HP 655: features, parameters, reviews

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HP 655: features, parameters, reviews
HP 655: features, parameters, reviews

All models of Hewlett Packard brand devices, like those of other famous manufacturers, are represented by different series, as well as modifications designed for certain market segments. The premium category includes the Spectrum, Envi and EliteBook lines, the middle category includes Pavilion, Folio and ProBook. Compaq, Presario and Essential models are presented in the budget segment.

The hero of our review, the HP 655 laptop, belongs to the last line. Reviews about it are mostly ambiguous, so there is something to deal with. It is also worth noting that the model has received several awards at venerable specialized exhibitions. In addition, the specifications of the HP 655 laptop can be called budget with a big stretch. And the appearance with ergonomics is far from the weakest link in the model. But first things first.

So, we present to your attention a review of the HP 655 laptop. The characteristics of the model, its advantages and disadvantages, user reviews, as well as the advisability of buying in certain cases will be discussed in our article. The model can be found at the official distributors of the brand and on popular Internet sites, such asthat there should be no problems with “feeling”.


The device comes in a massive and heavy cardboard box. The design is distinguished by minimalism, so there are no beautiful pictures and inserts here. The style can be described in one simple expression - black on black mixed with gold.

nr laptop bag
nr laptop bag

On the front side, you can only see the HP and AMD logos, and on the reverse side, brief technical specifications of the HP 655 in the form of a tabular specification. The interior looks a little chaotic, but the accessories don't squabble with each other, and each one is in its place.

Scope of delivery:

  • HP 655 notebook itself;
  • characteristics, instructions and other information on booklets and books;
  • laptop carrying bag;
  • battery;
  • charging cable;
  • power supply.

There is nothing superfluous like stands or a headset here, only everything you need. You can use the laptop out of the box, so there should be no problems getting started. Judging by the reviews, the owners responded especially warmly about the branded bag. It is well-cut, comfortable and also looks pretty in any hands. Also, users note the most detailed specification, which shows absolutely all the characteristics of the HP 655 in expanded form. This approach of the brand will come in handy for those who want to upgrade their laptop.


The exterior of the model can be defined as strict and conservative: a classic color schemea black and bronze brand is by no means a fun one. All corners are rounded and the lid features an embossed company logo.

nr laptop design
nr laptop design

The brand itself, due to the special design characteristics of the HP 655, positions the model as a business class, but nevertheless aims at ordinary consumers. The black color can be seen only from below and on the working area, that is, on the keyboard and display, and everything else is decorated in bronze.

The black part is matte, including the screen itself, and the gray part is rough and very pleasant to the touch. The model does not collect fingerprints, dust and other dirt, and if anything gets on the case, it can be easily removed with a slightly damp cloth or napkin.


Based on user feedback, the HP 655's design features are impressive. High-quality and durable plastic provides the model with good rigidity, as well as protection from physical impact. Of course, you should not sit on it, but you can lean on it calmly, without fear of damaging the body.

All elements of the dense fit to each other and there are no backlashes, gaps, including creaking here. The cover is fixed to the main unit by means of tight hinges and provides a reliable fixation of the display at the set level. The opening angle of 135 degrees with the head is enough for ordinary tasks.


On the front of the device there are only a couple of speakers, and the rear is completely devoid of any interfaces. Most of the ports are on the leftend: VGA and HDMI output, RJ-45, two USB 2.0 connectors, a pair of 3.5 mm minijacks for connecting a headset, and a card reader.

laptop interfaces
laptop interfaces

On the right side, you can see two more USB 2.0 ports, a Kensington lock with an optical drive and a power connector. The lower part is reserved for ventilation grilles and three removable compartments. Two of them will be needed to upgrade the RAM, hard drive, as well as to access wireless modules, and the battery is hidden under the third one.

Users in their reviews separately thanked the manufacturer for the possibility of almost free access to the necessary "stuffing". Here you do not need to disassemble everything and everything in order, for example, to reset or “hot” enter the BIOS of an HP 655 laptop. And even with upgrades, such solutions make life easier for ordinary users to a large extent.

Input devices

The keyboard has traditionally rounded keys, which are located at the edges of the working area. In addition, the latter is recessed a few millimeters deep into the body. There is no separate numeric keypad, so the keys are placed without constraint, which is ideal for touch typing.

The key travel is clear, and pressing is felt by a barely audible response of the membrane. The symbols are laser applied, so they will only be erased together with the plastic. Judging by user reviews, typing on the keyboard is a pleasure.


The signature Synaptics touchpad turned out to match the keyboard. The proportions are perfectly matched, and it can also be easily worked blindly. Mechanical keys, although responsive, are moderately tight, so accidental presses are minimized.

nr laptop touchpad
nr laptop touchpad

The touchpad supports all the basic gestures that can be performed on Windows 8 and 10 series operating systems. If you update the drivers for the HP 655 laptop to the latest version, you can get a lot of additional platform management features for the "dozens".


The model is equipped with a proprietary AU Optronics B156XW02 series display. For a diagonal of 15.6 inches, a resolution of 1366 by 768 pixels is enough. Pixelation is not visible, even if you look closely.

laptop screen
laptop screen

It is also worth noting that the screen received a matte finish, so the notorious glare does not bother even on a bright sunny day. Despite the fact that the matrix is built on TN technology, the viewing angles are at a good level, which allows you to watch a video or flip through a photo in the company of one or two like-minded people.

The only thing worth clarifying is that changing the viewing angle along the vertical axis greatly affects color reproduction, so when working with a laptop on your knees, you will have to catch the optimal angle. In general, judging by the reviews, users are satisfied with the visual component of the laptop and they do not note any critical shortcomings.


The series comes in several modifications. On sale you can find laptops HP 655 E1, E2 and T2. The latter is extremely rare and is intended mainly for specific needs (layout, complex rendering, etc.)due to the specific set of chipsets. In addition, the HP 655 T2 laptop (1800/4Gb) is noticeably more expensive than its more mundane counterparts.

nr laptop performance
nr laptop performance

The best option is the modification of the E2-1800 with integrated graphics in the face of the "Radeon" of the HD 7340 series. The set of chipsets cannot boast of enviable performance, especially by modern standards, but the Windows operating system works quite adequately on it, as well as office suites from Microsoft.

Chipset Set Features

A standard 500 GB Hitachi hard drive of the Travelstar series is responsible for data storage. It is quite enough for both office applications and multimedia content. But if there are not enough such volumes, then you can always install more advanced options for 1 TB.

As for serious gaming applications, this model is simply not designed for them. Of course, they will start up, but they will not work in the best way. In many cases, resetting the graphic settings to the minimum helps, and in the rest you will have to give up games.


At full load on the laptop: the maximum brightness of the display, the Internet is on, watching videos in high resolution, the battery is dead in a little less than two hours. If you turn off the network and set the brightness to medium and watch Full HD content, the battery will last for about three hours.

laptop autonomy
laptop autonomy

When working with text in officeapplications such as "Word" or "Excel" and again without the participation of the Network, the laptop will start asking for an outlet in four and a half hours. It will take about an hour and a half to charge the battery. Looking at similar competing models, we can say that the autonomy of our respondent is at an average level.

Summing up

Notebook HP 655 can be called a solid model. This is a medium format device at a very reasonable price. The device is not burdened with glossy components and has an attractive appearance. The design, despite the positioning of the model by the brand, can be called universal. It will look great both in the hands of a fragile student girl and a solid business man.

Separately worth noting the build quality of the model. The company has always given this issue almost a priority, and in the case of the HP 655, it once again did not let us down. The design turned out to be reliable, so you can safely take the device with you, as they say, into the fresh air, but without extreme sports. Still, this is a household model and does not meet high-level protection classes.

Judging by the user reviews, the laptop has no drawbacks as such. Of course, here you can point to mediocre performance, but the price of the device does not contribute to its entry into the gaming category. In addition, games on it, and quite “fresh”, can be launched, albeit at low graphic settings.

The device adequately showed itself in any office applications and as a multimedia entertainment center. So u count when choosingit is necessary first of all for these areas, but not for serious and “heavy” games.

Model benefits:

  • versatile and eye-pleasing appearance;
  • full support for Windows 8 and 10 series;
  • good screen matrix;
  • ergonomic work area;
  • productive Wi-Fi wireless module (about 100 Mbps);
  • virtually silent coolers;
  • good autonomy performance in mixed operating modes;
  • quite an adequate price tag for the available features.


  • no modern USB 3.0 support;
  • a modest set of chipsets in the base version.

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