I can’t access the Internet: possible causes, troubleshooting tips, effective ways to solve the problem

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I can’t access the Internet: possible causes, troubleshooting tips, effective ways to solve the problem
I can’t access the Internet: possible causes, troubleshooting tips, effective ways to solve the problem

The problem of accessing the Internet in the presence of a seemingly active and working connection is one of the most common. It would seem that all the settings are correct, but the user still complains, they say, I can’t access the Internet. What is the reason for this, how to correct the situation and restore access to the World Wide Web, read the material below.

Can't access internet. Writes: "Error 105"

In order to choose a tool to fix such failures and errors, you first need to find out the reason for this behavior of the existing connection.

The page is not available
The page is not available

You should immediately pay attention to the fact that two situations are most common:

  • Internet connection is active, but sites are not opening;
  • connected to the network, but no internet access.

Actually, in both cases, the problem is connected precisely with the connection, althoughAt some point, the system does not notify the user about this. As for the root cause, it can be in the connection settings on the computer, and in the "rally" of the router settings, and even from the provider or server of the requested Internet resource.

The first step is to check if the failure is related to just one computer terminal. If we consider Wi-Fi-based wireless networks, first try to connect to the desired Internet resource from another device (laptop, tablet or mobile phone). If the connection is established and the desired page opens, you will have to change the settings of the problem computer. If it is impossible to access the desired resource through an Internet connection from any device, or, even worse, there is no access to the Internet at all, you need to check the global settings. Note that the matter is not limited to the 105th error, and there can be quite a lot of similar messages in different variations by the browser or the system.

Network without Internet access: what does it mean and how to deal with it?

In general, despite the fact that such situations can occur when establishing a connection with different types of connections, they are most typical for wireless networks. We will take them for consideration as an example, although the solutions proposed below work equally well in the case of a wired connection.

It is believed (and not unreasonably) that these situations are among the easiest to resolve. Here, at least, it is known for sure that the connection for some reasonviolated.

Reconnecting to a wireless network
Reconnecting to a wireless network

If the system says "No Internet access" on the connection icon, the easiest solution is to disconnect from the existing network and reconnect through the menu called by clicking on the icon in the system tray. If the problem is related to short-term failures in the operating system itself (which is also not excluded), sometimes it is enough to simply reboot and see what the result will be after the restart.

Router problems

But let's assume that the described actions did not give any result. Let's say a user on some forum asks for advice: “I can't access the Internet. What is the reason?". What to answer him?

Often, the problem of lack of access may be related to the router (router). You never know, maybe the settings have “lost” or some other problem has appeared. In this case, most experts recommend performing a full reboot of the device, but not by pressing the reset button on the rear panel while the router is running, but through a complete blackout for about 10-15 seconds, followed by turning it on to the mains. It is quite possible that after the restart the described problem will disappear (which, by the way, happens quite often).

Checking the distribution on the router
Checking the distribution on the router

If the problem is precisely in the spontaneous change of the router settings, after entering the device web interface through any available browser, you need to check if the signal distribution is enabled.

Check proxy activation

Onvarious forums, you can often find messages like this: “I can’t access the Internet. The system asks to check the proxy settings. Well, it is also possible to deal with such phenomena, if the use of a proxy server and its configuration by the provider are not provided for accessing the Internet, all this must be disabled.

Checking proxy settings
Checking proxy settings

You can perform such actions in the Internet options, where in the network settings section on the connections tab, automatic detection of parameters is set and the checkbox for activating proxy for local addresses is unchecked. This approach works exactly if the connection is active, but the pages do not open in the browser.

Change browser and activate VPN

In some cases, when pages do not open during a working connection, it may be advisable to change the Internet browser used. If you use, for example, Internet Explorer or Edge browsers that are built into Windows systems, try accessing the desired resource using some other browser, such as Chrome or Opera. In this case, it is absolutely not necessary to install them on your computer. Any portable version will suffice for access testing.

It is possible that pages may be blocked for visitors only because of their regional affiliation.

Enable VPN in Opera Browser
Enable VPN in Opera Browser

Alternatively, in the same "Opera" try to turn on the VPN and try to go to the desired resource again.

Reset network settings

But back to the situation where we have a network connection without internet access. What to do in this case to restore access? You can completely reset the network settings by clearing the DNS cache. In general, a little digressing from the topic, it is worth noting that the problem of networks with no access to the World Wide Web is precisely the inoperable DNS parameters. To fix the problem, use the command line, run it with administrator rights, and execute the commands below one by one:

  • ipconfig /flushdns;
  • ipconfig /registerdns;
  • ipconfig /renew;
  • ipconfig /release.

If these lines fail (which is unlikely), two more commands can be used as an additional tool:

  • netsh interface reset all;
  • netsh winsock reset.

In theory, after that everything will return to normal, unless the problem was really related to violations in the settings of the initially set parameters.

Changing DNS addresses

Another option for troubleshooting network connection problems without internet access is to set the DNS server address values yourself. However, you need to use free combinations for this, say, from Google (or Yandex).

DNS addresses from Google and Yandex
DNS addresses from Google and Yandex

To set the required parameters, enter the properties of the network connection (ncpa.cpl in the Run console) and go toIPv4 protocol settings, where combinations fit in from below, for example, based on eights and fours (Google DNS). After saving the set options, access will be restored. And this, by the way, is one of the most effective methods.

Problems with the hosts file

Finally, few ordinary users know that some Internet resources can be blocked in the settings of the hosts file, which is very fond of modifying various Trojan viruses.

Changing the searched file is not so easy. First of all, it must be opened in Notepad, which runs exclusively with administrator rights. The opened object itself is located in the etc folder, located in the drivers directory, nested in the System32 directory.

hosts file
hosts file

If you look at the contents of the file, all links to resources in the text after two lines mentioning localhost ( and::1) are blocked. To fix the problem, simply delete everything below the two described lines and save the changes.

Virus removal tips

Now a few words about what tools to use to most effectively detect and neutralize virus threats that can block access to the Internet. It makes no sense to rely on free regular antiviruses. This, I think, should be clear to everyone.

If you have suspicions that some kind of virus has settled in the system, first perform an in-depth scan with portable utilities. Among them, preference is given tobetter than Dr. Web CureIt! and KVRT. When you start such applications, you should immediately update the virus databases. No less effective are disk applications with the general name Rescue Disk, which can load their own interface before the start of the main operating system, detect and remove almost all threats known today, not only on the computer’s hard drive, but also in RAM or even on removable media.


In general, if a user asks for advice about not being able to access the Internet, he should first find out the reason for the lack of access. But in most cases (in particular, with system notifications about the absence of an Internet connection), the problem is precisely DNS.

It goes without saying that with a working connection, the problem may be on the server itself or even on the part of the provider serving you. Such situations were not considered. Finally, if the tray icon says no access, no matter how trite it sounds, check your balance. But what if the Internet access service is not paid for, or has expired? It could be like that too.

And how to access the Internet in this case? No, just pay the bill. So draw your own conclusions.

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