The mouse on the laptop does not work - it's not so scary

The mouse on the laptop does not work - it's not so scary
The mouse on the laptop does not work - it's not so scary

Often there is such an unpleasant moment while working on a mobile PC, when you realize that the mouse on the laptop does not work. There can be many possible causes of a malfunction, but they can be conditionally divided into two types: hardware and software. You need to look for a problem at the first stage from the first. If everything is fine with them, then you can proceed to the second stage, which checks the software, both system and application. The main thing is to understand that if the mouse on the laptop does not work, there is no need to panic, nothing terrible has happened. It is quite possible to solve this problem on your own.

Manipulator test

Mouse not working on laptop?
Mouse not working on laptop?

You need to start by checking the performance of the manipulator itself. To do this, it must be connected to another port on the laptop. If this did not lead to the desired result, and the device is inoperative, then we check it on another PC. If it didn’t work here, then most likely it finally failed. As experience shows, it is better to buynew than repairing the old.

The exception in this case is wireless manipulators. The batteries may have run out and need to be replaced. But if the mouse still works when connected to another computer, then the problem is in your mobile PC, and the manipulator itself is working.

Checking ports

If the mouse on the laptop does not work, then you should also check the computer ports. Typically, these input devices are connected to a square USB port. There are several on the laptop. It is enough to connect the manipulator to another such connector and check the presence or absence of the result. If the mouse works, then there is a problem with the port. In this case, it makes sense to take the mobile PC to a service center, where the faulty port will be replaced using specialized equipment.

Check Drivers

Mouse stopped working on laptop?
Mouse stopped working on laptop?

Incorrect software settings can cause you to notice that the mouse on the laptop does not work well (slows down when moving, for example). In this case, we proceed as follows (the mouse does not work, we use only the touchpad):

  1. Go to Start.
  2. Select "Control Panel" in it.
  3. Here we find the "Device Manager" and open it by double-clicking the manipulator.
  4. Find the item in the window that opens, which includes the word "Mouse" (it's the only one there) and open it.
  5. Here you need to find the abbreviation "HID". Select it and delete it.
  6. Then click the "Update configuration" button - a picture of a PC under a magnifying glass (located at the top of the window,under the main menu, on the toolbar).
  7. After searching, the system will inform you that a new device has been found and it has been successfully installed.
  8. Similar manipulations in this window must be done with USB port drivers (before this step, you need to find the driver on the controller of this bus - it can be on the disk that came with the kit, or on the official website of the manufacturer).

If the manipulations performed did not give a result, go to the "Control Panel" in the previously described way and find the "Mouse" item there. We open it and check the correct operation of the device. In this case, there is even an opportunity to check the result. If this does not help, and the mouse on the laptop still does not work, then the malfunction is serious, and you simply cannot do without the help of a specialist in such a situation. It makes sense to contact the service center for help after that. You may need to reconfigure the registry or even reinstall the operating system.

Mouse not working properly on laptop?
Mouse not working properly on laptop?


If the mouse on the laptop stops working, then you should not panic. Nothing terrible happened. Your mobile PC is mostly serviceable and can successfully perform the functions assigned to it. Following the previously stated instructions, you can find out the cause of the malfunction and try to eliminate it. In extreme cases, if the desired result is not achieved, you can contact the service center, where highly qualified specialists will finally solve this problem.

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