All the details about the laptop Asus X75V

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All the details about the laptop Asus X75V
All the details about the laptop Asus X75V

The Asus X75V is a low-cost but mid-range laptop that is popular among buyers. Equipped with a 17-inch display, it does not have enough power to run today's demanding applications, but its hardware will be enough for most average tasks. That is why it is so successful in its price segment.


asus x75v
asus x75v

It's worth saying right away that the Asus X75V laptop belongs to the cut-down range of the budget class, so you can't expect high performance from it. Thanks to the introduced design simplifications, the manufacturer managed to significantly reduce its cost. For example, a plastic case is used instead of aluminum, the number of external connectors is reduced, the keyboard is structurally simplified and a small capacity battery is installed. The laptop is produced mainly on the basis of the Intel processor: Pentium or Core i3. Both processor models are relatively inexpensive. The device has a low-performance GeForce 610M discrete graphics card.

Composition elements

laptop asus x75v
laptop asus x75v

In terms of functionality and price, Asus X75V almost does not differ from three similar models of competing firms Acer, Samsung and Lenovo. The only difference is that our hero has one less audio jack and one less USB 3.0 port. Asus X75V, alas, has no noticeable advantages over its competitors.

Following the policy of reducing the price of a laptop, engineers have placed all external connectors on the right side panel. Accordingly, there is an inconvenience when using several peripheral devices at the same time (the connectors are located too close to each other). There are absolutely no ports on the other side. And the Card Reader is completely placed on the beveled front edge. Below is a wide access cover to the elements of the laptop. Opening it, you can see only one place for a hard drive, a slot for a RAM card (it is empty, since the declared 4 gigabyte RAM is integrated into the motherboard) and a PCI-Ex Mini connector with an element inserted into it with a combined radio data transmission technology (Bluetooth and Wi-Fi).

Based on this, the laptop does not have extensive upgrade options. The case of the device, despite the low price, is quite light and durable, it does not creak or bend. However, the keyboard mounting system and its very location are a bit flawed: when typing, the keyboard twitches, which causes some inconvenience. The following inaccuracies were also noticed in the design: the camera eye is noticeably shifted to the side relative to the hole in the case, and the touch panel is installed with a shift. It turns out that despite the fact thatAt first glance, the build quality is not in doubt, but a closer look reveals serious design inaccuracies. As for the software component of Asus X75V, Windows 7 is installed on the device by default.

Screen and sound

asus x75v reviews
asus x75v reviews

The optimal resolution for a 17-inch laptop display is 1600x900. By all specifications, this is a mid-range screen (poorly adjusted gamma, average color gamut, and unremarkable contrast). About the speakers, or rather, about their location, it is necessary to say separately. Surprisingly, they are located on the bottom of the laptop, next to the battery slot. Although the bass quality is really good, the speakers are not capable of delivering the sound quality of a mid-range multimedia device.

Thus, this model is not something outstanding, it's just an overly cut budget version without any impressive features or functions.


asus x75v windows 7
asus x75v windows 7

We have already described the main features of the Asus X75V. Reviews about this device are very diverse, and now we will try to summarize them.

Among the shortcomings, users mention: poor color reproduction of the screen, easily soiled body and uncomfortable touchpad. As advantages in reviews, most often we are talking about excellent design, ergonomics, matte plastic around the screen and an impressive battery life when solving office tasks. Users are also pleased with a technology called Ice Cool,due to which the device almost does not heat up. The graphics are called decent, which is provided by a discrete graphics card. Almost everyone is also happy with the processor, as it handles incredibly powerful professional applications. A number of users define this device as a worthy replacement for a desktop personal computer.

Now you know everything you need to know about the Asus X75V laptop.

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