Macbook not turning on - what to do? MacBook laptop: review, specifications, repair

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Macbook not turning on - what to do? MacBook laptop: review, specifications, repair
Macbook not turning on - what to do? MacBook laptop: review, specifications, repair

Sometimes even the best and most expensive laptops fail. It would seem, what can cause problems? Despite the cost, brand, specifications and performance, any technique fails. It's unavoidable. Many Apple laptop users are wondering why the MacBook won't turn on? The reasons for this phenomenon are different. All of them will be discussed in the article.


The MacBook is legendary. It has one of the best screens, a durable battery and a durable aluminum body. The laptop is light and stylish. Its main feature is its compactness. The appearance of the "Macbook" is recognizable, it cannot be confused with the device of another brand. The lid is emblazoned with the famous Apple brand logo. Connectors are located on the left and right sides of the case. In general, the design of "Macbook" has not changed during the existence of the company, as well as materials. There are no complaints about the build quality: the case does not creak, the keyboard does notflex while typing. Everything is perfect. However, as always.

macbook won't turn on
macbook won't turn on


MacBook features are standard. There is an original set of ports here: card reader, USB, power connector, Thunderbolt. The processor used here is an Intel Core i5 with two cores. The RAM in the MacBook Pro 13 Retina is 8 GB. Hard disk 256 GB allows you to store information, files, programs. The processor in "Macbook" shows average results in work, but still it copes with many tasks. This apple laptop is subject to any complex tasks. He is a wonderful companion in the office and at home. It is wise to use a computer not only for entertainment, but also for work.

Intel HD Graphics 4000 integrated graphics system. The laptop does an excellent job with everyday tasks: you can easily open several browser tabs with downloads, watch videos, edit texts, open programs. Autonomous work in "Macbook" on top. The battery without additional charging at maximum load can withstand more than two hours of work. In standard mode, the laptop runs for sixteen hours. The case does not heat up much, which also affects the performance. In general, the technical characteristics are fully consistent with the declared price. This is not to say that the "Macbook" is an ideal portable computer. Today, for the price of Apple, you can buy a device that is not worse, and even better in terms of performance.

macbook laptop
macbook laptop

Pros and cons

Apple laptops and smartphones have a lot of advantages. Stylish design is the main reason why this company's products are so popular. However, true connoisseurs of good technology appreciate not only the appearance, but also the technical equipment, the capabilities of devices. The MacBook keyboard and touchpad are an indisputable advantage of the model. The input and control device will be appreciated by Photoshop lovers. Sensitive touchpad allows you to work in the program without using the mouse. Performance, large screen, excellent build quality, durable battery, stylish design, high-resolution webcam, unique operating system, light weight - the advantages of "Macbook". The disadvantages include the glossy finish of the display, the price and the need to install converters. Considering the price, gloss is an odd choice. A matte screen would look more appropriate here. Otherwise, the MacBook is a worthy representative of Apple.

macbook repair
macbook repair


If your MacBook won't turn on, the screen may be the cause in some cases. But more about everything. In the Pro 13 Retina laptop, the screen is made using IPS technology, with a resolution of 2560x1600 px. Perhaps this is one of the best displays. Its only drawback is considered a glossy finish. Otherwise, the display has wide viewing angles, that is, the colors and picture are not distorted when viewed from the side. The screen is as bright as possible with excellent contrast distribution. Only the mirror coating of the display can spoil the impression.


The MacBook boasts a perfectkeyboard. It has become the benchmark for many manufacturers. Its main advantage is convenience, high comfort while typing. Type of keys in "Macbook" island. This means that the user reduces the number of possible errors. Owners will definitely appreciate the comfortable soft keys for speed or touch typing. The touchpad is a perfect match for the keyboard. It is able to completely replace the mouse. The sensor is endowed with a wide range of functions, multi-touch supports up to five simultaneous touches.

macbook overheated
macbook overheated


If your Macbook won't turn on, don't worry. Any technology fails sooner or later. Apple products are not perfect, even with perfect design and price. The main causes of failures in the work of "Macbook" include the following problems:

  • Charger. If the laptop does not turn on, check if the charger is plugged in. The computer may not work due to a defective adapter or a broken cord.
  • Display. A screen failure may be the reason why the laptop does not turn on. In order to check this, turn on the device and listen: if you hear the boot melody, the noise of disks and fans, then only the display is faulty. Try turning on the Caps Lock button. If the indicator light is on, the problem is not with the hard drive, but with the screen. In this case, you should take the device to a service center.
  • Connected devices. If your MacBook won't turn on, the devices connected to your laptop may be the cause. Free it allconnectors, then turn on the charger and laptop. Reset the controller, since it is he who controls the system. Connect the power adapter to the network and "Macbook", then press the keyboard shortcut Shift-Control-Option and the power button, release the button and the keys at the same time. Turn on the laptop.
  • Macbook spilled liquid. If this happens, unplug the charger, remove the battery, and turn the computer over. Experts advise not to touch the laptop for several days. Then try turning it on. If unlucky, take it to the service.
  • Accumulation of dust. If the unit turns off on its own, then it's time to clean its contents from accumulated dust. Dirt and debris overloads the fan, the device heats up and stops turning on.
  • Overload. A lot of useless applications, a desktop loaded with files - the reason for the unstable operation of the device. Get rid of the excess.
  • macbook 13 inch
    macbook 13 inch

What to do

Macbook repairs are expensive. But nothing can be done if the need arises. Sometimes the laptop does not turn on for reasons that you can fix yourself. These may be problems with the processor, controller, operating system. Recent installed programs and applications affect its operation. If the device does not turn on, try deleting unnecessary applications. Most often, "Macbook" is unstable due to the operating system. If Apple won't turn on, try reinstalling the OS.

  • Boot your laptop in safe mode. Turn devices off, then on, press Shift+Command+V. Optional mode provides access to information about drivers, operating system, software.
  • Start Disk Utility. Turn on the "Macbook", press the keyboard shortcut Command + R. The utilities screen will appear, select "Disk Utility", then click on Repair Disk. Remember, if your MacBook is overheated, it needs to be cleaned, not reinstalled.
  • Enter External Disk Mode. It is unique to the MacBook. With it, the user gains access to the operating system. In order to enable the mode, you need another MacBook. The two units must be connected to each other with a cable, then turn off the laptop by holding the Power button for a few seconds. Next, press the "T" button immediately after turning on the device. It must be held until the Thunderbolt icon appears. These steps allow you to transfer important files to another laptop.
  • Reinstall your operating system.
  • macbook keyboard
    macbook keyboard


Repairing a MacBook costs no more than the computer itself. It should be borne in mind that the price depends on the problem that the specialist will fix. The cost of the Apple MacBook Pro 13 Retina laptop is 108 thousand rubles, the Apple MacBook Air 13 model is cheaper - only 63 thousand. Whether to buy a MacBook or not depends on personal preferences and financial capabilities. The main thing to remember is that a high price is not a guarantee.perpetual use.

macbook specs
macbook specs


Review of the MacBook showed that this laptop is a worthy representative of Apple. Judging by the numerous positive reviews, it is really reliable and productive. Users note that its main advantages are an operating system, a durable battery, a strong case, a stylish design, a responsive touchpad, and a backlit keyboard. The laptop has an excellent build, high performance, neat appearance. There is nothing superfluous in it. The device supports Windows despite having a good built-in operating system. In addition, the laptop is ergonomic. A big plus, according to the owners of "Macbook", the presence of a high-quality webcam.

The 13-inch MacBook screen is more than a significant advantage of this device. The portable computer works at high speed, does not "freeze". Stability and fast response - that's what distinguishes a good laptop. The "Macbook" still has flaws, according to users. The most important is the glossy screen and the presence of glare. Many people think that the laptop is too heavy. The high cost of Apple products significantly changes the mood of those who want to buy a device.

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