCs. It is advised to make either a sight of fate or fog glasses.

At level 595, it is best to make the spirit of harmony and the above items.


When you do some quests at the starting location, you will be given a scroll. He will help you upgrade engineering in WoW, and you will also receive a plan for building a garrison. If you are playing as the Alliance, then you will need to awaken the shadows, that is, to kill Nerzhul. This quest is given to you by Prophet Velen. After that, you will need to open the chest - Gift of the Draenei. When you open it, get the transmitter, you will have more quest chains related to this transmitter.

You will need to go to Shadowmoon Valley, find the Bespectacled Man and give him the transmitter. The next quest is called "Drag-grab". Passes in the same place, gives it to Bespectacled. When you successfully complete this quest, you will be given blueprints for the garrison, and you will also gain knowledge of engineering.

If you're a Horde player, you'll need to complete the Bladespire Bounty quest. Found in Frostfire Ridge. You will get a bombard, then do some more quests and get engineering.

If Bladespire Bounty doesn't open, go to Frostwall Garrison and ask who can repair weapons. In the same place, you will find a Large Frostfire Cannon.

Then the garrison will need to be improved at the second level, after which you will automatically receive a blueprint for your profession. If you do not have a profession, but you have built a building for it, then buy a scroll, thanks to which you will learn different recipes. Even if you have only one profession level, you can craft items according to the recipes and upgrade your profession.

Keep in mind that killing different NPCs can give you profession fragments. You need to combine reagents and fragments, then you get various interesting items.

Engineering workshop at level 1 will allow you to craft items with engineering knowledge. At the second level, your companions can also work in the workshop, which gives a bonus. Also, you can take not one order, but three at once. At the third level, you can take 20 orders. You will also need W alter, who will give you access to the bank.

If you don't have an engineering profession, the NPCs will make recipe items for you. To get additional ore, you can build Lunarfall Mine. At the first level, make a mecha-piercing rocket, at the second - a jet splitter, at the third Shredder, but you will not be able to improve epics.

It is important to know that you can only produce a certain number of pieces of mechanisms per day, so you will have to swing for 3 weeks, and possibly a month.

Useful little things

By leveling engineering in WoW 3.3.5, you can do various funny things. Probably the coolest things are robots, among them is Blingtron 5000. It costs 100 parts of mechanisms.

Blingtron 5000
Blingtron 5000

What's good about him? From him once a day you can get a sealed gift. Fights with other robots, but you won't get any prizes.

At the third level of the engineering workshop, you can create mechanical creatures, such as frost wind boar, mechanical sharpbeak, and so on. The most useful isa loot collector who will collect all the loot for you.

In addition to weapons, fireworks can be crafted, including those that paint either Alliance or Horde emblems in the sky. Safety glasses are also very helpful. So, for example, night vision mechanisms give a plus to endurance, dexterity or intelligence, and you can look very far.

You can also make scopes that attach to ranged weapons. This device can increase the attack rate for a certain amount of time.


In the "Legion of the Engineers" add-on, tasks have become more interesting. So, they introduced an annihilation forge, where you can destroy items that are no longer needed, and it is not possible to sell them. If such an item is destroyed, annihilate is obtained, it improves the level of some item.

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