Notebook as WiFi hotspot: smart solution

Notebook as WiFi hotspot: smart solution
Notebook as WiFi hotspot: smart solution

A laptop, like a WiFi hotspot, is not such a rarity. Such a solution allows you to save on the purchase of a router, but at the same time you have to keep your mobile PC constantly turned on. This article will describe the software implementation of such a network using the Conectyfy and Virtual Router programs. Each of them has advantages and disadvantages. The downside of the first is the limited functionality of the free version. You can purchase an extended modification, but this will result in a fairly substantial amount, which is not entirely justified in most cases. In turn, Virtual Router is an absolutely free program, which, moreover, does not require additional installation.

Laptop as a WiFi hotspot
Laptop as a WiFi hotspot

This is her undoubted plus. The laptop is like a WiFi hotspot, any of them can be configured. The level of functionality they have is approximately the same.


The Connectyfy program comes in two flavors. The first of them is a professional one, which has an extended set ofsettings. But at the same time, you have to pay for such functionality. But there is also a free version - this is the second modification. Its capabilities are enough to build a small home network. The order of its installation is as follows:

  • download its installation version from the official website;
  • install on hard drive;
  • start and enter the password, login and data source (wired connection);
  • click Hot spot to launch virtual network.

After that, the laptop will work as a WiFi hotspot. The disadvantage of this whole procedure is that it is necessary to install additional software that "pollutes" the registry of the operating system. And so its functionality is quite

Make your laptop a WiFi hotspot
Make your laptop a WiFi hotspot

enough for a small wireless home network. If you plan to use many devices, then it is better to buy a professional version or a router.

Virtual Router

Make your laptop a WiFi hotspot much easier with Virtual Router. It is enough to download it as an archive from the official Internet resource and unzip it to your hard drive in the right place. Next, run this utility and configure it properly. Here you need to specify only three parameters - the name of the new network, the password that provides access to it, and the data source (wired connection). Then you need to click the Start button. After the virtual network is initialized, the system will start working, it will be possible to connect everything

Laptop wifi hotspot program
Laptop wifi hotspot program

withoutexceptions are devices equipped with similar wireless data transmission technology. A laptop like a WiFi hotspot is the easiest to set up and minimally cluttered. Therefore, this is the best option for organizing such a network, which causes minimal damage to the operating system.


You can, of course, refuse to install the above programs and use the tools of the Windows operating system. But then smartphones and tablets will not be able to fully interact with such a system. But thanks to the software described earlier, there will be a new, full-fledged connection that every laptop needs today - a WiFi access point. The program, additionally installed, allows you to connect all devices without exception, including smartphones and tablets with any OS. Therefore, it is better to choose any of the above programs and use it to build a wireless network.

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