Notebook Acer Aspire 5720: specifications, reviews

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Notebook Acer Aspire 5720: specifications, reviews
Notebook Acer Aspire 5720: specifications, reviews

Acer has long been a recognized leader in its segment. For example, laptops of the Acer Aspire 5720 series are a simplified version of the model, known as 5920. The exterior of both devices came out a little pretentious, but executed in a recognizable design. Next, consider the characteristics of this modification, its capabilities and consumer reviews.

acer aspire 5720
acer aspire 5720

General information

The new Acer Aspire 5720 computers, according to manufacturers, are laptops for home use, which combine bright design and excellent functionality. The model is perfect for users looking for devices that have innovative technologies, as well as an expanded base for using multimedia options.

For example, in the Acer Aspire 5720 model, a video card can be either with integrated graphic implementation or as a rather powerful ATI-type board (can hold up to 512 MB of memory). The laptop in question provides the user with the purchase of it at an affordable price in combination with a widescreen matrix, built-in camera, Dolby Digital Live audio system and the ability to support special Acer Crystal Brite technology. The device is perfect for everyday use.use as an auxiliary and game tool.

budget laptop
budget laptop

Technical plan specifications

The following are the main technical parameters that this budget laptop has:

  • Working processor - "Intel Core Duo 2" (Intel Core2 Duo).
  • RAM memory - system type 3072 (2048 + 1024) MB, it is possible to install an extension up to 4 GB DDR2 (more correct operation in this case is ensured when using the 64-bit version).
  • Display characteristics - LCD screen with increased brightness settings, has a resolution of 1280800 pixels with a response period of eight milliseconds.
  • Hard disk - from one hundred and sixty gigabytes and above.
  • Sound system - certified stereo unit ("Dolby") with built-in surround and progressive speakers.
  • Length/width/thickness - 366/274/42, 6 millimeters.
  • Weight - 2800-3000 g.

In addition, the original Acer Aspire 5720 laptop has a power supply system that allows the unit to operate without recharging for at least four hours. The computer aggregates with several software systems and is equipped with all kinds of input and output connectors. There is support for Wi-Fi, bluetooth, modems of various types.

laptop acer aspire 5720
laptop acer aspire 5720

Package and features

The standard model of the computer in question comes with the following configuration:

  1. Power cable and antennas.
  2. HDMI cord.
  3. Infrared transmitter wires and video transport to Acer Aspire 5720 display.
  4. Charger with AC adapter.
  5. Remote control.
  6. Packing box.

It is worth noting that the device comes with all the necessary devices that enable its full operation.

Among the features of this laptop is the impressive range of graphics solutions. Depending on needs, the consumer can choose the powerful ATI Radeon HD2600 option or an integrated system if 3D graphics are not required.

Body part

This element shows the maximum originality of the Acer Aspire 5720 design. If you do not carry a laptop constantly with you in a backpack, bag or under your arm, the surface lasts a long time. The closed device on the table looks very stylish.

acer aspire 5720 specs
acer aspire 5720 specs

After opening the case, you can see the inner surfaces, made in a combination of beige and cream tones. The computer fits perfectly into any interior, it lacks the cold tones characteristic of some analogues. Along with ergonomics, various work slots are provided on the outside of the case. Among them are USB ports, a connector for a charging cable, a modem jack. The ventilation grill is located on the back of the case, provides air access and cooling of the sensor.


The Acer 5720 budget laptop is equipped with a fairly informative and elastic keyboard. This element makes a particularly pleasant impression, given the segment of the gadget. The keyboard works quite softly, although it springs a little when typing texts.

The layout of the element can be called optimal. The Ctrl key is placed in the corner, which makes it possible to quickly switch from the desktop version and back. The Home/end node is placed in the form of a vertical line on the right side, which is also quite comfortable. Among the inconvenient buttons, only the keys with currency symbols can be noted, but this is not critical. In fact, the keyboard of this laptop almost duplicates the desktop counterpart and is perfect for home use.

The large touchpad is flush with the body, slightly offset to the left. When printing, this moment can not be called positive: often when working with the hand, the left side of the element is touched, causing the cursor to crash. There is also a scroll key with four positions.

Additional equipment

In the 5720 model, the side keys are not as convenient as in the 5920 modification. In the laptop under consideration, the manufacturers decided to go the beaten path: to place these buttons in the form of a ruler above the keyboard. This row contains the activation of the Wi-Fi function, bluetooth, the launch of the mail program, the activation of the browser, a couple of special keys for selecting original utilities and multimedia content.

Indicators have the following location:

  • Caps lock, Numlock and HDD activity are placed abovekeyboard.
  • System battery sensors in the amount of two pieces settled on the left front edge.
acer aspire 5720 graphics card
acer aspire 5720 graphics card

User reviews

Consumers are quite positive about the computer in question. Judging by the responses of the owners, they attribute the following points to the main advantages:

  • Good functionality.
  • Sustainable work.
  • Durability.
  • Beautiful design.
  • Affordable price.
  • Ease of use.

As for the shortcomings, the following points are noted here:

  • Slightly weighted mass.
  • Outer surface scratch resistant.
  • Weak battery.
  • Obsolete compared to similar latest gadgets.

In closing

Notebook budget Acer Aspire 5720, the characteristics of which are presented above, is positioned as a multifunctional and practical model for home use. This device is in a leading position among similar representatives. This is not surprising, because the computer can work offline for at least four hours, is equipped with all the connectors used, and has good equipment in terms of operation and maintenance.

acer aspire 5720 charger
acer aspire 5720 charger

In addition, the Acer 5720 laptop is presented in an original design that integrates perfectly into almost any interior. It is noteworthy that the price of the gadget brings it to one of the first indicators in terms of cost,while the quality characteristics are at a decent level.

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