Good laptops for study: which one to choose?

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Good laptops for study: which one to choose?
Good laptops for study: which one to choose?

As soon as the school year begins, so many students think about choosing a good laptop for study. This is right, because it is unreasonable to buy the most expensive gadget, and sometimes there is no money for it. Let's see how to choose a good laptop for study and what characteristics it should have?


One of the determining factors is the size. A large laptop with a huge screen is heavy, and it will be very difficult for a student to carry it around. Perhaps the most optimal would be a device with a screen diagonal of 14 inches. Models with screens of 15.6 inches, of course, cannot be considered large, and they are also often used by students as teaching tools, but such a laptop can be uncomfortable. At least it is difficult to put it in a backpack, and its weight can be quite large. The gadget with a screen diagonal of 14 inches is ideal for studying, it fits easily into a backpack along with notebooks, it is light, and its screen is comfortable for typing / reading text, working in Autocad and other educational programs.

good laptops for study
good laptops for study

As for laptops with screens of 17 inches and above, they are completely unsuitable for learning. Such models are very heavy, dragging them along is a terrible discomfort. Most often, such large laptops are bought for home or office. It's supposed to not have to be carried around too often.

The so-called netbooks lost their popularity about five years ago, they can not be recommended for study. These are too small devices, on which it is uncomfortable even to read the text, not to mention working with specialized programs.

Display type

Most users pay little attention to the display when choosing a laptop. Meanwhile, this is one of the most important characteristics. By choosing a laptop with a poor display, a student can ruin his eyesight, and a good bright screen will provide better learning experience than a dim one with poor color reproduction and small viewing angles. A suitable option for a student is a matte screen, which always has little glare compared to a glossy one.

Matrix type

It is also important to pay attention to the type of display. The worst are TN matrices, which render colors poorly and even distort them when viewed at an angle. IPS-matrix will be a suitable option, because it is she who will provide good colors. However, laptops with IPS panels are more expensive, which does not fit well with the "good laptop for study" option. But TN-matrix is not an option at all. Such technology is outdated, and it is completely irrelevant to buy such a gadget, even ifand for little money.

which laptop is best for studying
which laptop is best for studying


The last thing to pay attention to is the brightness of the display. Even the best laptop for study will be completely uncomfortable when working if its brightness is 200 cd/m2. It should be borne in mind that the laptop will have to be used in bright classrooms, and sometimes even on the street, and with direct sunlight on the display, the contents of the screen will be difficult to distinguish. Therefore, the brightness should be 300 cd/m2. This is the most preferred option for the best laptop for work and school.


Permission plays an important role. Full HD screens increase the price of gadgets a lot, however, a low-resolution display will show individual pixels on the screen, which is annoying and strains your eyes while reading text. So with a 14-inch screen, the ideal resolution is 1366x768. It is also suitable for a screen with a diagonal of 15.6 inches. Do not go for Full HD displays (i.e. 1920x1080), as laptops with such screens will be very expensive.

Well, the last piece of advice about choosing a display - when buying, be sure to check the screen for dead pixels. It will be a shame if non-working "dots" are present on the display, and you find them too late. Of course, almost any product can be returned, but paperwork is always unpleasant.


Previously, if a buyer asked which laptop is better for studying, then the sellerRecommended model with drive. Today, this element is not just unnecessary. Its presence is detrimental, since this large module increases the size of the laptop and its weight. In no case should you choose a laptop with a drive. Speaking about which laptop is better for studying at a university, we can distinguish models that have:

  1. 3-4 USB interfaces for connecting various flash drives, mice, mobile phones.
  2. A card reader that reads SD and micro-USB memory cards.
  3. Wi-Fi module for connecting to the Internet via the institute's wireless network. The presence of devices of the N or AC standard is desirable. The latter is capable of providing data transfer rates up to 1300 Mbps. And although today there is no such fast Internet, this module is necessary in the future. Of course, N-standard Wi-Fi is also suitable, although it is absolutely in all modern laptops.
  4. Bluetooth. Some laptops do not have it, but this module can be useful for connecting a wireless mouse, for example.

Speed and performance

best laptop for college
best laptop for college

When choosing a laptop for gaming, performance should be the most important factor of choice. But speaking about which laptop is better for studying at the institute, performance can be mentioned almost last. But it is worth noting that it all depends on the programs that the student will use to work due to the specifics of his speci alty. The most commonly used programs are Word, Excel and other office applications. Fora simple 2-core processor from Intel or AMD is enough for them, as well as 2-3 GB of RAM. Most often, programs for study are undemanding in terms of performance, so there is no need to buy a powerful laptop. An indirect advantage of a "weak" computer is the absence of the temptation to install new games and waste precious time on them. After all, quite often students ask their parents to buy them a powerful laptop, which, as they themselves claim, will be used for learning. But in fact, the laptop is used for a different purpose.

Video card

However, it is worth noting that some students, due to the specifics of the speci alty, require the installation of programs for working with video files, 3D graphics and drawings. In this case, a cheap low-performance laptop will not have to be chosen. You will need a more or less powerful system with a discrete graphics card. But even in this case, it is worth giving preference to a model that does not have such a powerful and productive video card as graphics with a large amount of memory. For example, when working in the same Autocad, maps with a large memory size are required. High performance video cards are needed most often in games and may also be required for video processing or converting.

what is the best laptop for college
what is the best laptop for college

Hard drive

There is no need to talk much about hard drives. It is difficult to imagine a student who can carry tens of gigabytes of data necessary for study. Electronic lecture notes, drawings and otherssuch documents do not take up much space, so it is enough to have a hard disk with a memory capacity of 100 GB. Even this will be a lot, but now it is quite difficult or even impossible to find a hard drive with less memory. Most likely, you won't even be able to find a 100 GB drive, as manufacturers usually install 250 GB versions. The easier it is.

As for the type of hard disk, HDD will do. This type of storage is gradually losing its relevance and becoming obsolete today. However, the HDD is still very popular among users. Faster SSDs provide very fast data access speeds, but they are often not required for study. In addition, such a drive is expensive and greatly increases the cost of any laptop. However, practice shows that even inexpensive modern gadgets are equipped with SSD drives, although most often they are not needed in cheap models.

So, we almost figured out which laptop is best for studying, but that's not all. We missed something.

Battery (accumulator)

The battery has a direct impact on the autonomy of the laptop, and this is very important for a student, since at the institute most often the laptop will run on battery power. It is exceptionally rare that students in the classrooms can plug their laptops into sockets. If there is one or two sockets, then their location will be extremely inconvenient, and the cord will simply not reach.

The autonomy of laptops manufacturers indicate hours during which the device can work without recharging. More oftenin total it is 2-3 hours, although in fact the laptop sits down in just an hour. Therefore, it is worth choosing a model whose characteristics indicate a battery life of at least 5 hours. There are a lot of offers on the market from well-known companies that offer inexpensive and practical laptops with good autonomy. Gadgets that can work 10 or more hours cost 3-4 thousand more, but they are the best in themselves. But after all, for study we need an inexpensive laptop, so we skip such models. What can we say about very expensive laptops with batteries that allow you to work over 18 hours. So good laptops for study should have batteries that provide 4-5 hours of uninterrupted work without recharging. And in general, it will be useful for other purposes.

Best Laptops for Study 2017: Ranked

And now, based on the parameters mentioned, we can consider the best laptops that are inexpensive and suitable for study. The rating includes real laptops that are currently on sale, and their price does not exceed 10 thousand rubles.

Prestigio Smartbook 141A01

best budget laptops for school
best budget laptops for school

One of the best budget laptops for study, which will cost 9500 rubles. This is a weak device that will allow you to use the Internet, work with office programs, but it will hardly "pull" video and graphics processing programs. You can forget about games on such a laptop, because its hardware is rather weak.

In the systemIt uses a 14.1-inch display with a resolution of 1366x768, a 4-core Atom processor with a frequency of 1.3 GHz, 2 GB of RAM and a 32 GB SSD. As expected, there is 802.11n Wi-Fi and Windows 10 pre-installed. As for autonomy, the laptop outperforms its competitors in this parameter. The 10,000 mAh battery allows it to work for 7 hours without recharging.

Unfortunately, the screen in the notebook is of the TFT TN type, which is its drawback. We mentioned above that such displays are worse than other types of matrices, but, given the good user reviews and optimal performance for study, we can recommend this laptop as one of the best laptops for studying at the institute.

4Good Light AM500

The cost of this model is lower - only 9000 rubles. However, the characteristics of the model do not differ at all from the parameters of the laptop above. It uses the same processor, the same amount of RAM and even an SSD hard drive with 32 GB of memory. The screens in the models are identical and even the battery has a capacity of 10 thousand mAh, providing 7 hours of continuous operation. Card reader, Wi-Fi module, Bluetooth included.

This is a light and compact laptop that you can carry with you every day to the institute, it easily "pulls" office applications, suitable for work and study, watching movies, and thanks to the large capacity of the battery, you can not worry that the laptop discharged while studying.

Digma EVE 1400

The next laptop, which can be attributed to the rating of the best laptops for studying at the institute, will cost 9100rubles. This is a compact and small device with a screen diagonal of 14.1 inches and a classic resolution of 1366x768. It uses a more powerful processor Intel Atom X5 (4 cores) with a frequency of 1.44 GHz. The rest of the characteristics are the same as in the previous models in the ranking. It's just that the battery sucks a bit. This model uses an 8,000 mAh battery, which can provide an average of 5-6 hours of continuous operation.

Wi-Fi module, card reader, Bluetooth, as well as a camera for Skype communication are all included.

More powerful graphics laptops

The above models have built-in video cards, therefore they are not suitable for video processing, 3D graphics, etc. And if the student's speci alty involves the use of programs for processing graphics, then a laptop should be chosen more powerful.

The following models have more powerful hardware and discrete graphics cards. Such laptops will "pull" demanding programs, but their price is higher.

HP 15-ac113ur

This laptop has a larger screen than previous models. It uses a 15.6-inch matrix with a resolution of 1366x768. Therefore, this laptop will be heavier.

best laptops for study in 2017
best laptops for study in 2017

Hardware surprises: 2-core Intel Pentium 3825U with a frequency of 1.9 GHz, discrete graphics Radeon R5 M330 with 1 GB of memory and a 500 GB hard drive. 2 GB of RAM is also available. The price of a laptop is 17 thousand rubles. This is approximately 2 times more expensive than the prices formodels are higher, but it's worth it. Thanks to more powerful hardware, this laptop will allow you to comfortably work with 3D graphics and video processing programs.

Lenovo G50-45

22 thousand rubles - that's how much you have to pay for this model with discrete graphics Radeon R5 M330 with 2 GB of memory. It also uses a good AMD A4 6210 processor with a frequency of 1.8 GHz, 4 GB of RAM and a 500 GB disk. Such a system will allow you to play even modern games, however, at low graphics settings. But for the study potential of this laptop is more than enough.

Lenovo G50-30

best laptop for study
best laptop for study

For 16 thousand rubles on the market you can find a budget laptop from Lenovo with a discrete NVIDIA GeForce 820M video card, a Pentium N3540 processor and 2 GB of RAM. Among models with discrete chips, this one is one of the weakest, but it is quite suitable for study. In addition, the low price of 16 thousand rubles makes this laptop very popular among students.


The above models have discrete graphics cards - they are preferable for students who are learning to work with video or 3D graphics, build drawings in programs like Autocad or Compass.

Now you know which laptop is better to choose for study. Do not chase high power and performance. It is advisable first of all to select a model that will be comfortable, light, small. There are a lot of cheap and expensive laptops on the market, but before choosingspecific model, you need to read reviews about it. It also happens that even a powerful and expensive laptop breaks down and "slows down" during operation, while a cheap and simple device works for years without problems.

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