Overview of popular flashers for "Android"

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Overview of popular flashers for "Android"
Overview of popular flashers for "Android"

The Android operating system has become very popular due to its simplicity and excellent developer support. At the same time, its distribution scheme is such that each device manufacturer must create its own version of the firmware. And for a specific model of phone or tablet. This article will discuss the methods and flashers of "Android" via PC.

A little theory about what firmware is

First, it's worth talking about what the firmware of any device is. This is a set of software for performing basic functions and for the operating system itself. Since Android versions are stamped very often, and each device has its own set of equipment, there are a lot of firmware versions. Therefore, before performing a software change, you need to find it exactly for your device.

flash driver for android
flash driver for android

Goals and tasks of flashing the device

Why do you need firmware at all? There are many different answers to this question. For example, the device began to fail and behave incomprehensibly. Resetting to factory settings did not help, and then, as an option, you can reflash. This is done if they are simply tired of the appearance of the menuand the functionality provided by the current version. It also happens that the manufacturer stopped supporting this device software, and the current version of "Android" is no longer developed.

android flash driver via pc
android flash driver via pc

Firmware can be both official, representing the original images of the system installed by the manufacturer, and "custom", that is, assembled by amateurs and enthusiasts. Installation of the latter is done at your own risk, so you should carefully study the instructions and manuals.

Review of flashers for "Android"

Now let's talk more about what it is. A flash driver for Android is a special program or a set of them that knows how a smartphone or tablet works and can install software in the right sections of memory. We will look at some of these applications.

firmware flasher android
firmware flasher android

SP Flash Tool - probably the most famous flasher for Android. It is mainly focused on installing software on devices with MediaTek processors. Using the program can be described in steps:

  1. Installing the driver for the device on a personal computer. This is necessary so that the SP Flash Tool can see and use the gadget correctly.
  2. Find the right firmware for your phone version. At this stage, you should be very careful, as there are a lot of them. And they can differ not only by the date, but also by the revisions of the smartphone or tablet.
  3. After the firmware is found,you need to unpack it to a convenient place on your hard drive.
  4. Now you need to run the "Android" flasher through the PC SP Flash Tool. The main window of the program will open, in which all the action will take place.
  5. There is a Scatter Loading button in the right part of the window. It allows you to download Scatter files from the firmware archive.
  6. Now you need to click on the toolbar button with an arrow and the inscription Download. And only at this stage connect the device to the computer.
  7. The flashing process should start, the progress of which can be seen on the yellow line below.
  8. After completion, the machine must be rebooted. The first start may take about 5-10 minutes.
flash driver for android tablet
flash driver for android tablet

You need to use this method and the Android SP Flash Tool carefully, as this is a universal method. And each specific device has its own features and tricks.

Odin is a powerful tool for Samsung

Odin - flash driver "Android" through a computer for Samsung devices. It is a multifunctional combine that can not only change the firmware on the device, but also install recovery, kernels and much more.

For the normal operation of the program, you will need an installed Windows system, drivers for the Samsung device, as well as a special set of ADB Fastboot. A few tips and tricks when working with Odin:

  • before starting the firmware, you need to make sure that the battery is chargedat least 50%;
  • in order not to turn the device into a “brick” during the procedure, you should use a laptop or PC with an uninterruptible power supply;
  • use original USB cable;
  • when saving the firmware file, the path should not contain Russian characters.

As a rule, firmware should be searched on the official website of Samsung. If you need some kind of custom, then you need to go to some thematic forum, for example, w3bsit3-dns.com.

Phoenix Suit

This flash driver for "Android" for tablets and phones is focused on Allwinner BoxChip processors. The functionality of the program is small, but sufficient for flashing many models of devices on the Android platform. The process itself does not require special knowledge and effort.

First, drivers are installed on the device, then the necessary software version is searched for. Then, on the Firmware tab, the downloaded firmware file is indicated and the procedure itself starts. Upon completion, the program will reboot the device itself.


There are many programs on the network for performing firmware on devices with Android OS. Some have already ceased to be used and supported, some are simply not needed due to the availability of more functional and simple solutions. The article described the current and popular types of flashers today.

android flash driver via computer
android flash driver via computer

But when using any program, it is worth remembering thatfirmware is a very responsible task. Getting a non-working phone in the process is as easy as shelling pears. Therefore, you should study in more detail how and with what the firmware of a particular phone and tablet is made. And also clarify which version the firmware is required for.

We must not forget about kickbacks. That is, you should create backup copies of the working system. This will allow, in case of an error, to return everything to its place.

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