Notebook ASUS R540SA-XX036T - owner reviews, specifications and features

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Notebook ASUS R540SA-XX036T - owner reviews, specifications and features
Notebook ASUS R540SA-XX036T - owner reviews, specifications and features

ASUS has been promoting its devices on the market for a long time. Users know motherboards from this manufacturer, video cards, monitors and other devices. The Chinese-based company is relatively young, but has already been able to take the lead in many areas. Laptops are no exception either. Today we will review ASUS R540SA-XX036T.

Reviews like these laptops are always positive. The company cares not only about the technical component, but also about the reliability of the entire model. So, many laptops live for more than 10 years and become the best friend for the buyer. The company is also trying to follow the relevance, hence the release of cool gaming models that have been captivating players around the world for several years.

asus r540sa xx036t reviews
asus r540sa xx036t reviews


It's worth saying right away that laptops like ASUS R540SA-XX036T (15, 6") always get good reviews due to their specialization. Despite the huge popularity of gaming models, they are still in demandand corporate operating models. The hero of our review is one of those.

In general, a consumer laptop is always more popular, as it is more affordable, and despite the huge number of gamers, most users still purchase a laptop for the purpose of work or study. Therefore, the intended purpose plays a key role in the selection. If you need a good, reliable and simple laptop, choose the ASUS R540SA-XX036T (90NB0B31-M01020) laptop and its other modifications.

Simple laptop

The model belongs to the "X" series, which is entirely focused on budget models and can be useful to anyone who is looking for a working car. When developing this generation, ASUS tried not to make boring models that would not stand out in any way. She made it so that, despite the technical characteristics and simplicity, the laptop is equipped with an attractive design and proprietary technologies that are not always useless.

laptop asus r540sa xx036t reviews
laptop asus r540sa xx036t reviews

ASUS R540SA-XX036T received good reviews due to its appearance, value for money, budget and overall reliability. At the time of release, this device was able to take the lead in its segment, and all its modifications were in demand among users.


The box in which the new device fit was very well thought out. The corporate style was traced here as well. The company often sells laptops in discreet but stylish boxes that contain little information but still grab attention.

There was a frosted box in front of the buyer,on the front there was the manufacturer's logo and its motto. Behind there was little information about the model. There is nothing superfluous inside the box: charger unit, cable and documentation.


Appearance laptop ASUS R540SA-XX036T received the most flattering reviews. The model looks sophisticated and stylish. The case cover is made of high-quality dark plastic with a metal-like embossed surface. In the middle is the company logo. The bottom does not stand out with anything ordinary, there is not even a special cover that can be easily removed for mounting and cleaning the device.

asus r540sa xx036t 15 6 reviews
asus r540sa xx036t 15 6 reviews

An interesting solution was the color scheme. If outside the body is made in a dark color with a hint of brown, then inside, depending on the modifications, the working surface received a contrasting light color, for example, beige.

Laptop dimensions are average, but given that this is a custom model, they are comfortable enough to transport a laptop from home to work and back. The model is 38 cm wide, 25 cm high, and about 3 cm thick. The weight is also acceptable - only 2 kilograms.

The quality of the plastic, as mentioned earlier, is at the highest level. Its surface is pleasant to the touch, and wear resistance, as time shows, is excellent. By the way, all surfaces are matte, so dirt and fingerprints are not so visible on them.

The opening angle of the lid is about 135 degrees, which is basically enough. The whole structure is held together by two plastic hinges. They are strong and hold the lid well. Moreover, as practice shows,they have maximum wear resistance. The only thing that some users did not like was the tight mechanism that does not allow opening the laptop with one hand.

Operating panel

Regarding this part of the device, the ASUS R540SA-XX036T laptop received the most flattering reviews from users. The work surface looks nice and neat. The touchpad is slightly off-center to the left. It does not have additional keys that would be responsible for RMB and LCP.

laptop asus r540sa xx036t user reviews
laptop asus r540sa xx036t user reviews

The island-style keyboard is somewhat recessed into the case. The keys are at a comfortable distance. The buttons are quiet and small in size. Not everyone liked the lack of a separate block for the arrows, but you quickly get used to it. An interesting place was occupied by the power button, the first time you can not notice it. It is part of the keyboard block and is located on the opposite side of Esc.


Ergonomics of the laptop is good. It is easy to use, in principle, no errors occur. Conveniently located all the elements at the ends. There is nothing on the front, except for indicators for turning on various functions and the laptop itself. And also there is a place for a card reader.

The rear end has been freed from all possible slots. On the left is a place to install a charger, there is also a cooling system grille, behind it is a connector for an Internet cable, as well as a couple of video outputs, USB and a combined audio jack. The right side is occupied by a disk drive and a Kensington lock for ASUS R540SA-XX036T. Feedback from dissatisfied customerstouched on the combo connector, after all, it is not always convenient, as well as a small amount of USB. In addition, there is plenty of room on the right side to fit a couple more.


But with the company's display, something is always wrong, especially if we consider budget models. The screen size is 15.6 inches with a small resolution of 1366x768 pixels. The matrix is cheap TN + film, which many users complain about, who at least somehow understand this issue. Its main drawback is not quite correct color rendering.

All these shortcomings are still supported by a glossy screen coating, which creates extra glare. Viewing angles are average, so such a large opening angle of the lid is practically meaningless. The backlight in the display provides a good level of brightness, although it may not be comfortable to work outside on a sunny day.

laptop asus r540sa xx036t 90nb0b31 m01020
laptop asus r540sa xx036t 90nb0b31 m01020


As mentioned earlier, a series of budget laptops received many variations in technical specifications. We are reviewing ASUS R540SA-XX036T (laptop). The characteristics received good reviews, since, in principle, many understood that this was an average device, from which it was not worth waiting for unprecedented performance.

This variant was based on the Intel Celeron N3050, which is equipped with two cores. The chip frequency does not exceed 1.6 GHz. Although, as practice shows, overclocking allows you to increase the speed to 2166 MHz. The processor can only work with two streams of information, so the performancehe is mediocre. It was created using the 14nm process technology on the Braswell microarchitecture.

The chip has an integrated graphics adapter that operates at frequencies up to 600 MHz and supports DirectX 11.2 and OpenGL 4.2. Video memory takes the volume from the RAM and can work with 1 GB. By the way, the RAM here is DDR3L-1600 MHz and received 2 GB. There is support up to 8 GB. The hard disk capacity reaches 500 GB.

asus r540sa xx036t laptop specifications reviews
asus r540sa xx036t laptop specifications reviews


In general, ASUS R540SA-XX036T received positive reviews. Buyers praised the stylish and attractive appearance of the laptop, its build quality and compact size. The chiclet-style keyboard is also comfortable to use. The sound was also good. They praised its quality and pleasant sound.

The hardware platform as a whole turned out to be energy efficient and ergonomic. It works with a good cooling system, and given that this is a typical user laptop, the cooler is enough.

Among the shortcomings, they nevertheless noted a very unsuccessful screen, which, by the way, met more than once, even in other series from this manufacturer. He received not quite correct color reproduction, a glossy finish that glares a lot, and poor viewing angles. They also noted low performance, although this point was already clear from the model specification.

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