Asus K95VB: reviews and specifications

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Asus K95VB: reviews and specifications
Asus K95VB: reviews and specifications

Asus is known as a supplier of technological and productive laptops. Among the most successful solutions supplied by this brand to the Russian market is the K95VB device. What are its main features? How do users and experts rate the quality of work?

Asus K95VB
Asus K95VB

Device overview

Notebook Asus K95VB, reviews of which due to the popularity of the brand are often found on thematic online portals, is a high-performance device based on the 3rd generation Intel Core processor, which has a fairly large monitor and modern design. The device is equipped with the most popular communication modules, as well as quite powerful hardware, which can also be improved.

Notebook Asus K95VB reviews
Notebook Asus K95VB reviews


Consider the main characteristics of the device. Notebook has:

- Intel Core processor in i5 or i7 modification - depending on the specific assembly of the device, operating at a standard frequency of 2.4-2.6 GHz, having 2 or 4 cores;

- DDR3 RAM modules operating at 1600 MHz, in the amount of 6 or 8 GB,which, if necessary, can be expanded up to 16 GB by installing additional modules;

- chipset type Intel HM76 Express;

- HDD up to 3750 GB;

- DVD-RW drive;

- card reader;

- display with a diagonal of 18.4 inches and a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels;

- external graphics module with 2048 MB RAM;

- support for communication standards WiFi, USB, HDMI, LAN, VGA, connectors for connecting external audio devices;

- 5.2K mAh battery;

- Windows 8 operating system.

Features: user and expert reviews

How do users and experts evaluate the indicated hardware capabilities of the Asus K95VB laptop? Reviews (technical specifications - in most cases become a fairly objective indicator of the capabilities of the device) allow us to say that the owners of the laptop consider it as generally suitable for the tasks for which it is optimized based on its positioning in the market. A typical desktop is used as a tool for processing files in various formats, launching not the most demanding games, and programming. These tasks may well be successfully solved using the laptop in question - its hardware capabilities are enough for this.

The most impressive characteristics of a laptop, according to users and experts, are an exceptionally large hard drive (there are, in principle, very few solutions on the market with a similar resource), a sufficient amount of RAM, andvery productive graphics card.

The large screen of the device, as well as a fairly powerful processor, will certainly contribute to the successful solution of many user tasks: in natural overclocking mode, it can reach frequencies of the order of 3.2-3.4 GHz. Although the standard frequency of the chip is certainly enough to run popular applications and games.

Asus K95VB YZ07H laptop reviews
Asus K95VB YZ07H laptop reviews

What specific tasks is the Asus K95VB best suited for? Reviews, characteristics allow us to say that the device is optimal for working with text, graphic data, almost any kind of online content, programming, developing mobile 2D and simple 3D applications, running not the most demanding games - but in a wide range of genres, watching and editing movies, listening and editing audio files.

The laptop can be described as a versatile and sufficiently productive device, suitable both for working at home and for use in order to solve various corporate problems.

Processor and graphics card

Depending on the modification, the laptop in question can be equipped with an Intel Core i7-3630QM processor with 4 cores, 6 MB cache, an integrated Intel HD 4000 graphics processing module and operating at a frequency of 2.4 GHz with the possibility of overclocking with standard tools up to 3.4 GHz or an Intel Core i5-3230M chip with 2 cores, similar graphics processing module, and operating at a frequency of 2.6 GHz, in normal overclocking mode - 3.2 GHz.

Thus, the availability ofThe structure of the Asus K95VB processor - expert reviews can confirm this, the graphics module predetermines the optimization of the laptop's power consumption when processing images in normal applications, as well as in many undemanding games. But if necessary, the performance of the corresponding hardware component can be supplemented with the resource of a discrete graphics adapter - NVIDIA GeForce GT740M, which has 2 GB of its own RAM.

Asus K95VB reviews review
Asus K95VB reviews review


As for the amount of RAM on the laptop motherboard, it is, again, depending on the modification of the device, 6-8 GB. At the same time, if necessary, the RAM of the Asus K95VB device - user reviews regarding this feature can be the most positive, you can increase it up to 16 GB.

The device is equipped with 2 hard drives: depending on the modification, their total volume can be huge even by the standards of modern laptops - about 4 TB. At the same time, both hard drives have decent rotational performance - 7200 rpm, so that files can be written and read at high speed.


The laptop is equipped with a fairly large diagonal - 18.4 inches, widescreen display. The device is characterized by excellent performance in terms of brightness, contrast and color reproduction. It is capable of forming a picture with a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels. Thus, it is suitable for solving a wide range of tasks that characterize the use of a laptop in both home and office.conditions.

Laptop screen reviews

The laptop screen is regarded by users and experts as one of its most competitive hardware components. This can be seen primarily at the level of its basic characteristics - diagonal and resolution. Not every modern laptop and, moreover, a desktop can have similar ones. The large diagonal and high resolution of the picture reproduced on the display make the corresponding solution universal and in demand in various fields.

In addition, the display, as experts and users can note, shows a picture of excellent quality - bright, saturated. Of course, in this case, its source plays a role. An image or video file must have an appropriate resolution level, playback speed - if we talk about video. But if the quality of multimedia content is high enough - the laptop will do an excellent job of playing it. And this also increases the versatility of the device: in principle, in some cases it becomes possible to use it as a tool for processing graphics, video, developing various applications, design projects at those stages when they do not need to be displayed on displays that support higher resolution.

Thus, taking into account the capabilities of laptop graphics accelerators, it can run the most modern applications and games that require appropriate screen resources, primarily in terms of resolution, as well as content quality.


The laptop is equipped withhardware components necessary for communication according to the most popular standards: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, USB. Also, the user can use the HDMI and VGA connectors to display the picture on the screen of a third-party device. The communication functions of the ASUS K95VB laptop are functioning - reviews of experts and users can confirm this - stably, without significant failures.

Asus K95VB reviews description
Asus K95VB reviews description

Device positioning

The Asus K95VB laptop (expert reviews can confirm this) is positioned primarily as a device that can fully replace the average desktop, capable of not only processing documents and visiting various online resources, but also optimized for running various graphical applications and undemanding, but at the same time common games.

Indeed, if we consider the characteristics of the device, we can determine that in such components as the frequency of the processor, the amount of RAM, and especially the size of the hard disk, the device in question is significantly ahead of many laptops adapted to the solution tasks that are typical, first of all, for a mobile device.

At the same time, the Asus K95VB laptop (expert reviews can confirm this) does not have the most powerful battery in terms of ensuring long-term autonomy. There are cheaper solutions on the market that outperform the device in question in terms of battery efficiency. The versatility of the device raises no questions: it supports the most popular communicationstandards, as well as interfaces for playing media streams.

The device has modern RAM modules, which are already presented in a fairly large volume by default, and, if necessary, can be supplemented with more capacious modules. Reviews of the Asus K95VB YZ07H laptop (more correctly YZ007H), or YZ009H - in fact, in any modification, include very positive assessments of the ease of use of the device. So, the size of the keys on it is comparable to that typical for ordinary desktop keyboards. The same can be said about the size of the screen: it, in principle, corresponds to the displays connected to modern PCs.

The advantage of a laptop is a fairly quiet operation - in this sense, it may be preferable to many desktops, the cooling systems of which in many cases operate with a noticeable noise accompaniment. This feature of the device is predetermined by the fact that it implements IceCool technology, the essence of which is to optimize the placement of the hardware components of the device, which heat up the most.

The device is quite heavy - its weight is about 4.1 kg. This can make it problematic to transport it, for example, by plane, since not every user will agree to pay for the significant weight of the laptop in luggage in case of overload.

Device reviews

What advantages do experts and users highlight in the ASUS K95VB laptop? Reviews, which can be reviewed by visiting popular thematic portals, allow us to highlight the following strengthslaptop: high performance processor, huge hard drive, high quality large screen, external high performance graphics card.

Asus K95VB reviews model description
Asus K95VB reviews model description

Highlight users and a number of shortcomings of the laptop. These include:

- heavy weight;

- not the most powerful battery in terms of battery life.

However, the noted shortcomings are predetermined, first of all, by optimizing the laptop specifically for those user tasks for which it was, in fact, developed by the manufacturer.

Asus K95VB reviews specifications
Asus K95VB reviews specifications

Asus K95VB - reviews, description of the laptop let's talk about it, designed primarily to replace the desktop. Which, in turn, has incomparably more weight in most cases, and, as a rule, does not have a battery.


What conclusions can we draw after studying the characteristics of Asus K95VB, reviews, description of the model of the corresponding device? In general, the laptop in question is capable of solving all those tasks that characterize a typical desktop. That is, it can be used to run modern applications - for word processing, graphics, computing, as well as undemanding games.

Notebook Asus K95VB - customer reviews can confirm this - is a versatile device. By using it, you can solve a wide range of user tasks, access the Internet and share files, launch multimedia streams, games, connect third-partydevices. The owners of the device in question highly appreciate the convenience of using it, the speed of its work in common applications and games.

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