Why did WiFi disappear on my laptop? The reasons

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Why did WiFi disappear on my laptop? The reasons
Why did WiFi disappear on my laptop? The reasons

Wireless routers make browsing the internet much more convenient. The wires are not tangled underfoot, and the portable computer can be installed in any convenient place. However, sometimes the connection starts to f alter, which causes great sadness for people who are used to spending a lot of time on the Web. Why does the Internet disappear on a laptop via WiFi? How to determine what exactly is the cause of the malfunction? Is it possible to solve the problem on my own? Let's take a closer look at what to do if WiFi is lost on a Windows 7 or 10 laptop.

wifi missing on laptop
wifi missing on laptop

How to find out if the problem is in the router

First of all, the "prime suspects" must be ruled out. Therefore, if WiFi is lost on the laptop, you need to try to connect to the wireless network using any other gadget. To do this, you can use a mobile phone, game console or tablet. If there is no wireless network signal onany device, it is safe to say that the problem lies in the router itself.

Based on this, it is easy to conclude that in a situation where the Internet will work properly on third-party gadgets, the cause of the breakdown is related to the operation of a portable computer.

Notebook problems

If the router works well, then you should switch directly to computer equipment. On a laptop, Internet via WiFi disappears in this case for several reasons. If the laptop does not see any available connections at all, then it is recommended to check if the wireless module on the laptop is disabled. As a rule, the operation of this node is reported by the corresponding light indicator located on the laptop case. If the light is off, and WiFi is missing on the laptop, then you need to connect the module yourself.

lost wifi on windows laptop
lost wifi on windows laptop

To do this, press a certain key combination (usually Fn + F2, but it all depends on the device model), after which the required node will be forced to turn on. Also, on some modern laptops, the wireless connection button is placed on the laptop case. In this case, it must be found and clicked.

On some laptops there is no Fn key at all. What to do in a situation where WiFi is lost on a Windows 10 laptop? In this case, you need to go to the section called "Networks and the Internet." Next, just find the wireless connection tab and see if the corresponding module is enabled.

And what about those who haveWiFi missing on Windows 7 laptop? In this case, the described method will not work. Then you can connect an external keyboard to the USB connector of the laptop, on which there is the treasured Fn key. If there is no such device at hand, then it is recommended to use a little trick. Every system has an on-screen keyboard. To activate it, just press the "Start" button and enter the appropriate query in the "Search". After that, it remains only to press the combination with the Fn button on the on-screen keyboard.

Wifi internet on laptop disappears
Wifi internet on laptop disappears

If the problem occurred after reinstalling Windows

If WiFi is lost on your laptop, you should remember your last steps. You may have recently reinstalled the OS. In this case, sometimes all default settings are reset.

To correct the current situation, it is necessary to make a hardware inclusion. It is performed using the same technology for all versions of this OS. To connect the network module, just:

  • Go to Network Control Center.
  • Select "Parameter Change".
  • Find the desired wireless network name in the list that opens and right-click on it.
  • Select "Enable" in the list that opens.

If the situation has not changed after these manipulations, then, perhaps, in order to answer the question “Why does WiFi disappear on a laptop?”, You will need to check the performance of the router drivers. This is a fairly common problem that can occur at any time without visiblewhy.

wifi missing on windows 10 laptop
wifi missing on windows 10 laptop

Check Wi-Fi driver

Regardless of the laptop brand, after the first connection of the router, the corresponding software is installed in the system. Based on this, it is easy to guess that the router should be in the list of devices in the "Device Manager". It will show up there whether or not the drivers are correct. To update them, it is enough to perform just a few simple manipulations:

  • Click on "My Computer" with the right mouse button.
  • Select "Control" from the drop-down menu.
  • Go to Device Manager.
  • Find the section called "Network adapters" and find the right router.

As a rule, a warning sign is displayed next to a module that is not working correctly. In this case, you need to right-click on it and update the existing drivers.

Why does my laptop lose wifi?
Why does my laptop lose wifi?

Usually the system finds them automatically via the Internet. However, when WiFi is lost on a laptop, it will be somewhat difficult to do this. You need to download the drivers from the official website of the manufacturer using another device. After that, you should save the files on your computer and try to go to the "Device Manager" again. Only in this case, it is advisable to choose not to automatically search for drivers, but to specify the address that will lead to the folder with downloaded files.


This problem is extremelyrare, but should not be ruled out. Some antiviruses check the strength of the router signal encryption and come to the conclusion that it is unreliable. In this case, the antivirus may block the operation of the module for security reasons. Therefore, it is recommended to add the router to the exceptions. Or you can try disabling the antivirus for a few minutes and reconnecting to the wireless network.

wifi missing on windows 7 laptop
wifi missing on windows 7 laptop

Obstacles to signal

In the case when there is no connection to the network since moving to a new apartment - most likely, something in the room is blocking the work of wireless waves. If the router is installed in a separate room, the walls may be too thick for signal transmission, or the reinforcements may be too heavy.

Everyone knows that the level of communication quality is indicated by a triangular icon, which has several icons. The more of them, the better the signal. Therefore, after moving, it is recommended to take a laptop in hand and walk around the apartment with it. If only 1-2 risks are displayed anywhere on the screen, it is better to stay away from this area. Here the signal will be just disgusting.

In addition, other obstacles between the laptop and the router should be avoided. Therefore, it is not recommended to place the router behind a TV or microwave. However, sitting too close to the router is also undesirable. This can also negatively affect the signal strength.

Other possible causes of the problem

Many laptop owners like them periodicallyclean. Therefore, if the problem appeared after the next procedure, most likely, during the cleaning process, the user simply touched the wireless network module. To correct the situation, it is necessary to re-disassemble the portable device and return the displaced element to its rightful place. You should also be extra careful when cleaning your laptop.

why is the internet on laptop disappearing via wifi
why is the internet on laptop disappearing via wifi

Sometimes the computer sees the router, but can't connect to it. In this case, the problem may lie in the fact that the parameters of the OS and the router do not match. This usually happens when using modern routers capable of operating at 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz. You need to go into the settings of the wireless network module and correct them.

If nothing worked

When everything has been tried, it remains to apply the simplest remedy, which often helps in a wide variety of situations - restart the computer and the router itself. In this case, the router must be disconnected not only from the network cable, but also pulled out of the mains. After turning it on again, the distribution of the Internet will not start immediately, so you should wait a bit.

Check with your ISP to see if the house is undergoing any renovations. It may also result in loss of signal.

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