The Lord Of The Rings Minecraft: mod discussion

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The Lord Of The Rings Minecraft: mod discussion
The Lord Of The Rings Minecraft: mod discussion

Minecraft is the most popular sandbox game project that regularly releases various updates. This is a new modification of The Lord Of The Rings Minecraft, which takes the player to the events of the famous movie "The Lord of the Rings". To understand this update in detail, a short review-discussion of the mod is offered.

Exit Story

The developers of the famous sandbox in December 2012 released The Lord Of The Rings Minecraft mod. At first, the textures were unfinished, a lot of characters lag, and in the end the game just crashed. Over time, the mod began to be edited. New locations have been added there - they have been updated. The added monsters and NPCs were unrealistic. In other words, the mod was not perfect.

the lord of the rings minecraft
the lord of the rings minecraft

Soon, in March 2013, new updates arrived. Hobbits and Orcs were first developed. Later developed lairs and camps of these characters. The creators have recreated a full-fledged map of Middle-earth. The player could get there with the help of the ring - it was a teleport to a new location. Since this was a Beta version, Middle-earth was not completed.

It is impossible not to note the appearance of two factions: goodand evil. The player had to choose the side for which he would play. Later, the corresponding quests appeared, depending on the choice of the side.

New version released

On March 1, 2013, an addition to the Minecraft mod, Lord Of The Rings, was released. Lothlórien, an elven settlement, has been added. Changed the name of the NPC - now they were elves of the Galadhrim. At the same time, the locations remained unchanged, so the players quickly managed to scout the entire territory.

A little later, namely on March 16, 2013, buildings were added in locations. There was a fortress, the forge of Gondor. The developers then introduced the Mordor Towers along with new Orc camps. The modification was transferred to version 1.5. Thus, The Lord Of The Rings Minecraft update began to gain momentum, inviting many players to try the beta version.

Beta 4 and 5

At the end of March, Beta 3 ceased to exist. There is a new update Minecraft Lord Of The Rings Mod. The city has been completely modernized. The developers announced the completion of the location update. Now the matter is small. The Elven Portal and the Watchtower of Rohan have appeared. Thanks to the portal, the player could safely return to the familiar world of Minecraft.

minecraft mod lord of the rings
minecraft mod lord of the rings

After creating such a transition, players began to visit the game more often, moving from one world to another. It was possible to complete everyday quests in the regular world and continue to play through the world of the Lord of the Rings. Beta 5 was later released. The developers released an update to the mod on May 1, 2013. Newthe characters are the dwarves of the Iron Hills.

Beta 6-15

A month later, the ability to recruit troops was released. Thanks to the introduced reputation, it was possible to hire military units. They fought next to the player. The mod version has advanced to a new level, however, the mod could only be supported on Minecraft version 1.5.2.

Next, on July 9, 2013, Mirkwood was added to the project. This is a new location in which there were ordinary residents. Mirkwood was later upgraded by adding new structures. Then the developers of the project added the Rohan fleet. NPCs could ride horses and move quickly, giving various tasks to the player. An interesting innovation was the brewing barrels, as well as the new troops of Rohan. This added interest to many players.

A little later, in early October, the Pathfinder faction was added. Unfortunately, it was impossible to hire them, but the mod switched to version 1.6.2. Then the Ents were added, which struck with their size. According to user feedback, they were created so realistic that the update brought even more players to Minecraft. It was already Beta 10.

lord of the rings minecraft 1 7 10
lord of the rings minecraft 1 7 10

Then brought in the mountain trolls. These were dangerous enemies, so for many players it was a real challenge. Beta 12-13 drastically changed the mod. Introduced a new map of Middle-earth and added several new biomes. Thus, the player could create his game using modification biomes. Thanks to the map, players began to better navigate - this helped the further development of the modification of The Lord Of The RingsMinecraft.

March 1, 2014 a new update was released. Some biomes, thralls of Nurn, and the ability to fast travel have been added. This made it possible to move around the modification map very quickly. By the 15th version of the update, the factions were finalized. The reputation earning system has been expanded. Fights have become much more realistic. Also an important change was the complicated relationship between the player and the NPC. In other words, multiple quests had to be completed before more difficult quests became available.

Beta 16-34

The Lord Of The Rings Minecraft mod has received many different updates:

  • The roads have been completely improved.
  • Added new buildings (can't stress enough the quality of the gates that spanned several thousand biomes).
  • Improved the ability of troops and enemies.
  • Added new animals - deer.
  • Created a new Norse faction. You could join them.
  • Introduction of new plants (plums, almonds, green oaks and aspen).
  • Geographic locations have been fully disclosed. The player was given a full description of the territory, even if he did not even watch the movie.
minecraft lord of the rings mod
minecraft lord of the rings mod
  • Mod transition to Lord Of The Rings Minecraft version 1.7.10.
  • Introduced regions of ownership. The player could know exactly which territory belonged to whom.
  • Locations have been detailed.
  • Blacksmithing has been expanded. Added new forge effects. Modifiers have changed, so it was possible to create a decentarmor and weapons.


Minecraft Lord Of The Rings Mod turned out to be a really good project. Thanks to him, a lot of new features were introduced (faction selection, sub-factions, new weapons), new interesting enemies were developed (orcs with axes, ents), and the most important thing was the detailing of locations (gates, castles, settlements, camps).

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