Fire breath in "Skyrim"

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Fire breath in "Skyrim"
Fire breath in "Skyrim"

Fire Breath is one of the Shouts in Skyrim. It allows the character to breathe fire, which deals damage and sets enemies on fire. In addition, Fire Breath can make enemies stagger. It, like any other Scream in Skyrim, consists of three Words of Power scattered around the game world. But where can I find Fire Breath Words in Skyrim and how can I use it?

Where is the best place to use the breath?

Scream is very effective against fire-weak enemies such as Vampires, Frost Atronachs, Frost Dragons, Draugrs, Frost Wraiths, and Trolls. It can also be used to set fire to puddles of oil.


There is a place in Skyrim where Fire Breath can be upgraded. If you meditate on the Yol Power Word with Paarthurnax at the top of the Throat of the World, you will gain the Fire Spirit skill. This skill makes Fire Breath Shout 25% stronger.

Dragonborn Flame

The Dragonborn Flame skill becomes available with the Dragonborn expansion. It allows you to summon a fiery serpent from the body of an enemy defeated by Fire Breath. The Serpent remains summoned for 60 seconds. A summoned creature will appear from each enemy killed by Shout, so several snakes can fight on your side at the same time. All three Words must be present in the Fire Breath Shout for the Dragonborn Flame skill to work.

The appearance and animations of the Fire Wyrm are nearly identical to the Ice Wraith. He has resistance to fire and can use two Cold Shouts. Upon expiration of the summon time or upon death, the serpent explodes and deals damage to surrounding enemies. The Fire Wyrm does not follow the player that summoned it like other summons.

Where to find Fire Breath in Skyrim

The scream consists of the words Yol - fire, Toor - flame and Shul - sun, they can be found in the Ancient Cairn, the Divided Gorge and the Throat of the World, respectively. Some of these locations can only be accessed by completing a quest.

ancient cairn
ancient cairn

Quest "Test of Valor"

One of the Fire Breath Power Words can be found in the Ancient Cairn during the Companions quest. Until the quest is received, the entrance to the cairn is blocked. The quest is given by Skjor after completing the quest "To Arms".

The player will have to travel southeast of Morthal and meet with Farkas near the Ancient Cairn. According to the quest, you need to penetrate the Nordic ruins andfind a piece of Wuuthrad.

Cleaning up the ruins, Dovakin will inevitably fall into a trap and find himself behind bars in a small room. Meanwhile, Farkas will be surrounded by people from the Silver Hand, and he will turn into a werewolf to deal with them. This is how the protagonist learns that the members of the Circle of Companions are werewolves.

At the end of the Ancient Cairn you will find the fragment required for the quest and the Wall of Words with the first Word from the Fire Breath Shout. To leave the ruins, you need to destroy all the draugrs, pick the lock with a master key or find a hidden passage and go upstairs.

Jorrvaskr Building
Jorrvaskr Building

To complete the quest, you must return to Jorrvaskr, where the hero will be accepted into the Companions and given a reward in the form of a weapon of your choice.

The Divided Gorge

The next Word of Power is in the Ruined Gorge cave. It is a target location for some quests, but unlike the Ancient Cairn, you can get into it without quests.

The Divided Gorge is located southeast of Rorikstead, near Fort Sungard.

Magi of different levels and necromancers with skeletons live in the cave. You should also be wary of booby traps. In a certain place, one of these traps is activated if you kill a skeleton with a bow.

If you head north of the cave, you will come out to a crossroads. Turning east will lead you to a dead end with three veins of silver ore. The path further north leads to a spiked trap that protects a room with several mages. There is also a chest in this room.

After walking along the wooden steps, you will come out toa bridge that leads to a T-junction. There will be a dead end on the right, turning left, you will find yourself at a wooden door, behind which the road goes down to a room with a fire trap of soul stones. There is also another door in this room that leads to a small room with a shelf containing a chest and random items.

Further along the road is a room with an alchemy laboratory, guarded by two mages. Moving deeper into the cave, you will come out to an iron door leading to a multi-level room. She is guarded by two mages and a fire atronach.

Room in a cave
Room in a cave

On the upper level of the room is the Wall of Words, and in front of it on the altar you will find the Stone of Barenziah. In the same room is a book that increases the skill of Witchcraft.

Wall of Words in the Divided Gorge
Wall of Words in the Divided Gorge

There is a grate in the south corner of the room that lowers with a chain on the left. Behind the bars is a small area with books and an alchemy lab. Opening another grate in this area will take you to the cave entrance.

Quest "The Throat of the World"

"The Throat of the World" is one of the story missions, during which Dovakin needs to climb to the top of the Throat of the World and talk to the dragon Paarthurnax.

High Hrothgar
High Hrothgar

To start this quest, complete Alduin's Wall, find Arngeir in High Hrothgar and talk to him. He will be angry because Dovakin is collaborating with the Blades. If you choose the wrong answer options, then Arngeir will refuse to help the hero. In this case, speakmaster Einart and remind Arngeir of his duty. After that, Dovahkiin will be able to learn the "Clear Sky" Shout, which allows you to change the weather and dispel a wall of icy wind.

Now you need to go out into the courtyard and go up the path. Use "Clear Sky" to go further and climb the mountain. Along the way, you may encounter ice ghosts and a troll.

Paarthurnax atop the Throat of the World
Paarthurnax atop the Throat of the World

At the top of the mountain you will meet the dragon Paarthurnax. Before telling about the Dragonboy, he will offer Dovakin to learn one of the Words of the Cry Fire Breath. Paarthurnax will direct his Shout at the nearby Wall of Words, allowing the hero to receive the Word.

When talking with Paarthurnax, it will be revealed that no dragon can use Dragonbreaker, because this is the first Thu'um created by mortals, and the very concept of mortality is beyond the understanding of dragons. According to Arngeir, Dragonslayer was filled with a hatred for dragons (you have to let that hatred in to learn it).

Also, Paarthurnax offers to meditate on one of the Fire Breath Words for an additional bonus.

Dragon says that for the first time Alduin was defeated not only with the help of the Dragonbreaker, but also thanks to the Elder Scroll. After using the Shout, the Elder Scroll was used to send Alduin into the time streams. However, Alduin was only sent to the future. From that day on, Paarthurnax remained where the Time Rift formed. He has waited thousands of years for Alduin to reappear.

Next, your task is to find the Elder Scroll, which you can ask Arngeir or Esbern about.

Fire Breathing Dragon
Fire Breathing Dragon


Here are some interesting facts about the Fire Breath Shout in Skyrim:

  • At the start of the game in Helgen, Alduin often uses this Shout while attacking.
  • This is the most commonly used Shout by dragons.
  • Dragonborn's Fire Breath and Dragonborn's are different Shouts. The one Dovahkiin uses looks more like a dragon hitting with a Fireball than a normal fire dragon scream.
  • If you spend a soul to open a Word from a Shout while at the top of the Throat of the World, before Paarthurnax teaches you the Word without the cost of dragon souls, you will receive the next Word of Power from the "Fire Breath" Shout.
  • When Paarthurnax teaches the player a new word, he says Yol in his dialogue, even if the player already learned that word before meeting the dragon.
  • Dovakin can't fully learn the Shout if he doesn't complete the "Companions" quest in the Ancient Cairn. However, if one spends a soul to learn the Word at the Throat of the World before the dragon Paarthurnax teaches it, technically only two Word Walls are needed to fully master Fire Breath. This means you won't need to join the Companions.
  • Most effective in terms of damage per second is to use only the first Word of the Shout, without the second and third. This will allow you to deal more damage due to the fact that Shout will recover faster.
  • Screamwill become stronger if you learn the Augmented Flame ability from the "Destruction" school.


The following game errors are associated with the Scream of Fire Breath in Skyrim:

  • When using the third word in the Shout, the Clear Sky Shout (Lok Vah Koor) may be heard.
  • It is possible that when learning the first word from Paarthurnax, the second and third Word Walls will only contain the second. This makes it impossible to fully learn Shout.
  • In rare cases, when a player learns the first Word, then completes the "Companions" quest, and then returns to the Throat of the World, the Wall will immediately give the second and third Word.

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